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Head Games

Even more alarming than the constant barrage of rockets in Israel are the marauding mobs of Israeli arabs attacking Jews in synagogues, businesses and on the street. Clashes continued in the city of Lod, where synagogues were burned and looted, even after a state of emergency and curfew were declared there.

Much of the blame of what is happening lies directly at the feet of Netanyahu. He was so busy trying to avoid his trial that he caused four elections in less than two years in Israel. The result? No one was really minding the store.

And the result of that? No one is really in charge. Meron was one such tragic example. Had there been a proper government in place, most likely there would have been a central body to take charge of what everyone knew was coming after people were cooped up for months because of the pandemic.

Israel also dropped the veritable intelligence ball and the public is suffering with thousands of rockets aimed at them. Hamas knows very well that the Iron Dome cannot possibly cover the entire country nor can it intercept every rocket. So they lob hundreds of rockets a time and wait to see what happens.

Netanyahu is now threatening to impose a countrywide lockup to stop the mob violence. As well, troops are massing on the Gaza border. In the end, Israel has no choice but to win every war as the mandate of the arabs is to eliminate Israel from the map. Period.

As for President Biden, he said “My expectation and hope is that this will be closing down sooner than later, but Israel has a right to defend itself when you have thousands of rockets flying into your territory.”

The useless excuse for an NDP leader Jagmeet Singh called for Canada to block arms sales to Israel.  What a fool he is.

As every other bleeding heart liberal, he lives by his e.m.o.t.i.o.n.s. Which, by the way, is why they all fell for a scowling little girl by the name of Greta who duped them all saying that we were destroying her world.

Below is a bit of history regarding Gaza. The quote is attributed to the late Abba Eban: “The Arabs never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity.”

The Palestinian leadership has repeatedly — and arguably intentionally — foiled their own hopes for a Palestinian state. The truth is, it serves every arab country well to have millions of their men, women and children crammed into a minuscule piece of land. It definitely makes bleeding heart liberals like Jagmeet Singh feel so very sorry for them. Did it ever occur to Mr. Singh that there is enough land around the Gaza strip to house fifty or hundred gaza strips?

The answer of course is no. It feels much better to feel badly for someone else. It gives them a c.a.u.s.e. 

1947: UN Resolution 181 — the “Partition Resolution” — was passed in November 1947, and called for the creation of a Jewish state and an Arab state.  Israel would be split, with Jerusalem as a separate independent district.

The arabs immediately violated Resolution 181, invaded Israel, and were defeated. Had the Arab Higher Committee accepted the resolution instead of choosing to invade, a Palestinian state could have existed since 1947.

2000: President Clinton hosted peace talks at Camp David between Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak and Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat, with a proposed peace plan known as the “Clinton Parameters.”

The requirements by Clinton included Israeli “custodianship” over the Temple mount, sovereignty on all Islamic and Christian holy sites, and three of Jerusalem’s four Old City quarters. Barak accepted the plan. Arafat rejected the offer, and refused to make an immediate counter-offer.

2008: Then-Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, met for talks and a comprehensive peace plan was proposed, which would annex Israeli settlements to Israel in return for the same territory in Israel being given to the Palestinians. In addition, Jerusalem would also be divided. In other words, Olmert was ready to give away the store. Abbas turned the deal down.

A final word on this: Israel is about 8,000 square miles in total. The arab countries surrounding Israel are three times the size of the United States. And in the end, all of these ‘plans’ were not going to benefit Israel. Our guess is that a ‘higher’ authority saved us.

As to why arab countries don’t want to make room for their bros,  it clearly suits their purpose to keep using these people as pawns in their never-ending quest to push Israel into the ocean. It. Will. Never.Happen.

More than anything, Bill 101 is a head game. Unless of course you take into account the fact that people can now rat on businesses they don’t feel spoke to them properly in French. That in and of itself is a huge issue as it’s one person’s word against the other.

Suppose a guy owned a restaurant and someone opened another restaurant nearby. The first guy thinks the second guy will be taking business away from him and what does he do? Rats on him to the government that he’s not speaking enough French. Or that he said hi instead of bonjour. Or the word pasta was too big. Take your pick.

The other Legault and his missives enacted,  which is probably the root of this whole exercise, is to stop French high school students from attending English CEGEPs.

That of course puts French Canadian students at a disadvantage if they want to go onto higher learning, say McGill medicine. We think that most of these kids, especially those living in urban areas, speak perfect English and will be mightily ticked off with this new edict.

Restricting hijabs is form of taking away someone’s liberties. Telling a kid he or she cannot go to the school of their choice because of the language they speak is another form. Last we looked, this is still Canada not mother Russia. It has to be unconstitutional, even though Papa Legault invoked the notwithstanding clause which overrides the Charter of Rights in Canada.

We hope these kids start the red square business against Legault for taking away their human rights. That’s how Couillard lost the last election.

Please note: As the holiday of Shavuos ends at 9:16 pm on Tuesday night, Blanche will be coming in around 11:00 pm or the next morning.

Good Shabbos, Chag Sameach, Happy Shavuot We’ll talk…

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