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Is No One Home In Toronto to Take on In-Your-Face Anti-Semites?

Two days ago, Canada voted with North Korea and Arab countries against Israel in the United Nations. Canada voted on a UN resolution with these countries in support of Palestinian Arabs’ right to self-determination. Before Tuesday, Canada had declined to support substantially the same resolution through 14 consecutive votes since former Prime Minister Stephen Harper came to power in 2006. Alas, Justin is still our spineless prime minister and no one should be surprised.

Two people are going to be called out on this one: the first is our illustrious Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. You know why he voted with North Korea and other arab countries? Because Canada is vying for a seat at the United Nations Security Council. So to do that, Justin sold his soul to the devil and in doing so, sold his country – that would be us – along with his ambitions which will amount to nothing anyway.

The other person called out on this is Anthony Housefather, the Jewish MP from the Mount Royal Riding who, while campaigning, sang his heart out about how he loves Israel. When push came to shove and his party did this, he tried to say something but…Anthony sits in the back of the back of the backbenchers. In other words, no one listens to him in Ottawa. He has no voice. He is impotent. He does get a wonderful pension for the rest of his life which you will pay for. But actually making a difference? Fuggedaboutit.

It’s the perfect storm – an impotent MP and a spineless prime minister.

It looks like Israel is going to the polls yet again. Third time in less than a year. Again we will reiterate what the definition of stupid is: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different outcome.

The difference this time is that Bibi has been indicted on serious charges of fraud, bribery, and breach of trust. Netanyahu is not required to resign even as he stands trial and has made it clear he doesn’t intend to. This means that for the first time, Israel is led by a prime minister facing criminal indictment, and it’s all happening at a time when Israelis have no idea who will be in charge next, despite having just had their second election this year.

Israel will now, for the first time, enter a 21-day period in which any member of the Knesset can attempt to become prime minister by garnering the support of 61 out of 120 MKs. If none of them can do so—and their chances seem slim—the country will head to its third round of elections this year some time in February or March.

Perhaps the time is coming to change the system over there.

Smiley – the new name for Montreal’s Mayor Plante, was smiling as she walked through a bus garage. Not sure why she had that idiot grin on her face as there’s a serious shortage of buses in Montreal. It appears they cannot seem to fix them when they break down. Officially, they are waiting for parts. This from the city who wants everyone to start taking public transportation.

Here’s the kicker. All the maintenance people go on vacation at the same time – on December 15.  And in case you still have not tossed your cookies…Toronto uses the same buses as Montreal and went 20,000 kilometres before breaking down in 2018 compared with Montreal buses that travelled only 3,678 kilometres on average before breaking down. This is according to statistics posted by both transit agencies.

Now can you guess why that is Blanche? Let’s take a wild guess and say because the roads are atrocious.

Maybe Plante wants to kill the buses along with the cars in this city. That way we would have no carbon emissions at all and she would be Greta Thunberg’s absolute hero. Of course there would also succeed in ruining most businesses. There’s a very good word in Yiddish that describes this situation: shreklach. Loosely translated it means unbelievably bad.

Last night was yet another Democratic debate of potential presidential nominees. Of all the geniuses up there, Biden, the one touted that could beat Trump, by far won the prize in terms of verbal screw-ups. Nothing new here. In fact, it’s just more of the same as his handlers can’t keep him locked up for the debate. He has to be out there without any prompters.

To site two of his better gaffs: When he was talking about stopping domestic violence he said you have to punch it, and punch it, and punch it. And if that’s not cringeworthy enough for you, try this one:

He bragged about receiving an endorsement from the “only black woman” ever elected to the U.S. Senate — while he stood mere feet away from Sen. Kamala Harris who is kind of black. After the crowd erupted into laughter, Biden immediately corrected himself to say “the first,” instead of the only, black female U.S. senator.

We will say it again. If Biden is all the democrats have, you can welcome Trump back to the White House for another four years.

What exactly is going on at the University of Toronto and York University? Both places have had outright anti-semitic attacks and both places have remained silent. Is there no one home in Ontario that has something to say about this?

First, the U of T’s graduate student union refused to support Hille’s request for kosher food for Jewish students on campus because of Hillel’s pro-Israel stance. If this is not the theatre of the absurd, we don’t know what is.

Then there was a school-sanctioned panel discussion  at York University with Reservists on Duty, an organization of former members of the Israeli Defence Force at York University.

Before the event began, several hundred anti-Israel protesters, some wearing kafiyas over their faces, waved Palestinian flags and chanted “intifada!” as they attempted to block the entrance of the event hall.

Campus security officials escorted those who wished to enter the auditorium in, but they could hear the chanting, sirens and banging on the hall doors. When they were finished, students had to be escorted out by the police.

One of the IDF reservists, who has given similar lectures at more than 50 North American universities and is used to seeing protests outside of his talks, commented that the anti-Israel protests at York tonight were the “scariest” he had ever seen.

Has anyone heard from Justin Trudeau about this? What exactly is happening here that no officials are able to stop these people? Unless of course, ‘those people’ are silently sanctioned by their universities. Way to go Toronto.

Good Shabbos We’ll talk…

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