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Hillaryland and the Reality Pill

Every time either Obama or one of his missives make a statement it’s cringe time.

Yesterday one of his missives said on a program called Morning Joe that what ails the islamic terrorists in the Middle East is lack of jobs and boredom. No joke. The person who said this was a blonde, pretty and blue-eyed very young woman sitting safely in a studio in New York or Washington. To make such a statement, it is obvious that she does not have even a hint of a clue what is going on in the world.

Today Obama jumped into the fray after his no doubt restful golf vacation. Muslim extremists are burning and beheading victims in the name of Islam, yet Obama delivered a major speech Wednesday on combating violent extremism — while refusing to use the words ‘Muslim terrorists.’ “No religion is responsible for terrorism — people are responsible for violence and terrorism.”

Eventually the United States will have to get involved in this war. In fact, most of the free countries in the world will have to take part. Pretending that the muslim religion does not produce extremists and terrorists makes him look like a doofus. If the president of the United States of America can’t understand the issue, Blanche, time to go git the survival stuff out in the garage. Ya know the tuna, water, corn bits, frozen squirrel brains – what Blanche? Obama ate the squirrel brains? Well howdayado. That answers a lotta the problem. Hehehehehe.

This whole Greece and Euro business is causing us roll our eyes to the back of our head. It’s complicated and not for the faint of heart. Given that, we will try to explain what is transpiring.

Today, Germany rejected a Greek proposal for a six-month extension to its euro zone loan agreement on Thursday, saying it was “not a substantial solution” because it did not commit Athens to stick to the conditions of its international bailout. Germany could do this because they are the biggest creditor and EU paymaster. The main question is what happens if Greece defaults.

If they do default, they could reach €287bn if all forms of debt are included with Germany as the biggest creditor. Plus the people in Mrs. Merkel’s country would discover instantly that a large sum of money (a few hundred billion) was committed without their knowledge and without a vote in their parliament.

To simplify matters and allow you to rest your head, it is unlikely that Germany will allow Greece to leave the European union and the Euro. Greece knows that and are basically calling their bluff. Next week is the telling one. Stay tuned.

Walmart is looking like a corporate hero today as they are giving 40% of their employees a raise. Whoopdeedoo. Calm down, they had no choice. The company is smart enough to see that the ongoing protest campaign against it by its own poor employees demanding a living wage will not end.

Perhaps the fact that a lot of poor people stood outside the home of Alice Walton, Mrs. Walmart heir to the throne and worth a cool $35 billion had something to do with it.

What Blanche, you want to know where she lives? Ok. 515 Park Avenue in a three-tiered apartment building at 60th St. in midtown Manhattan. Mrs. Walmart purchased the 30th and 31st floors of the building earlier this summer for $25 million. It’s a bit misleading to call it her house—her primary home is a ranch in Texas, where she breeds horses. This duplex is just a place she pops into from time to time, to avoid the hassle of luxury hotels.

Ya think she cares about the little peeps?

The story of the fifteen-year old girl who was stripped searched by the principal and a teacher is mind-boggling. What is even more mind-boggling is that the genius education minister said that the staff at the school was following da law la. Wait it gets better.

Today our Premier, Mr. Couillard said that ‘Having students strip naked over the course of a search is “out of the question”. Ya think he spoke to his brilliant education minister? Now that’s an oxymoron. Couillard later sent a memo to all of his ministers about shooting their mouths off to the media. A bit late dude. How about this? The education minister should have said I have get all the facts before I can make a judgement on this. Uh oh. Hillary and Bill are heading for a heap of trouble. A Wall Street Journal review of donations to the Clinton Foundation in 2014 showed the charity received money from the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Oman and Canada’s foreign affairs department, which is promoting the Keystone XL pipeline. Seems the Clintons see nothing wrong with anyone donating to them. After all, everyone gets a tax receipt.

This is not sitting well with many people. The author of a sizzling article in the Washington Post wrote: “…One marvels at the insularity in Hillaryland, where no one ever thought this was a problem and no one presumably has the nerve to tell her this is untenable.” Ouch.

Looks like they may get stuck with her running for president while giving the other party tons of ammunition in advance. Someone in that little inner circle needs to take a reality pill.

Blanche hit a milestone tonight. 500 subscribers. Thanks to everyone who reads her musings, comments and/or forwards them. Good Shabbos, We’ll talk…

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