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Well, the Pence Harris debate was clearly not a demolition derby but neither of them stole the show. It was Faivish the fly who did.

Blanche, no doubt you saw the fly perched on Pence’s very white hair for no less than 2 minutes and 3 seconds. Could anyone concentrate on anything but that fly? Did anyone hear a word that Pence said in those 2 minutes?

Of course there had to be a winner so here it is: Fox: Pence. MSNBC: Harris. Twitter: The fly.

On a more serious note, short of gritting her teeth to stay in control so as not to come off like a vicious district attorney, Kamala Harris was successful. The problem was she tried so hard to keep herself in check that when she said “I’m speaking” to Pence through her teeth, we were shaking in our couch.

Pence is simply boring. His monotone voice and measured words almost put us into a coma. That fly saved the day.

The moderator Susan Paige is a liberal frequent guest on MSNBC. Her opening salvo that the coronavirus is not under control set up Harris to offer what Biden would do and what Trump didn’t and put Pence on the defensive. Paige kept going asking Pence that if the Trump administration doesn’t follow the rules (referencing the Rose Garden event), how do they expect the American public to do so?

While she is correct in what she was saying, that was not her job last night. She was supposed to be the impartial moderator of the evening and in that, she failed miserably.

And one more thing: Does Pence have pink eye? He looked tired and his eyes were very red. Just saying.

Here’s some good news. Ontario has had two readings of a bill that would make Daylight Savings time permanent. They are trying to mercifully lose that dreaded time change in the winter when we turn the clocks back an hour for absolutely no reason. Decades ago this was done for the farmers. We’re thinking they don’t need the time change any longer and instead of complaining about it, Ontario is actually doing something. Quebec seems to be very happy to go along. If it happens this year, we won’t be in the pitch black dark at 4:30 in the afternoon.

While we have issues with Donald Trump, what the Democrats are about to try is over the top, beyond the pale and makes them look like they desperate.  On Friday, they are holding an event where they will be discussing the 25th Amendment to remove President Donald Trump from office. Can we talk?

The election is in four weeks. What’s the rush? Are they so fearful that Biden will lose that they can’t wait for the election? The 25th amendment allows for the vice president to sign off a plan to replace the president if a majority of Cabinet officials (or a majority of Congress, in specific instances) agree that the president is unfit to serve in office.

Donald Trump may have covid, he may be a twitter maniac, but he’s far from having to be removed from office.  The democrats failed to get him out using the Russian scandals, they failed with his tax returns, they failed trying numerous other scare tactics and now they are trying the 25th amendment?

This is going to backfire like a bad muffler in a pickup truck in the hills of Kentucky.

This is chilling. Michigan-based militia members plotted to kidnap Gov. Gretchen Whitmer at her vacation home before the Nov. 3 presidential election, stockpiling weapons and explosives and twice staking out her residence.

The FBI had already suspected the militia of plotting to kill police officers, and a member of the group concerned about that plan had agreed to become an FBI source, according to the affidavit.

You may try to blame Trump for this. Don’t. This is the result of what is happening in cities in the US, the ‘defund the police’ ridiculousness and the general attacks on police departments. When people are emboldened as they are by the NBA who paints black lives matters on the floor of where they play, something’s amiss in America.

Blanche did you know that our prime minister, Justin, banned the use of plastic forks and coffee stirrers starting in 2022. This is what he’s worried about. Plastic forks. Not that the government is printing money like it’s toilet paper, or that people are close to being locked down again or that businesses are failing left right and center.

Nope. He’s worried about climate change, plastic bags and plastic forks. Ladies and gentlemen – when you finally realize how truly inept the leadership is in our country, you won’t be able to sleep. Ok. You’ll sleep but remember this when the next election is called, no matter what he promises you. And make no mistake. He will promise you the sun, the moon and the stars.

Good Shabbos We’ll talk…

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