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Does the Princess Wear Her Sunglasses at Night?

We got our first robo call last night way before the election in 2015. We picked up the long distance ring only to find a man talking at warp speed, stating the address and phone number from where he was calling. We didn’t understand a word he said. Then he proceeded to ask – clearly by the way – the following: Are you very likely, somewhat likely, unlikely or not voting Liberal in the next election. What?? we asked no one on the phone? What’s your business who we are voting for in the next election?

We thought those calls are not allowed any longer, especially at 6:00 pm to numbers like ours on the do not call list for solicitations. Go know. It’s always the same: if you have good hair, a pretty face and come from ‘good’ stock, it seems that you can make your own rules. A few weeks ago we informed you that many of the metro stations in our city would have a few letters added to their names, a totally useless endeavor. The cost was in another world but anchored here in this world by your pocket. Well, the president of the public transit authority, Philippe Schnobb (is that a name or what?) called the name change unnecessary. Really? Unnecessary? No kidding. We wonder how much they spent first deciding on the name changes, then undeciding. A hefty amount no doubt. Your tax dollars at work.

The referendum to see if Scotland remains part of Great Britain is on September 18 and it’s becoming a nail-biter. In a poll released today, only 6 points separate the no from yes side. Of course we here in Quebec know all about polls – and how they can be completely skewed to try and push the population one way or the other.

It seems that UK politicians were paying scant attention to the whole thing until today’s poll results. They suddenly woke up to the realization that their country may change drastically in a few weeks. If the yes side wins, the divorce could get ugly. There’s the oil in the North sea to contend with along with Scotland’s debt to Great Britain. If they become a country does the debt get wiped out? Tricky questions. Stay tuned.

Ever fly on one of those short hauls where the seats are packed as tightly as sardines in a can? Your nose is almost touching the seat in front of you and then, just as the plane hits the altitude it will fly for the next hour, the dude in front of you yawns (loudly) and reclines his seat. Your head and his head are now almost touching. G.r.o.s.s.

Some genius invented the knee defender. We checked it out and here’s how it works: You put your tray down and slide a small gadget along both sides of the tray till it’s touching the seat in front of you. It locks into place and when the brainwave in front of you tries to put his seat back he is met with an impossible mission. It’s never going back because those two little gadgets are preventing it from doing so.

This of course could lead to some interesting conversation. Given the space on planes nowadays, anyone who puts his or her seat down without at least warning the passenger behind them is most likely one of the ‘those’ drivers. You know, the ones who make a left without signaling? Or drive slowly in front of you and then zoom through the orange light. They’re called inconsiderate.

A couple of pretty sad pieces of news in the past few days. Bernie Madoff, imprisoned for the next 150 years for his ponzi scheme, has lost his only surviving son to cancer. His other son committed suicide a few years ago. Madoff completely and totally destroyed not only hundreds of families, he destroyed his own family.

Joan Rivers died today. There is no doubt she was an iconic figure, trailblazing the comedy scene for untold numbers of women. In the past number of years she had some pretty serious nipping and tucking, almost changing her face completely, but she retained her humor to the nth degree and had all her wits about her.

Earlier in the summer we watched an epic two minute video of Rivers defending Israel. She held nothing back and was a proud Jew. She was very close to her daughter and we hope that it brought her comfort at the end of her life.

And finally, we haven’t heard about princess pauline for a while. We will first remind you that on September 4, 2012 she became the first female premier of Quebec. Thank goodness that’s over.

It seems that in the past few days she’s been busy on the phone with her own people. Although she says she’s ‘gardening’, it appears that she also knows what’s flying (or not) in her party and is calling certain individuals thinking of running for leader of the PQ and telling them to perhaps back away in favor of the fist-pumper – PQP – pierre karl peladeau. She has obviously not seen any of the recent polls where even the word ‘separate’ causes the numbers to plummet. Guess her handlers are still keeping her in da dark. Ya think she wears her sunglasses at night?

Good Shabbos, We’ll talk…

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