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Anthony Housefather made the front page of the National Post. Most of the time this would be a good thing. Not so this time.

He was crying that he warned Diversity Minister Ahmed Hussen that Laith Marouf who was given $133,000 to run an anti-racism project was in fact an anti-Semite. Housefather said he contacted the minister repeatedly, persistently and aggressively trying to alert him to what was going to happen.

Can we talk here? Seriously talk? What part of this does Housefather not get? That the liberal party never vetted Marouf and in fact almost never does their homework? That Justin is full of it when it comes to racism, women, indigenous people and the climate? That he doesn't care about anything but Justin and what makes him look good? Or that absolutely no one is accountable in that government.

An anti-racism project - which in and of itself is less than useless - looked good on paper to Justin because he thought it would make him shine. Surprise! It didn't.

So here's the question for Anthony: Instead of whining to the National Post that nobody listened to you, when are you going to figure out that Justin and the rest of your party is unable to run anything, least of all the country, because it appears everyone from the top down is incompetent. It's long past time to wake up and smell the coffee Anthony.

And speaking of Justin did you hear that Justin met with the Chancellor of Germany Olaf Scholz. Not that we are overly fond of the germans, but when your prime minister becomes a major embarrassment, it's time to sit up and take notice.

It's no secret that the war in Ukraine is causing havoc in Europe. Stupidly, they put most of their gas eggs in the Russian basket and now who wants to buy gas from Russia? Winter is rapidly approaching and Europeans, including the germans, are worried.

So Scholz came to Canada - one of the biggest gas producers - for help in obtaining said gas. Blanche, did you know that Canada ranks 15th in the world for proven natural gas reserves, and is the planet’s fifth largest producer of natural gas. The problem is infrastructure.

There is not one gas export terminal in Canada. Every single liter of natural gas that Canada manages to export all goes to the United States via pipeline. Now ask why.

Because Justin is afraid that gas terminals would increase greenhouse gas emissions. So where did Justin take the chancellor? To Stephenville Newfoundland where there is a proposed site of a wind-to-hydrogen facility. Do you think the germans care about wind?

Wait. The wind project hasn’t obtained regulatory approval and it’s still not entirely clear whether it will go forward. You simply cannot make this stuff up.

Of late, we've heard, from reliable sources, that Lisa Laflamme didn't have the best reputation off air. Given that, she made the Washington Post this week due to her very public and very ugly dismissal.

“Does she or doesn’t she? Only her hairdresser knows for sure.” Remember that Clairol commercial? Probably not because it aired in 1956.

Here's the very bad news for Bell Media. No matter what reputation Laflamme had off the air, she was the national nightly news anchor for 35 years and was replaced by a 39 year old muslim, as we said not too white and not too dark. And clearly not too old and for sure not too grey.

Why is it when men begin to go grey they become 'elder statesmen' but when women choose to go grey they become old with an expiration date.

Lisa Laflamme's boss, the one who fired her, Michael Melling must be kicking himself. He's a very white, extremely private 45 year-old christian man who made the decision that Laflamme's hair made her look too old for the job. Our guess is that he is going to become the bigger liability for Bell Media.

In the very-very-weird-department, two sets of identical twins married each other. Ok. So far so good. It gets very odd when they decided to all live together. Seriously? We won't bother to 'splain this. Ich.

Looking for a job working in the post office? Maybe as a supervisor? Don't bother applying if you are white. Indigenous? They are looking for you with candles.

Think we're kidding? The top line says all candidates will be considered however preference will be given to Indigenous peoples.

Can we talk? Canada Post is a Crown corporation owned by the federal government. Which means your taxes pay the salaries of those hired in the post office.

If you are white and have much better qualifications for the job, don't even bother applying. This is the woke culture at its finest, led here by Justin and his cohorts, fully engaged in self-absorbing, feel-good, self-involved behavior. It never worked and it won't work here either.

And one more very interesting thing about this: We have a shtikel obsession with lipsticks. Maybe we should have been a painter as we love color. But we digress. This was told to us by one of the makeup artists we have befriended while buying yet another pink lipstick (always a slightly different shade:))):

She has a male friend who was a makeup artist. During covid when the stores were closed, he applied for a job in the passport office and got it. Most people working for the government get short-term contracts as they don't want to have to give benefits.

This guy went to renew his contract and the woman in HR - that would be Human Relations in a government office told him that if he ticked off that he was gay - punkt - he would get a longer contract. Turns out he actually was gay, although doesn't look it - and ticked off the little box. Bob's your uncle - he got a longer contract.

The woman in HR had zero idea about his work ethic. What mattered was that he was a minority. This is now how people are hired? By their exterior appearance? Actually, it fits well with Justin because frankly, that's all he cares about. Between his ears is air.

Anthony - this is the party you belong to? Do you even know this happens? It is simply shameful.

Can someone please explain why the Montreal Gazette is still putting covid headlines on the front page, top of the fold no less?

Are there no reporters left to search out real news? Or are they trying to keep covid going so as not to have to write about anything worthwhile? It's enough. Stop.

It's also enough with the ArriveCan app, the random testing at airports and the most annoying of all - wearing masks only on Canadian flights. Allowing Justin to get away with all of these edicts makes us all look like sleeping sheep.

Did you know you that as a Canadian you are allowed back into your country whether or not you fill out ArriveCan? Let's bet that people are avoiding flying here due to all of the above plus our incompetent airports - still top of the heap in delays and lost luggage.

As always, Justin and his brainwaves are untouched by any edicts they impose upon you. No skin in the game.

Biden's newest plan - to bail out people with student loans by making taxpayers pay for them - is going to seriously bite him back hard. It appears he wants to be Robin Hood. Take from the rich to give back to the poor. Problem is, his version of rich is far from reality.

Imagine you went to university and finally just paid off all your debt. It took you ten years to do so. Now you are going to pay for someone else's student debt? You're starting all over again?

We are very far from being an economist to put it mildly, but does it make sense to tax the public to pay for someone else's debt? How about getting everyone to pay for people's medical expenses? That's what really bankrupts people.

The democrats are quickly - not slowly - killing the US economy and nobody is home to stop them.

In the lost and found department, dozens of citizens in Baltimore just received their mail-in ballots for the 2020 election — two years too late.

USPS confirmed this week that it “discovered” a tray of the mail-in ballots earlier this month and that the blank ballots were finally delivered on August 6.

Can we talk? Nobody in that post office ever saw trays of unsent ballots? They are very clearly marked. Unless of course they are all illiterate.

You may despise Trump, which many who read Blanche do, but we are guessing that this is the tip of the iceberg in terms of missing ballots. Was the election a fraud? It's beginning to smell that way.

And one more thing. The people who 'lost' those ballots must be related to the stupid Watergate burglars who bungled that job royally, resulting in Nixon's resignation.

In case you didn't get the extra blog, there is a correction regarding Yom Kippur. It actually begins on Tuesday night October 4. So you will be able to vote on October 3 and see the results - whatever they are. Thanks to all our faithful readers who pointed this out.

Good Shabbos

We'll talk...

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