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Dedicated to Ari Fuld, of Righteous Memory who was senselessly murdered by an arab piece of ….

All murders in Israel are senseless. But if you are looking for the essence of senseless, here it is – the stabbing in the back of Ari Fuld of righteous memory. He was stabbed by an arab teenage piece of drek. Ari was obviously a strong man and although stabbed and bleeding, he went after this dog and shot him numerous times. Unfortunately he lived. Ari did not.

What rendered us completely enraged was the following: Every month, according to the bylaws of the Palestinian Authority (PA) transfers 17 million shekels to those who have been convicted of first degree murder or attempted murder and who are now serving their sentences behind bars.

The PA also allocates funds to families of killers, with special grants for families of killers who die as while committing an act of murder.

According to the PA distribution formula, the more severe the attack conducted by the killer and the longer the prison sentence, the more the stipend is increased proportionately.

We wonder if the bleeding heart liberals who call Israel the aggressor know this little tibit of information. Most likely they either a) don’t know and/or b) don’t want to know.

We are giving Trump a standing ovation for cutting off some of the monies going to said PA. He should cut off all the money because if you think it is going to help the ‘poor Palestinians’ you are living in an alternative world. Not a penny goes to help them. It goes to fund murderers, to build tunnels to try to get more murderers into Israel and into the pockets of those who made it into politics.

May Ari’s family be comforted among the mourners of Zion and Jerusalem.

What struck us by the Quebec English debate was how polite everyone was. Well almost. Jean Francois Lisee of the Parti Quebecois can be rather an aggressive loud-mouth, but other than that, it was civilized.

First an important question: Does Lisee dye his hair? Looks like it. It’s rather an odd blonde colour.

Legault knew who he was talking to when he gave kudos to the Jewish General hospital. He’s certainly no fool and most likely would run there if he got sick. He certainly knows where the best health care is.

What was interesting was that the word separation or independence was never uttered. Of course all the candidates again knew who they were talking to and they wouldn’t dare say those words.

What we can’t believe is how little the pit-bull Barrette was mentioned. We thought for sure the other candidates would go after Couillard with him as if the Liberals lose, much of the blame will go to Couillard for keeping Barrette.

Don’t forget to vote on Sunday at the early polls.

This story is so fluid by the time you read this it may have already changed. To the absolute chagrin of the Democrats, Donald Trump is going to appoint yet another conservative Supreme Court judge. Brett Kavanaugh was nominated and underwent days and days of questioning, both publicly and behind closed doors.

Literally at the eleventh hour (the vote is this Thursday), a woman came forward and accused Kavanaugh of trying to assault her over thirty years ago when he was a teenager. Is it any wonder that decent people don’t want to run for office? Even if you didn’t do anything, someone will make something up that you will have to defend and ruin your life in the process.

Uber Tree-hugging Democrat Diane Feinstein put this forward last week even though she knew about it six weeks ago saying the accuser wished to remain anonymous. Yesterday said accuser came forward. Obviously this is the Hail Mary pass for the democrats trying to kill this nomination.

Kavanaugh was investigated by the FBI no less than six times and this never surfaced. Why is this woman coming forward now? Kavanaugh was a rising star for the past few years. Where were her charges then?

Let’s start with where she comes from – California – staunchly, democrat. Perhaps she thinks that she will be the saviour for Supreme Court? She also doesn’t really remember all the details. And finally, no other women have come forward. Smells, eh Blanche?

In the past, we have believed most of the women and were disgusted by the ‘entitled’ men. This is different. There is a serious reason why this woman was found, brought forward and held up for all to see as the poster woman to get rid of Kavanaugh. Pity on her to let herself be used like that.

So much for being the mouthpiece for gender equality. We are referring of course to our Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Seems he couldn’t hold on to one of his female MP’s as Ontario MP Leona Alleslev crossed the floor from the Liberals to join the Conservative party.

To all those naysayers who keep saying that Scheer doesn’t have what it takes to be Canada’s next Prime Minister, think again. Ever hear of the race between the tortoise and the hare? How arrogant the hare was, thinking that he would run circles around the tortoise and could beat him with his eyes closed? Blanche, you do know what happened? The ‘boring’, ‘less exciting’ tortoise kept plodding along and in the end, beat the hare.

Andrew Scheer does not have the ‘excitement’ aka bluster of Maxime Bernier nor the pretty face of Justin Trudeau. Rather, he’s a strong leader, holds firm to his convictions and in the end, will probably beat Trudeau at his own game because in the end, people see through falseness as did Madame Allesley.

Now here’s a good one. Simon’s department store named a bra aka brassiere after the former Chief Justice Beverly McLachlin. It’s called the Beverly Bra. Kinda rolls off your tongue, eh Blanche? But we digress.

Simons also named a bra after the late Flora MacDonald who became Canada’s first female minister of foreign affairs. The Flora Bra. Not as good as the Beverly Bra but in the running.

Ok everyone. Keep your shirts on. Simons has apologized and said they would never do this again and it was insensitive to do it even this once. How about the Blanche Bra? Hehehehehehehehehe.

Have an easy and meaningful fast and again, don’t forget to vote early on Sunday.

We’ll talk…

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