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Here’s a headline one of today’s papers: Ottawa said that by June, Quebec will be getting 550,000 Pfizer vaccine doses weekly. BY JUNE??  In case you haven’t noticed, the date today is April 22.  June is a very long way off. 

Are we supposed to jump for joy that maybe, in June, Biden will grace us with more Pfizer vaccines? If anyone is happy with how Justin and his procurement sidekick have managed these vaccines, time to take the blinders off. They have 100% bungled this.

The next ridiculous headline was in the National Post and read: U.S. the biggest source of COVID-19 brought into Canada, study finds. Now here’s another headline: That headline is misleading. Very misleading. Why?

Because the rest of the story is being held back from you. Here it is: “Essential” workers can go back and forth into the United States daily with zero quarantining and – get this – zero rapid testing.

They come and go into everyone’s community at will, no doubt spreading the virus while the loser traveler who wanted to go visit their dying grandmother in Italy has to go to a hotel for a minimum of three days, pay for said hotel themselves and then get triple tested when they finally arrive home. That is only if they test negative in the hotel. If they test positive they get to spend about $3000 of their own money on that hotel instead of just going home and staying there.

Where is the outcry to do rapid testing for essential workers and at airports? Where is the voice of the opposition parties? We’ll tell you.

There are no opposition parties as both the Conservatives and NDP are mute.

If someone doesn’t give O’Toole the script to talk about rapid testing – or anything for that matter – he can’t do it. He clearly has no mind of his own and should be removed from the leadership position before the next election is called.

Jagmeet Singh is comfortably under the covers with Justin so forget about him.

Justin Trudeau can do whatever he wants because there is no opposition.

By the time you read this, there is a slim chance that flights from India will be banned. It seems that the government and its health arm need a very, very, very long time to think about, if perhaps, maybe, they should cancel the flights coming from a place where they have well over 350,000 cases per day.

The government does not have this virus anywhere near under control. End of story.

Does anyone know why President Biden said, before the Chauvin verdict was announced, that he hoped it would be the right one? He’s a lawyer? He’s part of the case? No on both counts. In fact, as President he should have kept his mouth shut until the verdict was announced.

We know he’s a bleeding heart liberal but now that he’s the president, it’s his job to remain neutral and keep quiet.

And then there’s that genius Nancy Pelosi, another save-the-whales liberal. After the verdict was announced, she thanked George Floyd for sacrificing his life for justice. There are no words for this one.

What is with these liberals? Get a grip people. They are frankly full of it. They say all the right things but subscribe to the nymby (not in my backyard) philosophy. They defend minorities from a very safe distance.

And while we’re on the subject of bleeding heart liberals, we saw a video of Jews saying kaddish for George Floyd after the verdict was announced. Are these people out of their minds? In case you didn’t know, Kaddish is a deeply meaningful prayer that expresses and reflects the values of the Jewish people.

George Floyd was not Jewish and does not require anyone to say kaddish for him. We hope that those who recited the kaddish for Mr. Floyd actually did the same for their own relatives and with the same angst. Seriously?

Today is earth day. Did you know that the United States is the second biggest emitter of carbon emissions in the world? Second only to China? That the US is followed by India which makes perfect sense. The cow is sacred in India and there are  a lotta cows in the US. Blanche, you do know what cows do? The pass serious amounts of gas and that gas causes a large portion of carbon emissions.

Try as the world might to reduce coal fired plants, those darn cows in India and their continuous passing wind issues are going to make getting a hold on emissions very hard. Looks like the Paris climate agreement is blowing in the wind.

Here’s a link to a petition to stop the useless hotel quarantine. Rapid test people at the airport. If they test positive, send them home to quaratine. If they test negative, send them home to get on with their lives. And all of this takes a few minutes, not three days and a few thousand dollars. What a colossal waste of money.

Good Shabbos We’ll talk…

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