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Seriously peeps, what were Biden's 'advisors' thinking?

Turns out that no less than last November they found top secret documents in his Delaware garage, locked together with his Corvette to keep both safe and sound. We will jog your memory and remind you that this was right before the mid-terms. Did they tell anyone? Nope. Did they think anyone would ever find out? It appears that stupidly, they did not.

Now Biden's in trouble again because he is being represented by White House lawyers in conjunction with his mishandling of sensitive government documents. That is a conflict of interest.

Anti-Trumpers are saying that what Trump did was worse. He hid the documents and wouldn't give them up as he thought they belonged to him. While that is a ridiculous theory, Biden's not even knowing that he had the documents is worse. As we said in our last blog, what else doesn't he know? Lest you forget, he is the president of the USA.

Not to malign seniors, but the guy is 80 years old and sorry to say, some of his marbles are missing. He makes way too many small 'mistakes' that his 'advisors' and handlers keep covering up for him.

CNN (clinton news network) and other left wing media are screeching like banshees that this is not the same as Trump's withholding documents and people are making a mountain out of a molehill.

Sorry, it is the same. The only difference is the way it happened. Either way is not good.

Pierre Poilievre's (leader of the Conservative and opposition party in Canada) disdain for social media and even more, responding to questions from reporters or anyone else for that matter is getting very tiresome.

Mr. Poilievre was scheduled to make a stop in Winnipeg last Friday to attend a couple of events — delivering “remarks” at a late-morning event hosted by a right-wing think-tank, and appearing at a “private residence” CPC fundraising event to address supporters who paid $1,700 to attend.

Media outlets were advised they would be granted access to photograph Mr. Poilievre, but he would not answer questions from reporters. He was in Montreal yesterday with the same restrictions. Sorry peeps, in this case silence is not golden, rather a big problem.

He keeps crying that Canada is broken, which in many ways it is. But pinning all the blame on Justin is not going to work. Justin belongs to a party with people who often open their mouths to change feet. Letting them get away with incompetence, a la transport minister Omar Alghabra, is to give away an golden opportunity to stick it to the liberals.

Can someone please tell Pierre Poilievre that it's time to answer direct questions regarding how he intends to mend a broken Canada? It does not serve him well when all the media talks about is that he won't talk to them. Any policies he has are getting lost in the sidebar which he himself is creating.

One more thing about this: His 'advisors' aka back-room boys, smart as they may be, seem to be ever so slightly out of touch with reality. If Poilievre presents himself as holier-than-thou, he will lose before he gets off the ground.

And if he wants to be the next prime minister, which we sincerely hope happens, he doesn't have the luxury to be a prima donna who doesn't like nor will talk to the media. Nobody likes to do it, but it comes with the territory. Time to switch lanes or find advisors who don't think themselves entitled.

A San Francisco reparations committee proposed a plan to city officials last month that would pay longtime black residents of the city $5 million each while granting total debt forgiveness for facing decades of “systematic repression.”

Centuries of harm and destruction of Black lives, Black bodies, and Black communities should be met with centuries of repair.

So how do you qualify for this $5 million? You have to be 18 years old at the time the city enacts this proposal, have 'identified' as black or African American on public documents for at least ten years, and prove you were born in the city between 1940 and 1996.

The report says that African-Americans with less than the Area Median Income (AMI) reflecting $97,000 would also receive supplements for at least 250 years.

There is less than nothing to say about this. It will of course never materialize mainly because San Francisco doesn't have even a tenth of this kind of money.

What really got us was this part: “Racial disparities across all metrics have led to a significant racial wealth gap in the City of San Francisco. By elevating income to match the area's income, Black people can better afford housing and achieve a better quality of life."

Did anyone ever think that people who have money earned it? That in a democratic society there are those who have a lot of money and those who have less money.

What we want to know is who paid people to dream this bs up? All of them - those who paid and those who dreamed up this are off the wall.

Lifestyles of the rich and very famous are again meeting in Davos Switzerland to save the world from global warming. carbon emissions and cow farts.

They will also make sure we don't eat too much chocolate, that there is more plus size clothing in the world, that if you order a thin crust pizza it comes with a thin crust and that Valerie PLante gets the academy award for the most useless bike lanes in the world etc.

You get the point. It is an excuse for people to fly into that beautiful city on their private planes, drink expensive wines and very aged scotches, and dine on delicious food. Saving the world is the excuse for all of the above. And...they themselves are polluting the world with all their hot air.

Now for the cost: Getting all those 'world leaders' together in one place is a security nightmare. Gzillions of dollars will be spent on keeping them safe. Here ya go:

...An evacuation train was set up and will be used in case the streets are not passable and the injured need to be transported from some kind of catastrophe.

...If a plane crashes over Davos or another major accident occurs, such as a terrorist attack there is a plan for all of the above.

...5,000 personnel to be deployed between January 10-26.

...There will be permanent patrolling, armed fighter jets during the conference times, ground-based air defense, additional radars, increased airspace surveillance and air police service around the clock (throughout Switzerland). Switzerland had guaranteed security in the airspace.

Had enough? As we have said before, this is a colossal, mammoth waste of money that could be used to feed and house poor people in many countries. Nobody is saving anything here.

Does speaking about health care issues mean you have to wear a mask at the table while talking about said issues? No it doesn't.

Someone tell Chrystia Freeland that she looks like a fool. Masks, holding people hostage in their homes and other draconian measures didn't work in China as we are now witness to.

In the rest of the world people got sick and for the most part got better. It is a known fact that when the majority of the population gets covid or the flu or a cold or a sore throat, the general immunity level rises.

Because China did not do that, hundreds of millions of people are now getting bad cases of covid - like we had at the beginning. Masking masks the problem. Genius.

And one more thing. These 'conferences' do less than nothing to solve the health care issues. Politicians need to step aside and allow people working on the ground, in the hospitals to give them suggestions as to what needs to be done.

We are doing something we rarely do - sending our readers to another site. This article is an absolute must-read. It will open your eyes, give you strength personally and collectively and help you give the middle finger to the rest of the world.

We'll talk...

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