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Blanche, ya think Quebec’s health minister, Christian Dube read the last blanche report when we said the health system would collapse if he let 14,000 health care workers go on October 15?  Yesterday he blinked and gave them an extra month to get vaccinated.  Can we talk?

As we said, he would have put an end to the medical system as we know it. We would have to turn to a place like Cuba or Togo in West Africa or Uglich in Russia (on the Volga river in case you were wondering) to figure out how to manage with so few health workers and orderlies.

Here’s a headline for Mr. Dube: if perhaps one third of those people get vaccinated (and that’s pushing it) by next month, we will still have a crisis on our hands if he fires everyone else. Those who have not been vaccinated yet are the hardliners. No threat or cajoling is going to move them.

Dube and Papa Legault have a month to come up with a solution where they can keep all 14,000 health workers, save face and keep the health care system working. Daily testing is basically their only option. Just saying.

William Shatner broke a world record yesterday by being the oldest person to go to space. Upon his return, he broke down because of what he’d seen and experienced, calling it “indescribable” to have been in space. “I’m so filled with emotion with what just happened,” he said. “I hope I never recover from this.”

While you may think this is a sport for the very rich and very famous, don’t forget one thing: When was the last time you saw a 90 year old man with all his facilities and in good enough shape to withstand the G force in space?

He got into that spaceship on his own and got out on his own. Good for him. He is a perfect example of the adage that we live by: the word retire does not exist in our vocabulary.

Ever hear the words sticker shock? That’s when you look at an item, see the price and take a second look, totally shocked by said price. Such is the case with many, many items these days and the reasons can be traced back to the pandemic that came out of China. No dear, we’re not saying the China virus. Oh wait. Did we say that? 

Along with the world emerging from its 18 month old slumber come many issues, among them supply chain shortages,  firms scrambling for workers, ships and even fuel to power factories.

We had occasion to buy some meat today. When we saw the price we dropped the package as though it were on fire. $25 for two medium pieces of flanken (a bit of meat on a bone). Woah.

There are shortages of warehouse workers, truckers and butchers everywhere. Ikea is leasing its own ships, buying containers and re-routing goods.

China’s power crisis, caused by shortages of coal, high fuel prices and booming post-pandemic industrial demand has halted production, including at factories supplying big brands such as Apple who has greatly downgraded the amount of phones it can produce.

Anyone buy gas lately? The fuel prices are in the moon. In the USA used car prices are up about 24 percent. The cost of meat has gone up 12 percent in 12 months. Home heating oil is up an estimated 43 percent.

This does not bode well for people on fixed incomes as their monthly checks don’t rise with inflation and one of the by-products has been a massive surge in shoplifting. In New York shoplifting from January to September in 2021 is up about 6,000 cases compared to all of last year.

One woman walked into her Bronx pharmacy and noticed the shelves were empty of basic goods like toilet paper, tissues and vitamins. When she asked why she was told people came in a looted the store. Not to be a debbie downer, but all of these issues are the result of the pandemic that began in China, with no end in sight for the foreseeable future.

Then there’s one of the ultimate bleeding heart, Jew-hating liberals by the name of Sally Rooney. She wrote a book and announced that she would only allow it to be translated into Hebrew if it was not printed by an Israeli company. She is very fond of the BDS movement. No kidding. Can we talk? If she thinks that supporting the BDS movement is anything less than being an outright, in-your-face anti-semite she’s dead wrong. Does this genius even know one second of Israeli history? No. She’s an ignorant, entitled white woman who has been brainwashed by other like-minded idiots.

The only thing that happens from people like her is that Arabs lose their jobs. Just like with Ben and Jerry’s. Just like Soda Stream.

Here’s a headline for Ms. Rooney: The Jews will survive, as we have for thousands of years while she will be nothing more than a small dot in history – if that. Feh. Feh. Feh.

Good Shabbos We’ll talk…

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