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It's official. Francois Legault can now be crowned a czar, dictator, autocrat - take your pick. We will stick with czar legault. What he really wants is to be the king of la belle province for life, but as we don't have a monarchy, that's out of the question.

Wait. He could change the law to create a monarchy. He changed every other law he wants at will. Then he could invoke the notwithstanding clause so nobody can go up against that law and bingo! he's king for life. But we digress.

In a caq convention this past weekend, the czar legault got - get this one - a 98.61 per cent in a vote of confidence. The only other 'leaders' who get 98.61% approval ratings from their parties are Fidel Castro, Kim Jong Un and Vladimir Putin. Quite the group to be associated with.

Does the man not know what a total buffoon he looks like?

Blanche, as Fox News, is fair and balanced. When someone needs a smack, they get it. When they deserve a standing ovation, they also get it.

We are referring to Anthony Housefather, the one and only Liberal in Justin's government who refused to vote for Bill C13. Three hundred and eleven MPs voted in favour, including MP's in ridings with many Anglophones.

The main issue that rendered it impossible for Anthony to vote for the bill was the notwithstanding clause used by the czar legault and his government preemptively. In other words, legault overrode the Canadian Constitution and Justin did nothing about it.

Oh wait. He did something. He encouraged it.

Peeps - you should also know that Poilievre also threw the anglos under the bus.

The Conservative Party proposed over 30 amendments to add references to the Charter of the French Language and wanted it to apply federally. And...Poilievre supports the preemptive use of the notwithstanding clause.

What's with him? He still needs Quebec to win a federal election. We are guessing that he's putting all his eggs in the french basket and leaving the anglos in the 'deplorable' one.

Justin? He has long overstayed his welcome. Poilievre? He doesn't give a rats about us. We are in the same boat as the US with nobody to vote for.

If you had any dreams about the United Nations being anything other than a mouthpiece for arabs and other Jew-hating countries, we are going to burst your bubble once and for all.

Imagine that the Israeli Ambassador had to tell the other UN envoys to not attend an event yesterday at the General Assembly marking the Nakba, the Palestinian term for the “catastrophe” of Israel’s establishment.

We will repeat part of that sentence: Nakba - the palestinian term for the catastrophe of Israel's establishment is a sanctioned, official day at the UN.

That building needs to be emptied out tomorrow morning and turned into free housing for immigrants from Venezula, Mexico and anywhere else they are coming from. That would solve two problems: The UN would disappear and the immigrants would have a permanent home.

The United Nations is absolutely a house of lies.

Well that was a bust. In their never-ending attempt to 'get' Donald Trump in the Russia scandal, his detractors are now having to eat their words to say the least.

The long-awaited 2016 Trump-Russia investigation report from special counsel John Durham exonerates the former president and points an ugly finger at the FBI.

Turns out the FBI had no evidence to support a Trump-Russia scandal when it began its investigation. As well, it was pointed out that there were “sobering” differences in how it approached the Trump probe compared to other politically sensitive investigations. Really? What a surprise. Not.

Jake Tapper of CNN is called 'patient zero' in collusion of this hoax back in 2017. It was Tapper who kicked off the hysteria with his "reporting" on Comey's bogus meeting to set-up Trump using the dossier, which fueled the hoax for years.

Could this be one of the reasons that CNN is now behind NewsMax in places people go to hear the 'news'?

If Rudy Guiliani did half of what the woman hired to handle business development for his firm did, he's a gross pig.

We are not going to list what he did. It's just too crude.

What we don't understand is why this woman stayed with him. We're not blaming her, but seriously? If someone is treating you like chattel, it's time to go. No matter how much money he's paying you.

We never loved Martha Stewart but these days, she's really being a pill.

She's 81 years old and clearly is trying to make herself look decades younger. That's well and good. Do as much cosmetic surgery as you want. It's a free world.

However...she's one of the poster women on the swimsuit edition of Sports Illustrated. Can we talk?

If you put a picture of what Martha Stewart looked like 20 years ago and a picture of what she looks like now - well, it's not the same face. Rich or poor, it's good to have money and she has lots of it.

What we don't get is this: What's the point of flaunting yourself on the cover of a magazine, in a bathing suit at 81 years old? All she's doing is showing the world how much surgery and other stuff she has done to her face and body. Good for you.

We prefer Iris Apfel who at 101 is embracing who she is in an elegant, refined and dignified manner. Martha Stewart would do well to take some lessons from her instead of trying to compete with 20 year olds. She's making herself look like an old fool.

We'll talk...

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