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Fat Women Are Now Mainstream. Just ask Victoria’s Secret.

Here’s something that, even if you are an unwavering anti-Trumper will make you shudder. Bernie Sanders has suddenly become someone to look at re the presidential nomination.

Elizabeth Warren buried herself when she started giving numbers about her socialist ideas. Bernie’s heart attack seems to have endeared him to people.

While he’s not in the same class of anti-Semite as Jeremy Corbyn, as a Jew, he’s not exactly proud of his heritage. We did some investigation into how he feels about his Judaism and came up with a few tidbits:

In an interview with the New York Daily News in early April 2016, Sanders stated his recollection stands that Israel killed “over 10,000 innocent people” in Gaza during Operation Protective Edge.

And then, this past September, he named Linda Sarsour, a Palestinian-American activist, outspoken critic of Israel and BDS supporter, as a surrogate for his campaign.So while he does not agree with the BDS movement, his actions certainly speak volumes.

Our bet is that if becomes the candidate, Trump will win. Americans are not ready for a socialist government.  Don’t forget that Sanders is the father of socialism in the Democratic Party and has taken in AOC and Tlaib. Good luck Americans if this is your choice.

Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, as above a good friend of Bernie’s, said in a rally recently that America has become a fascist state. Below are her exact words, if you can make any sense of it.

“Because as much as much as we like to say that the United States is the richest country in the history, or rather in modern history, for who? The richest country, who cares about how much gold is being amassed if we can’t realize an advanced society with those resources?”

And we’re here to say that what we’re living in right now is not an advanced society, it is fascism! What we have, what we’re evolving into as well.”

Got that? And she will be campaigning for Zaidy Bernie? Nothing more to say here.

Ever hear of generation Z? They were born between 1995 and 2015, are currently between 4-24 years old and make up nearly 74 million of the US population. Greta Thunberg is from said generation. Generation Z has turned on the baby boomer generation (full disclosure…that would be Blanche). Why? Because they don’t like  being called out or accused of being over-sensitive and entitled, which of course they are. This comment already tells you that they are very fragile. Touch their delicate sensibilities and they stop functioning.

So what are they doing? Go after boomers, what else? Here’s what they are printing on sweatshirts:  Ok Boomer…have a terrible day. Now that’s mature, eh?

Did they ever take a look in the mirror? These young children want zero carbon emissions by 2050. Can we talk? Can someone please ask them when was the last time they took a plane somewhere? Or, perish the thought, drove a car?

Our guess is as they get older and have children they will be singing a very different tune. Picking up their kids from daycare on a bicycle while holding their groceries is not going to work out well, especially if they live somewhere in the north where it actually snows.

Ordering their groceries online? Nice but someone has to drive said groceries to their house in traffic because there is now only one lane for cars who sit idling in traffic causing the dreaded carbon emissions.

Generation Z is like every other new generation, they know everything and have all the answers. Here’s a headline: ‘Older folks’ have life-experience, are educated and get this – can actually function when someone says something to them that they don’t like.

Can someone please call Al Sharpton or perhaps get him off Morning Joe and tell him to get his bros to stop beating up Jews in New York? Especially unarmed, older men? Seriously? These bros have nothing better to do with their time?

Anyone traveling by plane over the holidays best have a mask handy. Those geniuses who do not vaccinate their children against the measles – anti-vaccers – are also flying and guess what? Some of them have the measles and are sharing this disease with you.

Measles are a virus that is airborne. One sneeze with a bit of spittle (feh) and poof! half the plane is contaminated. It takes about 2 weeks to find out if you have been infected.

Again we say that anti-vaccers should be called out. How about when flying you have to show your vaccination papers along with your passport? It’s coming as is showing your papers when trying to get your kids into school.

Only when anti-vaccers are ostracised will they tow the line. Until then, they will give everyone the middle finger and do whatever they want.

While we don’t personally shop at Victoria’s Secret, many other women do. Their most current ads are using plus-size models. Good for both the models and Victoria’s Secret. It’s about time women were not judged on the size of their clothing, thighs or how many double chins they have.

Fat women – yes darlings, fat women – are as able-bodied as skinny women. In fact, some fat women have a lot more stamina than their skinnier counter-parts. More energy in those thighs. Ya gotta love fatties:)

Good Shabbos, Happy Chanukah We’ll talk…

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