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Harry and Meghan need to get a grip. Seriously dudes - do you believe anyone is buying that you were chased for no less than 2 hours through the clogged, pot-holed filled, massive pedestrian traffic streets of Manhattan?

If anyone has ever driven those streets, you know there is traffic day and night - both pedestrians and cars. It's not called the city that never sleeps for nothing.

Harry and Meghan are two drama queens. A two-hour car chase? If they are so petrified of people taking a picture of them, then don't go out. Stay home and no one will bother you.

But if you go to a highly publicized awards dinner in New York, what exactly do you expect is going to happen? Wait. Here goes: the paparazzi is going to be there.

How about this: Get a grip and stop exaggerating. We were wary of Harry's book Spare. Now we're pretty sure that his version of many stories in his book are highly exaggerated.

It also doesn't help that all the New York media and the mayor are making fun of them. Nicely, but nonetheless no one believes them. Maybe they were chased but not for two hours. And where are witnesses? People walking on the street would have seen something.

They are no longer welcome in London and now they will no longer be welcome in New York after making the NYPD look like they didn't do their job.

Did you ever step into a pile of dog doo-doo, move over and step into another pile? Probably not because you were smart enough to look down.

Such is not the case with Anheuser Busch. In an effect to stop the bleeding of their product featuring mr. he who says he's a she but is really a he, they have created two new beer can pictures: One with a camo design, the other with part of the Harley Davidson motorcycle design. Can we talk?

They went from printing a man dressed as a woman to camo and motorcycles which now looks like they are addressing rednecks. Really? Those are the only ones grossed out by their first choice? We beg to differ.

It won't take long for AB to be a the prime example in university of a company depicting how not to run a campaign. How about this: A can of beer with an apology. We ran a dumb campaign and we're sorry.

In the what-was-he-thinking department, Justin shook hands with the Korean Speaker of the National Assembly, Kim Jin-pyo. Problem is, his legs are spread wide apart and he looks like an idiot.

Alas there's more to this story.

It appears that Korea has something called the korean wide stance. It is a term used to describe when a person uses a wide stance to accommodate for his or her tall height. Tall male celebrities in particular have to adopt these poses on a regular basis for filming dramas, movies, and interviews.

Justin the genius, took this literally. Or his moronic handlers did. Here's a headline dude: You are not Korean, you don't live in Korea and no one expects you to do the Korean wide stance.

This reminds us of when Justin went to India and dressed more Indian than the Indians. Now he did the Korean wide stance wider than the Koreans. Blanche, maybe he thought it was a dance?

Here's another company that you can ban and stop purchasing any of their products. Adidas used a male model to promote a new women’s swimsuit. What? Why?

Why would they use a man to promote a woman's bathing suit? There aren't enough women to choose from? Bring out the barf bag. This is now called the 'pride' swimsuit, part of their new 'pride' collection.

Not only did they use a man, but they enhanced a part of his body. Seriously peeps - the world has gone mad. Here's the real deal: Men are born as males, women as females. End of story.

To try to up Kamala Harris's profile, the White House or her handlers or maybe Joe Biden suggested she do a podcast. But not just any podcast.

It was done with a total unknown taped in her garage. Now ask how many view she got? 3,000 in 3 days. We are talking the Vice President of the United States. Here's a headline for the White House: Obama duped you all. She was his choice, handpicked because a) she's a woman and b) she's kind of black. No other reason.

Clearly not for her brains as she's like the scarecrow in the Wizard of Oz.

Oh yes. One more thing. The woman who did the podcast has over a million followers on Tik Tok but how can the White House put Kamala on Tik Tok when they are almost banning it? Sneaky, sneaky, sneaky.

Here's a question: Name one city that changed your life?

Here's the answer: Wuhan. Bada bing bada boom.

Good Shabbos,

We'll talk...

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thank you for another excellent column and commentary,

you always manage to hit the nail on its head, especially about justin, this entitled spoiled brat who sits on his throne, and kamala ha ha ha ,

they are a sad reflection on our politicians and political system,

good shabbos to you and your family,

let me know about lunch


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