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Even dogs want Hillary for President. Arf. Arf.

You  heard that Netanyahu was invited to speak to the US congress? He is going there in March at the behest of Congress, not Obama. Well ‘folks’, Obama is not pleased, to put it mildly. In fact, he’s pretty ticked off that he only found out about this visit a few hours before it was made public. So what do you think he did? Correct, he’s refusing to see Netanyahu. Talk about pouting.

The official reason is that it’s too close to the Israeli election and the US doesn’t want to interfere. The real reason? Obama doesn’t really like Netanyahu anyway plus he’s embarrassed by the whole deal. Can you say lame duck?

We were debating how to word this next ditty. Brady’s balls didn’t seem right. Oh wait, did we just write that? Ok, it’s out there. What a ridiculous geffufelment.

The footballs in the game last Sunday night between the New England Patriots (Brady is the quarterback) and the Indianapolis Colts is becoming a whole big deal. The issue at hand is this: Did someone take some of the air out of the footballs used by the Patriots during the game? If so, it seems that softer balls are generally considered easier to throw and catch, especially in the rain. The Patriots are going to the super bowl anyway. Brady said he didn’t do it. Today at a press conference he said, “This isn’t isis. No one’s dying.” Really. Last Sunday’s game is over, the whole deal is something like .02 of a pound of air and nothing’s going to change. Move it along.

Then there’s the genius sportscaster in Australia who asked one of the top tennis players in the world, Montreal’s Eugenie Bouchard to do a twirl in her tennis outfit. This, after she had just won a grueling tennis match. Did he ask about the tennis match? No he didn’t. Instead he put Bouchard on the spot, she didn’t know what to do so she twirled around like a six-year old showing off her ballet outfit. That sportscaster needs to go back to sportscasting school tout suite. Either that or he’s a tad, shall we delicately say, misguided.

 The word incompetent has just taken on a new meaning. Imagine, you’re the dude who decides what gets cleaned first in Montreal during a snowstorm. You hear the forecast: snow, rain then freezing rain. Let’s see, um, do cars drive on the sidewalks or do people walk on the sidewalks? Wait. You have trouble making a decision because your snow cleaning people can’t do both at the same time.

Yes, you read that correctly. They cannot plow the streets and put salt or rocks on the sidewalks at the same time. What? Are you kidding? Do we live in Alabama where they get snow once every six years? Or in Montreal where we have what’s called winter where we can get snow for about six months.

We can’t believe the mayor was not embarrassed to even say this. Just goes to prove that brains is not a criteria for being a bureaucrat.

Blanche has become famous. Both our picture and what we said at the Outremont council meeting recently were written up in a blog done by a French Canadian man in Outremont who has nothing to do with his life except to follow Jews around and harrass them. He takes their picture and writes about every itty, bitty weensy detail of their lives.

How about this: he should get in touch with the mayor of Montreal who can put him to work figuring out how to salt the sidewalks and plow the streets at the same time. That way he could take pictures of all the people falling on the ice while the cars go speeding by.

Hillary Clinton is about to start collecting housefuls of money. Her team, or those who desperately want her to become the first female president have opened a website called You can check it out for yourself.

You can buy anything from a grassroots tour #ready poster which could have the worst picture of Hillary known to man to a button that says don’t text and drive with that same picture to a lucky dog hoodie that says I’m ready for Hillary. In case you want to buy the dog hoodie, it comes in small, medium and large for $21. Only in America.

Good Shabbos, We’ll talk…

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