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Drone Disrupters

While we are certainly not in love with Donald Trump, the alternative of Hillary was too much for people to bear, ergo he became the President of the United States. He is boorish, talks and tweets too much etc. Up until now we have refrained from criticising his ‘policies’. What he did in the past 24 hours however, could have consequences far beyond the here and now and far beyond when he is no longer in the White House.

He has pulled the 2000 troops out of Syria and in doing so, declared that the Islamic state militants, known as ISIS have been defeated.

No one defeats ISIS. For now, they are under control. It’s kind of like plugging a leak temporarily. Once you remove the plug, the water starts flowing again. Same with ISIS. While they may be out of Syria, they are scattered throughout the Middle East, just waiting to regroup and Trump just handed them their visas to do so. Nothing good will come from this decision.

Gatwick Airport, London’s second, smaller airport has been shut down for almost 24 hours by some yahoo or a few yahoos flying an industrial sized drone. Over 100,000 people were supposed to come and go through that airport today as it is the weekend before the ‘big’ holiday. Now it’s closed and all plans are on hold.

According to Gatwick’s chief operating officer, there have been multiple drone sightings today and said he could not say when the airport would reopen, with disruption likely to last days.

Finding the person causing this massive disruption makes find a needle in a haystack look easy. A quick search revealed that one can control their drone from inside their house. A bit more digging and we found some fascinating information.

Finding the drone flyer is not done with the drone itself. This next part is a bit technical, but well worth the read as drone issues are going to become more and more prevalent.

Drones are part of a complex digital ecosystem and leave their ‘footprint’ so to say, as does your cell phone. However, the ‘bad guys’ already figured this out. One thing they do is wrap aluminium foil around the GPS antenna, preventing the drone from logging its flight, making their footprint almost impossible to find. Another big worry about drones is that they can carry up to 32 lbs of explosives.

Right now all flights are cancelled until further notice. The authorities say this is not a terrorist attack, seemingly being done by people with nothing to do than to make other people miserable. Time will tell what the point of this was. Right now, no one has a handle or a clue where the perps are.

Yesterday, the Federal government revealed the new name of the Champlain Bridge. It’s called the Champlain Bridge. Well, it has Samuel de before the word Champlain, but in essence it’s the same name. And for this they had to call a press conference? Your tax dollars at work.

Looks like Canadians are finally, at long last, realising that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau cannot handle the job of being Prime Minister. It’s just beyond what he is capable of doing. This is now reflected in polls that show when he was elected his popularity was at 34% approval. Now, it’s -23%. In English that means 35 per cent approve; 58 per cent disapprove of him.

Here’s another headline: Andrew Scheer may not be flashy, nor does he wear fancy socks or take selfies with everything that comes at him in a skirt. The remarks he tweeted out when he heard that the baby who had been taken from her mother by caesarean after being shot in the stomach in Israel had died, were telling: He and Jill were ‘gutted’ by the news. He’s the real deal ladies and gentlemen.

You may think his style to be weak. It’s not. He’s not weak. He’s honest, smart, articulate and will not drop to the level of Trudeau. What he is doing is obviously working or he would not be at 33% approval. Get behind him, support him. He will do you well, not embarrass you as Trudeau did in India as Mr. and Mrs. Dressup, nor will he pretend that issues do not exist when they are staring him in the face as Trudeau is now doing with 3 Canadians detained in China.

They are detained because Canada did not have the kahoonas or smarts to find a quiet way to be inefficient when it came to detaining Huawei’s CEO and daughter of the owner. And one more thing. If you think Harper supported Israel, Scheer loves Israel and the Jewish people as much, if not more than Harper.

Here’s some good news. In Quebec, the police will soon be able to administer a breathalyzer whenever they pull someone over, for any infraction. They will no longer need visual or sensory evidence to believe the driver that drank too much or smoked pot. Go for it. I would be very happy to take such a test as I have nothing to hide.

Good Shabbos We’ll talk…

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