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Don’t Hold Charity Events for the Airlines.

It’s no secret we’re not fans of Justin Trudeau or his liberal party. However, we completely agree with him on this one:

He’s willing to bail out the airline industry if they refund all passengers who had to cancel flights due to covid. Air Canada, Westjet and many other airlines are sitting on billions of dollars of their client’s money as they refuse to give said refunds. Instead, they held your money so you can ‘apply’ it to your next flight.

Had airlines been a bit nicer to passengers before covid, perhaps we would feel a tad sorry for them. But they nickel and dimed us, packed us into planes like skinny sardines, were absolutely disgusting if one needed a refund for humanitarian reasons and charged for everything but your eyebrows at check-in.

Boohoohoo. The airlines have to pay back money.

Well, it looks like hope is on the horizon vis-a-vis a vaccine and antibiotic for covid-19. As it will take some months until the vaccine is available,  we will have to continue to hunker down. Like it or not, the numbers are just not moving. There are three views on what to do about that:

The first is to just open everything and let the chips fall where they may.

The second view is to completely shut down society, which was done in Israel and is currently being done in Great Britain.

The third scenario is somewhere in the middle, which is what we are currently living with. The truth is, all three ways of dealing with the pandemic are a crap shoot.

If we completely open up, many, many more people will get the virus and yes, we may get to herd immunity, but the threat of not enough beds in hospitals is very real. Shutting down is ridiculous as the moment society opens up again, you will be back to square one with many people out and about, spreading the virus.

While one would think the third option would work, clearly it’s far less effective than it should be. Our guess is that there are not enough caregivers and they are still going from one place to another, with the Premier of Quebec, Legault, trying to hide this.

Schools are a huge issue but there’s nothing to be done there. Closing them down again is simply not an option.

The answer lies in that vaccine and let’s hope this happens sooner than later.

We certainly hope no one is surprised that Donald Trump is not conceding the election results. If anyone in their right mind thought he would just give up, well, we have some swampland in Florida to sell you. Or maybe some $48 million lights to sell you for your bridge.

All those talking heads and pollsters who predicted a Biden landslide are still at it. Seriously – did anyone think that unless Trump won he would do anything but what he’s doing now? We are guessing that it fills up airtime to talk about it. Any other reason would make them look like buffoons.

Here’s another headline: Trump is not meeting Biden for tea and he’s not going to leave the White House graciously.

Given this scenario, the Democrats best watch themselves very carefully. They are not lily-white in terms of election fraud. Of course neither are the Republicans, but somehow the Dems are better at ‘getting votes’.

There was election fraud. Duh. You would have to be living somewhere in the wilds of Montana not to know this was going to happen. Who did it better is the question and it seems that the Democrats win this round and with it, the election.

Reality is slowly settling into Prince Harry’s life. This is the first Remembrance Day that he will not be in the UK helping represent the Royal Family. He asked that a wreath be laid on his behalf and his request was refused. That ladies and gentlement is what is called a ‘patch in punim’ – a slap in the face.

The palace decided that no one would lay a wreath on his behalf, as he no longer represented the monarchy. It appears Harry was very unhappy with that decision. Sorry Harry. You made your bed and now you have to lie in it.

Frankly, we can’t see how Harry is going to be happy living in Los Angeles. There is absolutely no familiarity to anything he ever experienced in his life – from the weather to the traffic to the food to the smells. We’re not saying what we’re thinking.

Blanche, there’s no doubt that Pfizer waited until after the election to announce they have a vaccine so as not to give Trump a chance to say it was because of his support and money that a vaccine was found. He would have said I told you so – that a vaccine would be available sooner than later.

It’s a pretty low move on Pfizer’s part and partisan as well. Nothing like openly taking sides, eh?

We’ll talk…

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