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Fauxchantas is Not Going to be the Presidential Nominee. And Not Because She’s Only 1,0024th C

Can someone please ‘splain’ why we are getting ads on top of our outlook email feed? Today’s was The Elvis Wedding Chapel. We can’t delete it as there’s no option. And as of today the Elvis Wedding Chapel is, shall we say, a rather useless commodity in our life. Outlook is not looking out for us.

Here’s a good one Blanche. Bill Gates, founder/ genius behind Microsoft and uber liberal, said he is going to have a very hard time supporting Elizabeth Warren if she wins the presidential nomination. He feels, and rightly so, that he’s being punished for have so much money. Can we talk here?

Microsoft employs 144,000 people worldwide. To put this number into perspective, when Gates started Microsoft in 1975 with Paul Allen, they employed six people. Six people.

Gates is a huge philanthropist and gives massive donations to the Democratic Party. Gates feels that he and his company don’t need to get a) punished because they have money and b) vilified by people like Fauxchantas aka Elizabeth Warren. And guess what? He’s right.

Warren, Sanders and their ilk live in a Robin Hood world. Take from the rich to give to the poor. Problem is the rich give jobs to the poor. If they are taxed into oblivion and step away from being a corporate good citizen, who’s going to fill that void?

Wait. Warren, Sanders, AOC and the rest of those holier-than-thou-uber-liberals don’t take the time to figure out their end game. For them it’s now or never.

Remember on Tuesday we spoke about how to protect the French language from the anglophone and allophone menaces, government services will, from now on, only be provided in English to the ‘historic English minority.’ We asked how the ‘powers that be’ will know who’s who in the zoo.

The answer floated by the government was if you went to an English school you have English rights in Quebec. How are they going to know this? Do we have to show our high school diploma when we need a service from the government?

The bigger issue here is that the Quebec government is creating a bizarre class system. Those who are historically English speaking and those who are immigrants. Nothing good will come from this. It will just make the province totally divided and never allow immigrants to fully integrate. It will keep entrepreneurs out as who needs this aggravation. It will bring in people who speak French but have no working skills.

And finally, it will create more bureacuracy in the Quebec government, the biggest employer in the province.

Blanche, are we going to get a visit from a twit from the office de la langue Francais to see if we really speak English? Or maybe a phone call from someone in Pointe aux Pic to see if we understand joyal – the French they speak here? Maybe they want to know if we eat poutine?

See how ridiculous this is?

We hope you are not upset, but Hillary didn’t put herself on the ballot in the primaries and it appears she missed the boat.

Good Shabbos We’ll talk…

T.I.N.G. Are we the only ones ticked off when at the self-checkout of large stores there’s an option to donate to some cause? Seriously?

First of all, those stores, Maxi in particular, can be good corporate sponsors and donate money on their own. When we’re checking out at the cash, we want to check out and leave. We’ll donate to charity and don’t need a store to prompt us to do so.

Drop the ‘we care about everyone’ drivel and give money on your own.

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