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Groundhog Day.

No one is surprised by the election outcome. In this case, the pollsters were correct: It was to close to call. There was no way anyone was getting a majority. And the main question – what was the point of the entire exercise? Clearly, from the results no point. We are back to the same scenario – the NDP propping up the Liberals.

But there are some questions that remain hanging:

a) Are the vultures hovering over Trudeau to get rid of him? b) Will the conservatives eat yet another leader? c) Will Annamie Paul quit? d) Why was Elizabeth May so shocked at how bad her party did?

While these questions hang in midair, we will give our two-cents: a) Yes, the vultures are indeed hovering over Trudeau and our guess is that he won’t last.

b) O’Toole might get a pass until the next election. But if he doesn’t win there, sayonara. Pierre Poliviere is panting at the door to get in.

c) Annamie Paul is done. Toast. Kaput. And guess what? Unless someone with half a brain goes in to run the party, the green color will be because they all got sick over losing it due to a total lack of leadership.

d) Elizabeth May must have been watching way to much Netflix if she didn’t see how awful her party was going to do. Saying she was shocked at the results was foolish.

We checked our own riding which is Mount Royal. As we said a couple of months ago, running a weatherman with less than zero experience in politics against a seasoned, well-liked politician, with extremely high name recognition is foolish at best, lacking any political savvy at worst. Just because people recognize his face does not mean they are voting for him. Duh. 

Cavallaro was a goner from the get-go, starting with announcing his candidacy from Florida. He said on Montreal’s only English language radio station,  that he would not return here until he got his covid vaccines in Florida. If you recall,  at that time, vaccines were scarce here. Many people in this riding agree that Anthony Housefather is backing the wrong horse and that is really a pity. The fact that he actually responds to emails and get this – acts upon what you ask him to do coupled with a weak conservative candidate, topped off by the fact that Liberals have won here forever, made sure he was not going to lose.

But here’s the kicker in this riding and we are pretty sure in others as well,  something  that any Conservative leader should be taking much more seriously. It comes from first-hand experience: Until the ‘old boys’ club running individual ridings is moved out, the conservative party is going to be as the liberals were in this election – living groundhog day election after election.

The old boys club in many ridings needs to step aside and go play golf. Not take the sons of their board members – who, like Justin, are lucky their fathers were born before them – and ‘groom’ them for some kind of political career which they are totally and absolutely unsuited for.

Lest you think we are overreacting here ya go: 23,292 for Anthony Housefather (57.7%) to 9,871 for Cavallaro (24.5%). That should tell you everything you need to know.

Joe Biden is turning out to be a much, much worse president than anyone could have ever imagined. Watching ‘police’ on horseback whipping Haitians without uttering a word  is unimaginable. There is no longer any doubt that he has no idea what is going on in his country. 

Today the special envoy to Haiti resigned in protest of “inhumane” large-scale expulsions of Haitian migrants to their homeland which was wracked with yet another massive earthquake.

You can be 1000% sure if Donald Trump had done this the Democrats would have gone into the White House and pulled him out by his hair. Where is that witch AOC? Why is she silent in the face of this disgusting behavior by Biden’s people?

Where are the Black Lives Matter people? Last time we looked Haitians and Black lives matter bros were the same color. Wait. We’ll tell you where they are: threatening an uprising similar to the George Floyd protests last year over vaccination requirements. Haitians? Whipping them? Who cares. No money involved there for us. We’re not getting our hands dirty.

So why are they threatening an uprising? Because last week three black women from Texas were denied entrance to a restaurant in New York City because they would not provide proof of vaccination. Instead of leaving,  the women attacked the hostess.  They were arrested on charges of assault and criminal mischief.

That’s what you do if restaurants ask for a vaccination passport? Beat up the hostess? We are guessing they never heard the adage don’t shoot the messenger.

Here’s a headline: Anyone supporting Biden is walking around in a coma. Our bet is that he will wind up being the worst president ever to sit in the oval office. E.v.e.r.

Here’s a good one if you can figure it out. This was spotted on someone’s license plate: NOMOQOMO.

We’ll put you out of your misery: No more Cuomo. Get it? No mo qomo. Pretty nifty.

Blanche you know the definition of stupidity? Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. Such is the case with Papa Legault.

Quebec has a shortage of 4,300 nurses thanks to shortsighted, foolish, selfish bureaucrats and ministers in Quebec who kept trying to ‘balance the budget’ at the expense of the medical system. Nothing has changed. Now they are offering nurses bonuses of $14,000-$18,000 to stay and work here. Too little, too late.

Legault called the system ‘almost dysfunctional’. Oh really. And does he think creating french language police aka Colombo’s or Inspector Clouseau’s to harass the public because they don’t speak french amongst themselves in an office is functional? Does he think making immigrants who go to nursing school here but because they cannot pass the french exam leave in droves is going to help find nurses? No. Papa Legault  is the definition of stupidity.

And while we’re at it, what’s with the ‘nation’ of Quebec? The province of Quebec is just that. One of ten provinces and two territories that make up the country of Canada. He can call Quebec what he likes. He can live in his own little world and pretend Quebec is a nation. But until he stops taking transfer payments from Ottawa, he’s part of the ROC – Rest of Canada. One of ten provinces. Not a nation.

Look for Blanche next week Monday and Thursday. Good Shabbos We’ll talk…

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