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It definitely took a while, but we finally figured out what the democrats are trying to do. The fog was lifted with a little help from our conservative friends.

The democrats are trying to argue and prove that under Section 3 of the 14th Amendment of the American Constitution, Trump is ineligible for the presidency because he took the oath of office and subsequently “engaged in insurrection or rebellion” or gave “aid or comfort to the enemies” during the Jan. 6, 2021, insurrection.

That peeps is the bottom line. That is why they keep indicting him, hoping that one of the charges will stick to the wall and he will become ineligible to run. That is why there is such a flurry of charges now.

And that is why Trump is trying to push off all the trials until after the election. It is also why some of the venues where he is charged - like Georgia - are pushing to get him to trial fast.

After figuring this out, we also realized that these charges, although in different states are clearly coordinated and coming from the depths of the United States. In order for all the charges to suddenly appear around the same time, this had to be a concerted effort by many national organizations.

This is a very dangerous game the US is playing. If it doesn't work and Trump wins the election, what are these people going to do? They will be out of options and he will be in the White House. Do they not think he is going to take revenge on them? Nothing more to say about this except this is a very good example of the grass not being greener on the other side.

There is a huge geffufelment about English students not being allowed to enter school this year because - wait for it - the czar legault's bureaucrats are not interpreting Bill 96 properly.

This cannot be a revelation to anyone who can read past a first grade level because as we all know, quebec bureaucrats have the brain capacity of a gnat - if that. Asking them to read a law, actually understand it and then implement it? What is anyone thinking?

So now we have a front page story in the one and only Montreal English paper wailing that at least 20 students have been unfairly refused permit renewals by bureaucrats misinterpreting the law. What a revelation.

Now read the rest of the story:

Normally, a child is only eligible for English schooling in Quebec if a parent was educated in English in Canada. However, in it's quest to appear fair, Quebec opened the door to English education for foreign children in the province temporarily. The exemption allowed access for up to six years.

Ah, but last year, Bill 96 introduced a three-year limit on the exemption, with no possibility of an extension. (Now that's a genius move.) It was one of the new curbs on English introduced as part of the biggest language overhaul since Bill 101 was adopted in 1977.

Students must have their temporary permits renewed every year by the education department. And who renews their permits? The gnat-brained quebec bureaucrats.

The result: Who in their right mind would move to Montreal with children? We're talking educated people like doctors, high tech people, those in finance - you get the drift.

The czar legault is crying for retired doctors and nurses to come out of retirement. They are not doing so. So hospitals have to go out to recruit said professionals. These doctors have a few options on the table - Toronto, New York, Boston - to name a few.

Then they read the paper today and see that their kids will be shut out of school after three years and they will have to go through hoola-hoops to even get them into a private English school. Off to Toronto, New York and Boston they go. Montreal falls into the terlit.

The czar legault is shooting himself directly in the foot. He cannot have it both ways. He cannot say the french language is in dire peril of extinction (which it is not), institute absurd draconian measures and then try to woo professionals here.

Just when you thought Montreal's construction industry couldn't get any worse or incompetent, Madame Plante and her erstwhile NDG mayor proves us wrong yet again.

They had the entire summer to do work on a major artery in Montreal's west end - Cote St. Luc road. Punkt - they decided to begin work exactly when school started.

To add to the misery, every north-south road in the NDG community is either closed entirely or if the residents are lucky, they can get to their houses.

We drove through Westmount yesterday and Grovesnor, another major north south artery has been 'under construction' for the entire summer. It is still completely dug up with absolutely no way for residents to get anywhere near their houses by car.

You are elderly and have bags of groceries? Suck it up. Wait. You want to have things delivered. Fuggedaboutit. The street is a mudhole.

Here's the big question: Why is construction not happening 24 hours a day here? As they do in New York. They have three sets of crews - 7:00 am-3:00 pm, 3:00 pm- 11:00 pm and 11:00 pm-7:00 am. Imagine if we did that here?

Nope. Not only don't they work at night, they take off two weeks in the middle of the summer, in the heart of the construction festival and just up and leave.

Gnat-brained unaccountable, detached bureaucrats from top to bottom.

Finally, a entrepreneurial citizen kept track of the power outages in NDG (and Hampstead). It's 85 hours since this past March.

This older woman, who happens to be a sailor - go know - reached out to the mayor of her borough - Gracia Kasoki Katahwa with this information. Ms. Kasoki Katahwa (pictured here) basically said nothing to see here. Well, not nothing. Her response was "We'll look into it."

Ms. Kasoki Katahwa probably doesn't know what's happening on Jean Talon and Decarie where cones have been in place for two weeks with not a workman in sight, but for sure she knows about the power outages. That is if she lives in NDG. If not, she doesn't know or care.

As well, if she doesn't live in NDG she won't know about the closed streets in her borough under construction for months and months. Or that a major artery was just closed while another major artery in the same direction was already shut down.

One wonders how long Ms. Kasoki Katahwa can hide away without being in contact with the citizens she represents. Or maybe she's still in awe that she won and hasn't come to herself yet. Either way, she's acting like a stunned wabbit.

Good Shabbos

We'll talk...

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