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Hillary’s Blame Game

So there are Canadians who were trapped on islands that bore the brunt of hurricane Irma. No food, no water and no shelter. Seriously Blanche? Didn’t they hear that the ‘big one’ was coming? Yes they did but they thought, hey, we’ll go anyway because we don’t want to lose our money. What? They would rather lose their lives? Geniuses are born every day.

Said Canadians were then complaining loudly that the Canadian government was slow to come and get them. Here’s the deal dudes: You want the Canadian government to rescue you? Fork it over. Why do the rest of Canadian taxpayers have to pay for your stupidity? Be happy you got rescued altogether. It would also be nice for you to take out a full page ad and thank the rest of the country.

Sounds like Premier Couillard is getting the message – well, at least it went in one ear. He fired his chief of staff and replaced him with the second in command in that office.

Unfortunately, Barrette is still there, arrogance and all. Until he goes, Couillard is still living in some kind of alternate world where he thinks he can win the next election.

Watch out for the new and upcoming potential NDP leader Jagmeet Singh. In case you didn’t know, he was the only member of the Ontario legislature to speak out against a provincial vote to condemn the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS)movement.

He then went on a trip to Israel with the Centre for Jewish and Israel Affairs. In the end, he’s still a snake as he wants to play both sides: He wants average NDP members to think he’s opposed to Israeli violence and supportive of Palestinian solidarity activism. Simultaneously he wants to signal to CIJA and Israeli officials that he’ll play ball.

So here’s the deal: If he wins the leadership race it’s good for the Conservative party as he will split the vote between the NDP and Liberals and poof! Scheer can come up the middle and win.

We don’t want to harp on Hillary, but honestly, she’s making such a fool of herself that it is becoming embarrassing.

She’s now blaming Zaidy Bernie for her loss saying that his reluctance to concede the presidential nomination before the party’s convention was disrespectful and hurtful. We are now 100% certain that she lives in a bubble. Like that was going to make her win.

Incidentally, he never could have done that as he had so many followers they would have revolted because they were revolted by Hillary. It was bad enough he had to get up at that convention and make a speech where they booed every time her name was mentioned. Imagine if he had conceded?

And one more thing. If the democratic party thinks she’s going to ride off on her horse into the sunset they best think again. Here’s what she said at a recent interview: “I have the experience, I have the insight, I have the scars that I think give me not only the right, but the responsibility to speak out.” Blanche, go get the big barf bag.

The iPhone 10 was presented today. One of the new features is that there is no home button on the main screen. It opens with face recognition. That’s fine unless you meet your doppelgänger aka your double.

Somewhere there’s someone who looks exactly like you. Also, there are other people who look somewhat like you. The bottom line is that people are a bit nervous that others will be able to open their phone. Of course Apple thought of everything and said that the chances of a random person using their face to enter your phone is about one in a million.

The phone does not come cheap. It’s $999 aka well over $1000 after taxes and set-up charges. Don’t worry. Come November 3 when it will be released, the line-ups will be around the block wherever there’s an Apple store.

Blanche, did you know that Florida has about 900,000 mobile homes? You can guess that they didn’t survive Irma. In fact, some of those mobile homes must have moved to another town without the advantage of being towed. The wind just picked them up and flew them somewhere.

FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) is now saying that they will be giving people mobile homes to place on the front lawns of what is left of their homes until they are rebuilt.

If you are looking to go into a business, may we suggest you start building mobile homes? They are going to be in high demand for a very long time.

Ever hear of Hope Hicks? Google her. She’s for fainting and she’s now the new communications director for Donald Trump. Like Melania and Ivana Trump, Hicks used to be a model. In fact, at 28 years old, she could still be one.

Here are her credentials: Former director of strategic communications Was one of the first staffers to join Mr Trump’s 2016 campaign Served as Mr Trump’s press secretary and handled media requests during his campaign Worked as a publicist for Ivanka Trump’s fashion label

Blanche, you are not nice. So what that she’s drop dead gorgeous. She can still be his communications director and be good at it. Anyway, she’s a lot nicer to look at then that Sean Spicer dude.

We’ll talk…

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