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It’s not the first time we watched c-span and question period in Canada’s parliament. It is the first time that we watched the roll call with 90% of the MP’s on zoom. Can we talk? It’s like watching the grass grow or the paint dry.

By now everyone knows there will not be an election. We’re pretty sure Justin would have preferred one as he would not have had to answer to the ethics commission yet again, nor present a real budget to Canadians as to how we are all – yes we are all – going to pay for all the money given out in the past seven months.

Given that, we were a bit unhappy with the wording used by the conservative party regarding said commission. They used the words anti-corruption which were, frankly, unnecessary.

Justin has to make himself available to answer very uncomfortable questions about his wife, mother, brother and any other relatives who clearly benefited from the various WE charities. So anti-corruption may be correct terminology here, but it set off alarm bells.

We are venturing a guess that Erin O’Toole – who is doing a superb job, still  needs a couple of months more under his belt before going into an election campaign. He needs to get his ducks in a row. Jagmeet Singh is in much worse shape as the NDP party doesn’t have much money and even less candidates for their ridings. Plus Singh doesn’t give off the appearance of a leader, as O’Toole does. All in all, a spring election is much better for everyone.

Tonight is the second debate between Trump and Biden. Mercifully, there will be a kill-switch on both microphones so we won’t have to decipher what two people are saying at the same time. We also hope that the moderator is both prepared and fair. Kristen Welker, of NBC fame, was handed the very daunting enough task of keeping the debate on track. She certainly fits the bill – she’s a woman, her father was a native American and her mother black (that’s perfect for the democrats) and she went to Harvard which means she must be very smart, although she may have gotten in due to affirmative action. Guess we’ll find out tonight.

Clearly, Montreal’s mayor Valerie Plante has had what can only be described as a wake-up call. She has now offered free parking to people who choose to shop in stores located on streets rather than malls. She suddenly freed up 18,000 parking spaces and is allowing stores to stay open until 10:00 pm. While her gesture is very grand, she’s full of it. We’re coming to winter when bicycle lanes are not needed. So from April until November she kills the merchants by putting bike lanes on both sides of the street so no one can park and then she offers them free parking.

Blanche, ya think her handlers read her the riot act? Let’s guess. Yes. However, while they may have finally gotten through to her, it was well after she gave us all the middle finger – with that idiot grin for a very long time.

Does anyone care that the town of Asbestos is trying to change its name? We didn’t think so. It’s very hard to believe anything you are reading about the American election. And when we say anything, we mean anything. From anywhere. Be careful. The stakes are as high as they get and other countries have a serious investment in the outcome.

Case in point is a letter people received in the US saying that if they voted for Trump they better have a good insurance policy. Scary and most likely coming from another country. And even if you want to believe it, this is not endorsed by Trump.

Can someone please answer this question: The numbers of people contacting the coronavirus in Quebec has not gone down in almost the month that we have had almost a total lockdown. They have remained the same. So we ask: What’s the point of closing restaurants, not allowing people to have guests in their homes, closing down gyms if it’s not making any difference? Don’t say that the numbers would be higher if the restaurants had remained open. Most places did draconian measures to distance people.

The Quebec government has no end game, are not owning up to the fact that orderlies are still going from one senior home to another, as are by the way, gym teachers going from one school to another.

Our guess is that the Quebec government needs to save face as they screwed up the handling of the pandemic from the get-go. They have no choice now but to keep our partial lockdown going for another month. Otherwise, they will look like the total incompetents they are.

As for halloween, screw it. We’ll be scrooge and say that if no one can have guests in their homes and restaurants have to stay closed, which may kill many of them, then no one gets to do what they want, including the little darlings who ask for candy under the guise of halloween. Let their parents go buy them a chocolate bar and call it a day.

Anybody wonder why Obama has only spoken out for Biden less than 2 weeks before the election? Or why he is not being seen with him? Obama stood on stage with Hillary quite a few times. Just saying.

And one more thing about the pandemic in Quebec. The government leaders are complaining that young adults and teens are not following the rules. Did it ever occur to them to try to talk to them? In their language, in their space? Like Tik-Tok, Snapchat and Instagram?

You can be very sure they are not listening to the news conference at 1:00 pm in the afternoon.

Good Shabbos, We’ll talk…

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