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Well look at that. Emperor legault has covid. Mask, mask, mask, mask and you get in anyway. 

Which begs the question why are we waiting another two weeks to take off our masks? Like things will be different in two weeks? If we are vaccinated and/or had covid, masks should be gone. And if you are afraid, then continue to wear a mask and  leave the rest of us alone.  We wondered what Justin had in mind, back in Europe again within a month, thinking himself an international politician. He’s going to save Ukraine? Things did not go exactly according to his plan, to say the very least. In fact, he is now a royal Canadian embarrassment, socks and all. 

During his speech, which almost no one attended, Justin the genius tried to say that the freedom truck convoy was a threat to democracy. He stupidly and arrogantly opened the door to what many were saying here in Canada. Our civil liberties were trampled upon.

When Croatian MP Mislav Kolakusic spoke, he turned to Trudeau and called his actions in crushing the Ottawa protest “dictatorship of the worst kind”. Justin sat quietly and listened as the MP from Croatia informed him many Europeans watched as he “trampled women with horses,” and blocked “the bank accounts of single parents.”

That was tame compared to what the German member of Parliament Christine Anderson said to him no less at this European Parliament: “You are a disgrace to democracy. Please spare us your presence.” Now that’s a good one.

We’re not done yet. Romanian MEP Christian Terhes outright refused to attend Trudeau’s speech. Instead, she posted a long, long tongue-lashing to Trudeau on social media.

And the final straw was his position in the picture taken of the EU and Nato leaders. Justin was in the second row at the extreme left as though they didn’t even want him in the picture.

Justin is and has always been, as we have been saying here for years, completely and totally out of his league. And, he does have air between his ears because he thought that no one was watching him hide from the truckers for ten days. He fooled no one but himself.

Obama, Hillary, Psaki – hysterical democratic, liberal, keep-those-masks-on-forever people – all just tested positive for covid. The chances that Biden doesn’t get it are in the nil department and he’s on his way to try to save the world in Brussels.

Can we talk? People are going to get this virus. Vaccinated, mask-wearing, staying-away-from- crowds, hiding-in-their-apartment, not-getting-into-an-elevator-with-someone-else people. Even people who are afraid to travel and still  run to their ‘safe’ cottages in the wilderness. Those getting it are not that sick anymore. Yes, there are the few that will get very ill, but they are less and less.

So why, pray tell, are Justin and Biden keeping those asinine border restrictions? It’s enough. Move on. Let people live. Let people go on with their lives without those idiotic rapid antigen tests, which, if you want the acronym is RAT. And ain’t that perfect.

And speaking of it’s enough, Quebec’s public health director Luc Boileau is still not sure if Quebec is entering its sixth wave. Come on. If over 90% of the population is vaccinated, what the hell is the problem here? And how long are they going to count the waves? Seriously?

This genius Boileau wants emperor legault to continue the mask mandate after April 15. When we get a hailstorm in July is when the emperor will do that because he knows very well that the population is done, done, done with masks and other mandates.

Oh yes. And there’s an election on October 3. You can bet any money that the emperor is watching those polls like a hawk and knows very well that if he backtracks on taking off masks April 15, he’s going to drop in the polls like a stone.

This next piece is near and dear to our hearts. Let’s start with this: Not everyone is size 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 or even 14. There are tens of millions of people who are plus size, which in and of itself is a misnomer. Plus what size? Plus the size the magazines say? But we digress. A ‘plus size’ model was on a Delta flight and the seatbelt could not close. She had to call the flight attendant and request a seatbelt extender. That should never ever happen. It is degrading. She then proceeded to post to her over 2 million followers the following: Delta, figure it out.

And she is correct. In the extreme greed of the airlines to squeeze as many people onto a plane as his humanly impossible (no, we didn’t make a mistake) they had to make the seats smaller. So large people, tall people, people with physical issues pay top dollar for a ticket and seat on the plane only to sit in an uncomfortable seat for hours.

As of now, no one has had the kahoonas to deal with this issue until now. We take our hat off to Remi Bader. Good for you. And more people should be calling out the airlines for their disgusting treatment of passengers.

Good Shabbos We’ll talk…

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