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Happy Anniversary

We don’t want to sound callous, but the minute of silence today commemorating the anniversary of the pandemic is the same self-serving drivel as lighting candles when a tragedy occurs or marching with candles. It is a dark day in our lives which should be recognized but not with a moment of silence.

If the governments of Quebec and Canada really wanted to mark this day, they would come forward and apologize for their serious mishandling of the first six months of this pandemic, especially in senior homes, causing thousands of deaths. They could say they are human,  they made mistakes and take ownership of their mistakes.

They would tell us that they are going to upgrade our medical system, especially in Quebec. That they hired more medical professionals to deal with the massive backlog of surgeries and cancer patients waiting for treatment. They would acknowledge that they decimated our hospitals for years to ‘balance their budgets’ and got caught with their pants down when the pandemic hit.

We think even a few of these ideas would go much further with people than a minute of silence.

We would like to know who was responsible for launching the Mount Royal conservative candidate’s campaign while he was in Florida. Instead of being welcomed by the public, Frank Cavallaro spent the first 24 hours of the infancy of his campaign fighting off negative press. There is an adage that any press is good press. While this is true, did both the local and Federal conservative inner circle think that people would accept, with open arms, a guy living in Florida, proudly saying he’s getting vaccinated there before coming home as he doesn’t want to wait in line here like everyone else?

He was not sufficiently prepared by anyone – locally or federally – to speak publicly yet as responding with clarity to basic questions asked of him was difficult. Those running the conservative party need to take a long, hard look inward. Perhaps someone could buy them a mirror.

It appears that Denis Coderre is going to take another run at being mayor of Montreal and his main platform will be to revitalize the downtown core. If that’s the case and he doesn’t come up with zany, exaggerated and very costly ideas like the E-race or fake bronze tree stumps, he very well might win.

In her insatiable quest to make Montreal a bicycle city like Antwerp, while at the same time making the streets smaller with endless construction, and even more endless bike lanes, Mayor Valerie Plante has single-handedly made sure people will stay away from the downtown core. It also appears she doesn’t get out much as the weather in Montreal is vastly different than that of Antwerp or any European country.

Had she not narrowed St. Catherine, perhaps some of the restaurants would have been able to put up terraces. Now that’s impossible. She best find an idea that will resonate with Montrealers quickly or she be a one-time mayor, even with that very special grin of hers.

Remember ‘make my day’? Well, Sue Montgomery has made our day. Today, she launched her own political party. Guess the name. Ok, we’ll tell you. Courage – Équipe Sue Montgomery.

Ms. Montgomery is one of the ‘entitled’ politicians. She never leaves her office. Never. She has not the faintest hint of a clue how the constituents not in her four cubits live. Yesterday when asked how the vaccinations were going in the Bill Durnham arena, she barely knew that vaccinations were being given there and absolutely did not know where that arena was.

Here’s a headline: If people vote for this woman, then you get what you deserve. We sincerely hope that someone will come forward to run against her. Someone who has a car, who actually knows the boundaries of their riding without having to look at a map on the wall and does not have disdain for people with large families who ‘certainly procreate’ and pollute the environment.

In the hope-springs-eternal-department, we got an En Route magazine together with our newspapers this morning. Yes dearies, we still get a hardcopy paper, actually 2 papers. In case you don’t know, En Route is Air Canada’s in-flight magazine and as there is precious little in-flight happening, they opted to remind us they still exist. They clearly don’t think that Paris or London will be destinations anytime soon as the articles they featured were, shall we say, odd.

For example: The Inuk Throat Singer Who Has Become a TikTok Sensation. Or how about going to Scotland to see the Hebridean Way? Or maybe Koufonisia, a weensy island in Greece where you can walk from one end of the island to the other in under 45 minutes or, you can go to Winnipeg and see the Qaumajuq – the largest collection of Inuit works at the Winnipeg art gallery.

Like we said, they don’t seem to think we’re going very far for a while.

Things are not going well for Governor Cuomo of New York. Today, Mayor Bill Di Blasio asked directly for his resignation. Of course there’s not a chance in you-know-where that Cuomo is going to listen to anything Di Blasio says, but things are heating up.

Reading Di Blasio’s comments caused us to feel a bit like he should not throw stones. ‘It’s deeply troubling, the specific allegation that the governor called an employee of his – someone who he had power over – he called them to a place and then sexually assaulted her is absolutely unacceptable.

It seems that Cuomo did not sexually assault anyone. He certainly made lewd and disgusting overtures, but Di Blasio has exaggerated ever so slighty.

Today as well, a group of 59 Democratic state legislators signed and published a letter demanding Cuomo immediately step down. As of this writing, Cuomo is still flipping everybody the middle finger.

Prince William, second in line to be the King of England, spoke out today regarding one of the accusations made by Harry and Meghan. ‘We are very much not a racist family.’

Well William, you may not be racist, but clearly your predecessors were and your father, Philip, has quite the litany of racist comments:

Speaking to British exchange students living in China: If you stay here much longer you will all be slitty-eyed.

Or how about: “You managed not to get eaten then he asked a British student who had been trekking in Papua New Guinea.

Or this one: when he was speaking to a group of deaf children: If you’re near there (a Caribbean steel drum band)  no wonder you are deaf

And our personal favorite…”You look like you’re ready for bed!” he told the President of Nigeria who was dressed in traditional robes.

We think that Prince William should first to a full out check before saying that his family very much not a racist.

Good Shabbos, We’ll talk…

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