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We are guessing that Theresa Tam would not approve of what former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said recently. He is suggesting that no country let anyone from China into their country.

It appears that about 1 million Chinese people are infected with different variants of covid and are traveling around the world. In other words, according to Pompeo, they are doing it again, potentially infecting the entire world.

China has not given anyone any data on the disease, will not share any information on numbers of people sick nor what they have, and their zero-covid policy was a complete failure.

We are in agreement with Pompeo. No flights - nothing from China should be allowed anywhere until they fess up and share what they know. And if Theresa Tam thinks this is racist as she did the first time around, she should go to China and extricate the information for the rest of the world.

Of late we have been reading a biography of Eleanor Roosevelt. One of her accomplishments was helping create a manifesto for the United Nations. There is no doubt she is turning in here grave from what is going on there.

We invite you to meet the new U.N. Human Rights Council. Members now include: Cuba, Qatar, China, Sudan, Eritrea, Algeria, Somalia, Vietnam, Pakistan, Kazakhstan, Bangladesh.

Of that list, 70% are not democracies. We are guessing this is not what Mrs. Roosevelt had in mind for this organization which turned out to be one of the biggest, most expensive farces known to man.

Kevin McCarthy is looking to replace Nancy Pelosi as speaker of the House. Unfortunately for him, he has lost 3 ballots. He gets one more kick at the can and then Hakeem Jeffries could become speaker. It is to be noted that his own republican party that is voting against him as well as the democrats.

Jeffries would become the first black Speaker of the House, second in line to the presidency and one of the most influential roles in American politics. Despite his name of Hakeem, Jeffries is not of Arabic descent. He's a christian American whose parents clearly didn't understand the importance of a name. We'll do a deeper dive into this dude should he actually win the speaker chair.

Digressing for a moment, many people simply don't understand the value of a name. Sky, Sun, Tuesday, Alaska or maybe Gretel are some of the more ridiculous names we found. While your child may not become speaker of the house, they may actually go on to be a lawyer or accountant and Alaska Schwartz is a shtikel strange.

Here's a good one. Guess where Justin went on vacation? Jamaica. Now guess which country has a curfew due to gang violence? Exactly. Jamaica.

In effect until Jan. 11, the state of emergency allows authorities to conduct arrests and search buildings without warrants. The kicker: The Government of Canada is urging Canadians to "exercise a high degree of caution" while in Jamaica.

We couldn't make this stuff up if we tried.

In the most-useless-secretary-of-a department, Pete Buttigieg tsk tsked Southwest Airlines for their epic meltdown during the holiday travel period.

He reiterated yet again, that the Texas-based airline must work harder to ensure that meal vouchers, hotel stays and ground transportation are in place in an emergency “because this is the airline’s responsibility.” Really? Could have fooled us.

We forgot that Southwest had the same meltdown in October of 2021. This current meltdown had nothing to do with the weather and everything to do with outdated technology which they promised to fix at that time.

Buttigieg is asleep at the wheel. His credentials for being head of transportation in the US - which includes air, rail and boats - is that he's the first gay dude to hold this post and he has two kids with his husband. Competency played zero role in his appointment. And now, as per Paul Harvey, you know the rest of the story.

We are an NFL (national football) fan. We watch the games always remarking on how those guys get tackled and jump up like they were hit by a feather. Last night's game was very different.

What appeared to be a regular tackle resulted in a player going into cardiac arrest. As of this writing, nobody knows the cause of what happened. The truth is, if something is going to happen to you, a football game is where you will get treated in an instant. In fact, it took 3 seconds for the doctors to start CPR on this young man.

G-d willing he will come out of this unscathed. The game was cancelled which was a first for the NFL. The players simply could not continue. Peeps - remember the bigger picture.

We'll talk...

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