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Don’t Worry – Be Happy

Tense anyone? Wait, it’s going to get better. Every week we’ll get a new poll. They’re up, they’re down. They’re down, they’re up. Two things stand out.

Splitting the vote is a big no no. That’s how princess pauline was able to form a minority government in the last round. Those who vote Liberal or PQ are not changing their minds. Those who voted CAQ are the loose cannons. As we said last time, in a perfect world, the CAQ would merge with the Liberals and we’re good to go. Tain’t the case Blanche so may we suggest that you lose the CAQ from your vocabulary. The stakes are too high.

The second thing is that everyone must vote. No matter where you are. We are attaching a link here to help you register to vote if you will be out of town. You have till March 15 to register, then a package is mailed to you, then you have to mail it back. If it gets here by April 7th it will be a miracle. So don’t wait till March 15 to register. Here’s the link: Looks like we’re getting a break from this cold weather. And about time wouldn’t you say? This weekend is supposed to be much warmer with little wind. Don’t worry, the snow and cold will be back but for now, we’re in the clear.

Things in the Crimea are heating up. Their parliament voted to join Russia on Thursday and its Moscow-backed government set a referendum within 10 days. No Blanche, not to join them for a tea in the Russian Tea room. They voted to become a part of Russia again. Not exactly democratic to put it mildly.

Needless to say, the world leaders are having a fit. The US froze Russian assets in the US as well as issuing a travel ban. Blanche, really, who exactly is going to Kiev or the Crimea Sunday morning? Even if the flight is cheap. Nor are the cruise ships cruising there for a while. If they are, we would suggest bullet proof vests if the ship is docking in Kiev. Sightseeing there is not for the faint of heart.

We were shopping for some mint and lime today in one of the local stores. Mint and a slice of lime is delish in water. As we got to the cash an elderly gentleman walked into the store – very slowly. Sounds normal for an elderly gentleman, eh? Well, this elderly gentleman must have been walking on Park avenue behind those dudes that I met last week.  He reeked of weed. He was smiling away as he bought his potatoes and tomatoes. Don’t worry, be happy. Remember we gave you a long explanation on the bitcoin? Seems it needs some help these days. Tragically, the 28 year old female CEO of a virtual-currency exchange was found dead near her home in Singapore. No one is saying much on how she died, but it comes on the heels of a bitcoin exchange collapse in Toyko last month, owned by one Satoshi Nakamoto. This remains a long, complicated and hard to understand story, but we’re keeping you in the loop. Guess what was presented at the Geneva car show? A driverless car. Yes Blanche, a car that drives itself. You can sleep, watch a movie, read a book, text, text text to your heart’s content. Sounds weird and is certainly not the car for control freaks. They would be looking out the window every second with severe fomo (fear of missing out).

This little ditty takes the cake. A pigeon was building her little nest on the roof of a building in London. Someone dropped a smoldering cigarette below which the little pigeon picked up. Next thing you know, the roof is one fire and everyone in the building has to evacuate. Thankfully no one was injured, the building is fine and the pigeon moved.

Don’t forget to move your clock ahead Saturday night. (don’t you sometimes get mixed up when to go forward or backward?)

Good Shabbos We’ll talk…

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