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Clearly, someone did not do their homework. While Facebook aka Mark Zuckerberg, tries to crawl out from under the mother-of-all-scandals, some genius in his company came up with a new company name – Meta. In Hebrew that means dead.  Ya think someone’s head is going to roll?

Not to rub it in Blanche, but don’t you think Facebook is getting what they deserve? They prey on teenagers to increase their bottom line and now it appears that a ‘higher’ source – (wait is someone higher than Mark Zuckerberg? – yes – but we digress)  has made sure that they are still in the headlines, this time with a grave error and being ridiculed worldwide. Can’t buy this kind of publicity.

That save-the-world conference in Glasgow, COP26,  is one of the most self-serving events we have seen in many a year.  Did you know that covid does not exist there?  No one needs to get tested, no one needs to wear a mask and no one needs to show a vaccine passport – with proof that’s it’s you. Over 400 private planes flew the very exclusive club members there. Flying commercial? “Do you know who I am?” Or this one: “We are v.e.r.y. busy people.”

COP26 stands for Conference of the Parties, and will be attended by countries that signed the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) – a treaty agreed in 1994. 26 is the amount of times they have met and clearly accomplished nothing.

There are four alarm bells that should be going off represented by four words: United Nations and climate change. We challenge anyone to find a more useless organization than the UN. And climate change was changed to global warming long ago. Get with the program.

The ‘leaders’ are promising the sun, moon and stars to save the planet, none of which will apply to them as they live by the NIMBY rule (not in my backyard). You, the little peeps will listen to us – the elected ones – who know better than you.

Can we talk? This conference is a massive  waste of time and money. Everyone makes promises that they will 100% not keep as they don’t stay in power long enough to execute them – Justin in particular.

If you think for half a second that they are going to save the planet, we have swampland in Florida to sell you – especially when they tell you that by 2070 things better improve drastically or we will all die. Spare us and pass the barf bag.

One more embarrassing and very distasteful thing about those save-the-world people.

Israel’s Energy Minister Karine Elharrar, who is in a wheelchair,  traveled to Glasgow for the conference but was not able to enter the venue because it is inaccessible to people in wheelchairs. Got that? Not wheelchair accessible at all. They should be ashamed of themselves.

The fact that this did not occur to even one of the almost 40,000 people attending this conference shows exactly the kind of people supposedly shaping the next 50 or so years of our world. Entitled. Self-absorbed. Selfish. Good luck to all of us.

The land-border opening crusade between Canada and the US is far from over.  After putting months of pressure on the Biden administration, Rep. Brian Higgins from Buffalo is now focused on our government. Why?

The US ditched those annoying PCR tests that you needed to cross over  the land border. Canada has not done so.

So even if you are fully vaccinated, that’s not enough, even though it was supposed to be enough when the vaccines were rolled out. Canada still wants you to spend $200-$300 on a PCR test within 72 hours of coming back to Canada via the land border.

Unfortunately for Higgens, our rookie Foreign minister Melanie Joly is over her pretty little blonde head learning her job and Justin is busy saving the world in Glasgow. We’re doomed for now.

No question about it. Joe Biden needs a nap during the day, especially when he has jetlag, which he must have had at the COP26 conference. He fell fast asleep during the opening speeches. He’s not called sleepy Joe for nothing.

Colin Kaepernick, the take-a-knee dude, has made a video comparing the NFL draft to slavery. That’s going to go a long way to helping black kids with no fathers get rid of their anger. Not. Kaepernick is an ignorant, selfish fool. He had a chance to make a difference in the lives of his black bros and what does he do? Throws a match on the already smoldering embers. If he’s so miserable here, then he should leave rather than use his anger to bring everyone else down with him. What a loser.

Move over Pocahantas aka Elizabeth Warren, you have company on your couch. A Canadian official and academic specializing in Indigenous health issues has been placed on administrative leave from her university after an investigation challenged her claims of Indigenous ancestry.Uh oh.

Carrie Bourassa, a professor at the University of Saskatchewan, has described herself as having Métis, Anishinaabe and Tlingit heritage. In 2019 she appeared at a TEDx talk wearing a blue embroidered shawl and holding a feather, where she identified herself as “Morning Star Bear”. Sound familiar Elizabeth?

However, an investigation alleged that Bourassa was entirely of European descent. Seems she had been adopted as Métis by a friend of her grandfather and had subsequently been adopted into other communities. It gets better.

She said she identified as Métis and that elders who supported her did not rely on “blood quantums” to assess Indigenous identity.

Can we talk? Blanche, who do you want to identify with? Sephardim because their cooking is the bomb? Or maybe Parisian because they have drop dead delish croissants. Ms. Bourassa has a screw loose.

We’ll talk…

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