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Here’s What the Greeks Really Want to Say to the World: We Feel Like Putting An ‘Out of

Where does finishing a project ahead of schedule make the front pages of the papers and lead off the news? Why in la belle province of Quebec where such things are of historic proportions and virtually never happen in our lifetime.

Things here are so provincial and so corrupt here that finishing repairs early is an anomaly. Something is very wrong with this picture. We suggest that the office de la langue francais do a serious inspection where those repairs took place and make sure that no English was inadvertently used during the construction. Hey, at least it would keep them busy with something other than harassing people who just want to make a living.

So Muhammad got hold of a rapid fire automatic weapon, woke up this morning and decided to go kill some American Marines in Chattanooga, under the guise of the ‘peaceful’ religion of islam, all of  which he did successfully. We are beginning to think that it’s almost too late for the US to bring in any kind of gun control as there must be so many illegal weapons that anyone can get anything from anyone.

What a coincidence that this takes place on the day that another man, who shot and killed people sitting a watching a movie in a theater was found guilty on all counts of murder.

One thing we are learning from all of this: the grass is not really greener anywhere else. We may have the loser office de la langue francais but at least we still live in a relatively peaceful society, where the gun culture has not yet permeated our society. Imagine, just imagine, how great this place would be without that handful of pea-brained, ignoramuses who call themselves separatists.

Although we never went to university for an economics degree, we do have some common sense. And here’s what we came up with: Greece will never pay its debt back. They just owe too much money. They will either go bankrupt or just never come up with the money. Yes Blanche, that’s what will happen after all the talks in Vienna, the useless yes or no referendum, the flipping back and forth of their socialist Prime Minister, the closure of the banks etc, zero money and the zero economic growth.

Honestly, does Angela Merkel really think that by forcing the Greeks to jump as high as she says they will change their ways? Their mindsets are polar opposites. It could be that Germany is the one of the only countries in Europe that does not close for the whole month of August. For sure the Italians and Greeks do. And that’s when the Greek people will sit and contemplate life…on the beach…with a nice glass of ouzo…under the umbrella listening to the waves hit the shore.

If have nothing to worry about, Blanche has something for you. Does anyone out there own a weather radio? Ah, you ask yourself, what’s that?

Well, just like smoke detectors detect smoke, weather radios detect weather. It seems that when bad weather is heading your way, an alarm goes off on the radio and wakes you up in the middle of the night. Now for us ‘folks’ in the north, nothing happens to us if we wake up in the morning to a foot of snow. But, if you live say in Oklahoma or anywhere in tornado alley and you go to sleep, chances are if a tornado hits in the middle of the night you’ll wind up with Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, minus the red sparkly shoes.

Transmitting from more than 1,000 antennas across the United States and its territories, each National Weather Service office operates its own radio station that sends out updated weather information on a constant loop, interrupting regular programming when they issue an urgent alert like a severe weather watch or warning.They sell between $25 and $40, most likely online. Blanche, you’re such a public service helper.

Seems disgraced bike rider Lance Armstrong is testing the waters to see if he would be accepted again in the Tour de France circles. He got his answer today. A loud, resounding no. Riders were incensed that he took away the limelight from those who ride honestly and drug-free. Some people need to have their egos deflated.

Good Shabbos,

We’ll talk…

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