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The election is one day away. Anecdotal evidence is pointing to many people sitting this election out as they simply don’t know who to vote for. One thing is clear: even the pollsters won’t dare call it.

If you are looking for some reasons not to vote Liberal we can supply you with a few:

…for starters there was no reason to call this election as there was no chance the minority liberal government would fall as they were being held afloat by the NDP.

…There are group of countries called the five eyes: Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and the United States. Last week there was a pact between the US, UK and Australia. Canada and New Zealand were left out. Why was Canada left out?

A couple of reasons, all linked to the ineptness of Trudeau’s government:

a) Canada is the only one of the Five Eyes not to have banned Huawei Technologies from its 5G network. Intelligence experts fear that the Chinese firm could use such access to collect sensitive information and turn it over to Beijing’s spy agencies.

b)Because Canada has not made a choice about where it stands on China, the Meng issue and the two Michaels, we look weak and ineffective in foreign affairs, which clearly we are under Trudeau. The result is that the two Michaels have sat in a Chinese prison for over 1000 days. And for that alone Justin should be tossed out.

…Trudeau completely misread the mood of the public. He thought that because he himself was popular in the polls he could get away with calling this election. So unless he gets a majority government, voting for him is a waste of time. If he doesn’t get a majority, there will be a leadership convention faster than you can say those words and he will be out.

Now for the Conservatives: Time for a change peeps. And to do that you have to vote in ridings where the Conservatives have a chance to pick up seats. Winning the popular vote, as happened in the last election doesn’t help.

O’Toole is not as pretty as Justin, but he’s way more stable and level-headed. Yes, he’s saying things about Quebec and bill 96 to garner votes. Don’t bet your money that he believes those things.  He needs to get elected and to do that needs vote rich Quebec.

And one more thing about Trudeau…this business of keeping the flags at half-mast until the aboriginal issue is settled is beyond absurd. Those ‘residential schools’ were government edicts carried out by the catholic church. What does that have to do with the flags?

It is feel-good, woke culture at its finest. How is it helping the problem? We’ll tell you. It’s not. In fact, if we were part of the residential school issue we would be mighty upset that Justin is using what happened to our families for his political purpose.

For a while we were wondering if Biden was being shielded by his ‘people’ regarding the endless issues in front of him. Now we are thinking that he is simply unable to govern at all. 

What’s even scarier is when he actually has lucid moments and issues edicts or, even worse, doesn’t issue them.

We are referring to the hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants, specifically Haitians, at the US border. There are almost 15 thousand men, women and children camped under a bridge in Del Rio, Texas. Instead of dealing with the problem, his peeps are trying to shut down the drones taking pictures of what is happening there. We don’t have to illustrate the lack of any bathrooms or the clearly abhorrent sanitary conditions. Right now covid is the least of their issues.

One thing we can say with 100% certainty. Not seeing the problem doesn’t make it go away. Biden has a full-out humanitarian crisis on his hands and ignoring it confirms what many people think: he is unable to be the president.

Remember Ben and Jerry’s decided that they are going to represent  all the anti-Semites in the world and stop selling their ice cream to the parts of Israel they deem as ‘occupied territories’? Well, this decision is going to haunt Unilever for a very long time.

The state division of investment in New Jersey decided to divest, dismantle and get rid of of all their investments in Unilever and Ben and Jerry’s ice cream.

No pension fund assets will be invested in the company, and appropriate action to sell any existing pension fund investments will be done. Good for New Jersey.

Don’t know about you, but we were wondering why Annamie Paul, leader of the Green Party insists on shaving her head. Let’s just say it’s not very attractive. Not that she needs to be attractive to be in politics, but seriously, that’s the only way you can deal with your hair?

Seems so. Not only that, she got very touchy when asked about it in a 2020 interview: These are the kind of things that women of colour get asked that our white male counterparts do not.

Here’s a headline for Ms.Paul. Any woman – black, white, yellow or green who shaves her head is going to get asked why. Is she ill? Did she lose her hair due to chemotherapy? Does she have alopecia where people lose all their body hair? Sorry, shaving your head is not normal and if she’s choosing that route then she best be ready for legitimate questions.

Quietly, with little fanfare, a joint UAE-Israel mission rescued dozens of Afghan women. The operation brought 41 Kabul Afghans — including human rights activists and members of girls’ cycling and robotic teams — across Afghanistan’s northern border into Tajikistan before flying them to the UAE.

This was not an easy feat, to put it mildly. Firstly, the Israelis had to collect everyone from hiding. The rescuers had to do rounds around the city in alleys to pick up these people and try not to create any suspicious movement.

After collecting everyone and driving north, the group was temporarily delayed at the border with Tajikistan — stuck for two days in a safe house as they awaited permission from the Tajik government to enter.

Israeli aid workers met the escapees in the Tajik capital of Dushanbe, and on Sept. 6, they boarded a jet bound for the UAE, chartered by Canadian-Israeli billionaire philanthropist. Unbelievable.

A final note about the election: The latest polls are still showing a weak Liberal minority government with Justin losing a few seats. So even if he technically wins, he loses. For the life of us we cannot figure out why people would vote for him.

The next Blanche report will go out on Thursday night as the holiday of Sukkot begins tomorrow night – election night and ends Wednesday evening. Ergo we will be offline. We’ll talk…

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