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Free Hugs from a Stranger? Ich.

We don’t want to bust anyone’s bubble, but the geffulement with Trudeau and his inane remarks about Castro are going to come and go like the wind. After all, he’s a chip off the block of his father, who was very friendly with Castro.

Unless Trudeau suddenly loses his hair, gains a tremendous amount of weight or begins to age badly, he’s not going anywhere for a long time. Sounds shallow? It’s the truth Blanche. Even if he says things that put every world leader’s shorts in a uproar.

Is he their prime minister? No. Does he care what they say? For five minutes. Once castro’s five final minutes of fame are over, it will be business as usual here in Canada and Trudeau’s popularity will not budge one point.

Some dude got a $100 ticket for not getting a permit to give free hugs in the subway here in Montreal. Can we talk? Who exactly is hugging a stranger while running to or from their train? Dizguzting. When was the last time he washed? Does he have lice? Did he wash his T-shirt? Ich.

If someone needs a hug so badly, as this dude appears to need, may we suggest he find some friends or perhaps seek counselling. Standing in the metro with a sign on your chest that you are offering to hug someone is absolutely nutty. Even if it’s done in other places it doesn’t mean it’s normal. Sorry.

Can someone please tell Jimmy Carter to give it up and go back to being a peanut farmer? He is urging Obama to grant diplomatic recognition to ‘Palestine’ before his term ends, stressing the importance of securing a two-state solution because of continued ‘settlement’ activity.

Can we talk? Where exactly is palestine? It’s nowhere because it doesn’t exist. There is no Palestinian language or culture. It is one of the biggest hoaxes ever perpetrated and kept going by people like Carter. What does he really want? To get rid of Israel and that’s not happening anytime soon. Maybe Carter should start using Mr. Google to find out what ‘palestine’ has given the world. It will keep him busy for at least ten minutes. While Obama still cannot say the words islamic terrorism, that’s exactly what happened yesterday at Ohio State University. Imagine you are sitting in class or teaching or in the bathroom and you receive a text saying Run. Hide. Fight. That’s exactly what happened yesterday.

This attack was done almost exactly the way the head of isis said to do it. No gun? Use your car. Use a knife. Inflict as much harm as possible on soft targets. The somalian dude who did this is now dead and still, too this minute, the investigators are grappling over the wording of what happened.

The islamic state news has posted his picture as a hero. He ranted on his Facebook page just before the attack that muslims are being attacked in Myanmar aka Burma.

In truth it is impossible to protect soft targets. We live in a free society and unless we are in a parade or taking part in demonstration, life is one big soft target. Given that, denying the obvious makes the authorities look either very weak or very inept. Blanche, we pick the latter.

Last night there was a horrific plane crash into the mountains of Columbia. Of the 85 people on board, 6 survived. What was particularly terrible about this accident is that it killed an entire top flight Brazilian soccer team, the underdogs, en route to their championship game. Really awful.

Blanche, we are at story #6 and it’s the first mention of Trump. Things must be improving. He’s going on a victory tour beginning Thursday. Although he dances to his own tune, such a tour is an invitation to every nutball from the far, far right to the extreme off the charts left to go and protest. He has to announce the place otherwise how would people know where to go and cheer their hero?

To this minute, the media still doesn’t get Trump. They cannot wrap their heads around the fact that while he watches all the news shows (especially our personal favourite, Morning Joe) all the time and gets crazed when they ditz him, he has them running in circles.

He tweets day and night, uses Facebook videos to reach the people and guess what – it’s working. He has shown he doesn’t need the media except to keep them guessing which he is a master of. The people did not want the establishment and made that very clear. Seems the media did not yet get the memo that things are going to change, with them or without them.

Keep your eye on the election in Austria. The far-right party, founded by former Nazis, is courting Jews. The head of the party, Hofer, has said on many occasions that islam is not part of Austria. Hofer went so far as to visit Israel who is very wary of him and the party and did not officially welcome him. If he wins however, which looks good, Hofer said his first official visit will be to Israel. Keep close tabs on this story.

Blanche, did you notice that it was almost night all day? Looks like we are in the dog days of winter. Time to hunker down and make a soup. Then find a blanket and curl up in a chair with a good book. Either that or go to Florida.

We’ll talk…

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