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Europe’s Cooked and Done

Belgium is the latest country to deal with a terrorist cell. Today they took out three men who they think were about to attack a police station with heavy armaments.

Did you know that Belgium is a jihadist recruiting hub? People think that part of the reason are the open European borders. Anyone can go virtually anywhere in Europe without a passport check. They would do well to perhaps set up some borders and monitor what’s happening over there.

Quel surprise. Target is packing up and leaving Canada. Seems they lost their veritable shirt here and are about to close all 133 stores. One thing is certain, this cannot only be the fault of the ‘small village minded’ Canadian shoppers. We never stepped foot in a target store here as we heard the shelves were empty and the service was non-existent. We are pretty sure we’re not alone.

A huge part of the issue is that those in charge of expansion did not do their homework. And guess what, they don’t know everything. What?? Americans who don’t know everything? Can’t be.

This quarter it seems they will lose $5.4 billion due in large part to their Canadian operation. It’s going to cost them $600 million to leave, but as the saying goes, your first loss is your best loss.

So there’s a ‘new’ study that came out on weight gain from the Salk Institute for Biological Studies in San Diego . Here ya go: If one eats only during an eight to twelve hour period they will gain almost no weight. If they eat whenever they want, oh, say in the middle of the night, they will gain weight. What a revelation.

We must be doing something wrong. We could have said that without going to school for a gzillion years. But we didn’t and those that did are now laughing all the way to the bank. There’s a muslim guy who owns a coffee shop in East London. He put up a chalkboard sign outside his cafe with the words je suis charlie. Before he knew it, someone was in his store threatening to kill him if he didn’t take the sign away saying it offended him and his community. Europe’s cooked and done.

The Oscar nominations were revealed today. We’re not movie aficionados so we can’t comment on that. But what we can comment on is the fact that those in charge there are basically being called racists as not one black person is up for an Oscar. The media, both newspaper and social, are sounding like the KKK. Not pretty on either side.

And then there’s the genius who is running for the leadership of the PQ here in Quebec, Pierre Karl Peladeau. He’s one person who has to be thankful every minute that his father was born before him. Those who cling to him like lemmings must be hoping for little money droppings. Yesterday, he published the premier’s home address and personal phone number on facebook.

Now we ask you, can he be that naive (we’re being nice here, in case you didn’t pick up on it) to think that it’s ok to do that? This, brought to you from the same spoiled brat who yelled at a newspaper reporter for calling him on his cell phone.

Zut alors! We’re following the Queen on twitter and poof! she tweeted that she wrote two books.

We invite our readers to check out our op-ed piece in today’s Montreal Gazette. Here’s the link:

Good Shabbos

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