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Free Range Kids, oops Chickens – Cluck. Cluck.

That drone business is still happening in Paris. On Tuesday night a  drone was spotted hovering over the current offices of Charlie Hebdo magazine. That’s on top of ten more sightings, all still a mystery. In recent weeks they have been seen  flying over 17 nuclear power plants and a nuclear submarine base, as well as the Elysée Palace, the Eiffel Tower and the US embassy in Paris.

Zut Alors, the gendarme in Paris are telling people not to be nervous. Come on. Wouldn’t you be nervous if little unmanned planes were flying all over your city? People are afraid at one point they will be carrying weapons that will be dropped or explode with the drone. Stay tuned dudes. No answers yet.

Edward Snowden briefly surfaced from somewhere in Moscow via the web. He said he would love to go back to America but knows he won’t get a fair trial. We don’t want to bust his little bubble, but living in Russia under Putin ain’t much safer. Look what happened to Putin’s most visible rival last weekend. Shot in the back in a place that has many cameras, which, mysteriously, were not working at that moment. And guess who’s in charge of the investigation? Putin.

If Snowden were smart, instead of wishing for a fair trial, he should wish for another place to go to – and soon. Honestly, the mayor of Montreal needs a pill. Now he’s busy worrying about banning plastic bags. He can’t be serious. That’s what he is choosing to worry about? The fact that water mains are busting all over the city and the potholes can fit our kitchen table – that he’s not talking about. He’s going to save the planet by banning plastic bags here?

Let him go save Japan where they dump hundreds of tons of plastic bags into their personal garbage dump, the ocean. Or how about banning the most useless thing ever invented – the plastic water bottle. He’s turning out to be a big bag of wind.

The Hillary Clinton email business is heating up. Here’s the scoop that is in fact, as we predicted, getting juicier: Clinton had installed a private server at her New York home that allowed her, and not the State Department, to store her e-mail correspondence and later decide which ones to turn over as public records.

Subpoenas were sent by the special House committee probing the 2012 terrorist attack on a U.S. diplomatic compound in Benghazi. They got slightly put off, to put it mildly,  when they realized that Clinton’s private e-mail system allowed her to evade scrutiny from investigations and legal proceedings. How convenient is that, eh?

So what do the Clinton’s do when attacked? Nothing. They remained silent until yesterday when Hillary tweeted “I want the public to see my e-mail. I asked State to release them. They said they will review them for release as soon as possible.” The elephant in the room is this: Is she giving them all her emails? The whale in the room: No one will ever know. As one of her supporters said, on a scale of 1-10 in the negative range, this latest scandal is a 12.

If you were planning to fly to New York today, fuggedaboutit. A Delta plane slid off the runway into a fence during yet another snowstorm. All runways are closed until 7:00 pm. Not a pretty place to be for 12 hours and that’s not thinking about the loos. Feh.

Ever hear of ‘free range parents’? What about helicopter parents? Free range parents are exactly what the term implies, allowing their children free range in most aspects of life, with little boundaries. Helicopter parents hover over their children – whirrrrrr. Somewhere in between lies a normal way to raise children.

Two sets of free range parents were cited for allowing their young children to walk home or just walk around busy streets unsupervised. Do they not read a newspaper or go to some news sites on the internet? Do they not know of the mentally ill people wandering around looking to do something not pretty. We will spare you the details. Can we tell free range parents to better worry about free range chickens and keep tabs on their children? Too bad there’s no recipe for brains.

Happy Purim Good Shabbos

We’ll talk…

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