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Anyone see the picture of Justin on the front page of the National Post at the G7 conference? Aside from his look-at-me socks, his hair color is a shtikel (tad) too dark. Or, maybe he ‘farbed’ (dyed) his hair just before going to the G7 conference and the dye stayed on his scalp.

Either way, his hair looks unnaturally dark. Someone should take him aside and tell him to get a grip – he’s going to age and he may as well do it gracefully or he will wind up looking like Joan Rivers who tried everything known to man to try to look younger than her years. It didn’t work.

Now that we have this superficial item off the table, we can discuss Justin’s call to Jenica Atwin of the Green Party. You remember…she’s the one who said that she stood with Palestine and maintained there were “no two sides to this conflict, only human rights abuses” by Israel, which she accused of pursuing a policy of apartheid.

We were led to believe that she crossed the floor of parliament to join the Liberals of her own accord. Not true. The liberals reached out to her.

She said, and we quote: “I know I’m going to a place where I’m not alone in how I feel about this issue…” Oh really?

Does that mean the liberals headed by Justin Trudeau feel that Israel is an apartheid country and the aggressor for trying to stay alive?

She did offer an apology which was less than meaningless. She said her words were intended to “send strength and love” to people in need of support and she’s making it clear that applies not only to Palestinians. Sorry, that’s not a retraction. That’s trying to take the heat off yourself.

Now the big elephant in the room: Where is the Jewish member of parliament for Mount Royal Anthony Housefather? When contacted he said that Justin was too busy at the G7 to comment on this story. We responded that guess what? The internet works in England. Does he even know if Justin endorses Atwin’s views?

To be fair, he did say that her ‘position on Israel being an Apartheid state is antisemitic and is not acceptable for an MP in our party’. That’s good and well to say in the confines of parliament. How about saying that out loud where the little peeps, especially his Jewish constituents can actually hear him?

We will end this piece with a quote from the Washington Post thanks to Rex Murphy:

“Green Party MP abandons party because its leader is not anti-Israel enough. It’s weird that the Liberals would want her, though.”

Justin is all in for muslims and people of color. Jews? His actions are speaking loud and clear.

Blanche, can we talk? Montreal is having a mayoral election in November. So far in the running are Valerie Plante, Denis Coderre and Bolerama Holness. You may not have heard of the last guy. He’s an activist and a seemingly half-normal person. Until now. If you want to know how to kill your chances almost before your campaign gets off the ground, this guy figured it out.

Yes, any publicity is good publicity, or so goes the adage. The problem is, after the initial publicity people actually look at why you made the papers and other media. Holness said he would defund the police or in his words, cut the police budget. Where has he been living the past few months? In lala land? Has he not read about any US cities who have done this, New York would be a good example, where the crime rate has skyrocketed after ‘defunding’? FYI – Di Blasio has refunded the police.

He just made the ballot in November one person shorter.

Remember last winter when Texas had a meltdown of the entire electrical grid? That little ‘incident’ is one of the reasons there are severe shortages in many industries. Well, it may happen again. This next part may be a bit tedious, but we suggest you read it so you will understand why you may experience many more shortages.

…ERCOT predicted a peak demand load on its system of 73,000 megawatts. …As of this past Monday, 12,178 megawatts of the grid’s 86,862 megawatts of generating capacity was offline. …That leaves a razor-thin margin of reserve capacity of about 2,000 megawatts. …One megawatt usually powers about 200 homes on a summer day.

Here’s the problem: Temperatures topped 100 degrees in much of Texas on Monday. In April, when the temperatures were only 60 degrees, ERCOT had to issue a conservation alert. They are now asking people to keep their homes at 78. That’s hot if the outside temperature is over 100.

Something is very wrong with the Texas electrical system and we are all going to pay the price when everything hits the fan and shuts down again. From the looks of things, Texans will be able to tell us which is worse – a prolonged power failure in winter or summer.

We left the most infuriating piece for the end. We speak of the never-ending closure of the US-Canada border by car.

No one has yet answered our question: If we have had two vaccines and had covid, why are we being punished? Why is Justin Trudeau who calls himself our prime minister, not responding to questions about this?

Why is he not opening the border?

For votes? Because he doesn’t have enough ‘scientific’ information? Because his chief doctor Theresa Tam is a moron and can’t find her way off a chart?

Because of the variants that have never shown up?

Why are Canadians not pummeling their MP’s with emails asking the border to open?

Here ya go: Anthony Housefather – why is the border not open? Why should I have taken two vaccines if I get nothing for following directives except never-ending punishments?

Told you it was infuriating. As are our less than useless elected politicians whose salaries we pay.

We’ll Talk…

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