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Governments and Companies Who Protect Industry instead of the Peeps Should Hang their Heads in Shame

Is anyone out there crying for the dairy industry in Canada now that the new USMCA has been kind of agreed upon?

Is anyone happy to pay 240% tariff on cheeses imported from the US and other countries? Or 300% more for butter and cream? How about kosher cheese where the one and only company that can certify kosher products in this city certified nature’s best which is produced in Canada. By doing so, it thus ensured those eating only eat kosher cheese now have a double whammy – a 240% tax and because said company certified a Canadian dairy manufacturer,  caused  the invocation of a law that we can’t pay for imported cheese even if we wanted to because it’s no longer allowed in.

Those who run this country and  companies whose actions reverberate throughout entire communities should all be hanging their heads in shame and the dairy board should make a big disappearing act.

People work very hard for their money. How dare these companies and governments issue edicts that protect minute sections of our country? This is not supply and management. That’s a smoke-screen. For the government it’s called shilling for votes and for companies that certify kosher products it’s called  greed. We will refrain from even thinking that there could be a kickback. Oops. Did we say that?

Lest you wonder what caused this rant we will tell you. $12.49 for 8 slices of kosher cheese. Absolutely disgusting.

Everyone knew the CAQ’s platform regarding immigrants. What we find rather excessive is the fact that the premier-elect could not even wait until the transfer of power to issue his edicts regarding the wearing of religious symbols if one works for the public sector. What point is he trying to make, drooling over watching people nervous that they might lose their jobs?

When he was running for premier he said police and those working in government agencies would not be allowed to wear anything religious. Frankly, we have yet to see a policeman wearing a turban nor a policewoman wearing a hijab in this province. FYI the RCMP has Sikhs wearing turbans and frankly no one cares. They are not trying to convert anyone.

What is particularly irksome is the fact that he changed the playing field the instant he was elected. Now teachers are not allowed to wear anything religious. That of course goes for Jews who wear yarmulkas, no doubt collateral damage because the main target are Arabs.

What would Legault do if he knew of all the religious women wearing wigs? They don’t look like religious articles but they sure are. And how about that huge cross hanging over everyone in the National Assembly? Doesn’t get more religious than that, eh Blanche?

Legault is picking a fight on two fronts in trying to make Quebec very white and sanitized. He’s immediately targeting Trudeau with the threat of invoking the notwithstanding clause regarding this issue. And he’s going after anyone with color or who looks different from white, catholic French Canadians. Too late dude. The cat’s outta the bag. Our society is now a mixed bag of every colour and religion. Legault is a few decades too late to change what already is.

Of course keeping out economic immigrants coming here from the US is another kettle of fish. Allowing them in then losing track of them or paying for their food, lodging and health care needs to be fixed. For that we can thank Trudeau and we have no issue with Legault coming down hard on this.

The FBI came out with the result of their investigation into Brett Kavanaugh. In case you were in a rowboat on a lake with no internet the past few weeks, he’s waiting for a vote to confirm his seat on the Supreme Court.

The Democrats are literally frothing at the mouth thinking about yet another conservative judge being appointed. As such, they are trying every dirty trick in the book and then some to stall the vote on Kavanaugh. It’s not working in their favour. In fact, it’s working for Trump whose popularity has soared to over 50% and the Republican Party in general whose base and more have been energized by the ridiculous things the Dems are doing.

The Democrat party can lay the blame for all of this directly on the doorstep of Dianne Feinstein, who held onto Ford’s accusation for almost two months and has caused a huge furor where none had to be.

The main people suffering are both Ford and Kavanaugh. Whatever happened to her has now been put on the bottom of the list of things to talk about. She has become a pawn for the Democrat party. Kavanaugh’s life has been almost ruined.

We shudder to think what may happen if one of the sitting Supreme Court judges, like RBG (Ruth Bader Ginsberg) or other rather older people step down. The Democrats will be nothing short of apoplectic.

Philippe Couillard resigned his seat and left politics today. When giving his speech he was rendered to tears.  Now he’s crying? He deserves everything that happened to him and then some. His arrogance and know-it-all attitude is what got him where he is.

And don’t start a go-fund-me page for him. He will do very well in the private sector after he stops crying.

Hillary Clinton spoke out against Kavanaugh and said she felt for Ford. Seriously? The women who her husband had, shall we say, dalliances with, were almost obliterated by her. All of a sudden she feels badly for the women?

We have no doubt the Democratic Party wishes she would quickly and quietly disappear for about ten years. Unfortunately for them, her massive ego and entitlement attitude will never allow her to step away from a microphone. After all, her adoring public needs to hear what she has to say, right Blanche?

Good Shabbos We’ll talk…

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