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As emperor’s go, legault fits the bill. He has chosen to take credit for everything that went right during the COVID-19 pandemic, but is moving heaven and earth to wash his hands of everything that went wrong. We really hope he does not succeed. What happened in the Herron residence was horrific. The few professionals – not anywhere nearly enough to deal with the people there – who remained in the facility during those terrible early days of the pandemic had no where to turn after pleading with the government to send in help. Their pleas were met with deaf ears. No one was listening to them so they resorted to  calling 811 – a medical hotline. Those calls are recorded. The emperor cannot ignore that.

On the tape of  one of those calls one hears the owner saying that on one floor there is not one person left to take care of the seniors, most of whom were bedridden. They were literally dying of thirst and there was no one to give them a glass of water. Never mind deal with their most basic needs.

Emperor legault cannot wash his hands of this. He cannot be the boss only when he comes out smelling like a rose.  He is a control freak and there is no doubt he knew what was going on in those terrible days. Pretending he didn’t know and ignoring the facts will not make this go away.

And lashing out at people who try to question him about it is called bullying. And after all is said and done, emperor legault is a bully with all that comes with it.

With G-d’s help, and all those who were responsible for this terrible tragedy will get their  just desserts. Let’s hope it is in this lifetime where we can all be witness to it.

Thelma, remember we told you that if you are a white male,  getting a job is going to be a problem? Well, we were right and this is coming from no less our Canadian government. Welcome to Justin’s world. 

The federally-funded Canada Research Chair program, which ‘donates’ $300 million every year to about 2,000 academies has an identity quota system. Yes dearies, you read that correctly. An identity quota system.

If these academies don’t hire enough people that they deem minority  – women, visible minorities, Indigenous people and people with disabilities – they will lose their grants.

So if you are a white male with more knowledge than the person you are competing against, who may be black or brown or has a disability or is ‘binary’ or is male and identifies as a female – bingo – you will never get the job.

As we will never tire of saying – when it stinks, it stinks from the head down.

There is no doubt that emperor legault keeps people around him who are nothing more than yes-men. Case in point is Quebec’s interim public health minister Dr. Luc Boileau.

He said that if the state of emergency still in effect here in Quebec is lifted, people will die. Are these people on drugs? One has to wonder if those running this province think that everyone has the brain capacity of an extinct turtle. Here’s a headline. We don’t.

While this latest covid variant is basically a bad cold, according to Boileau older people could still become very sick and need to be hospitalized. Yes. That is true. And so?

How about this: Tell your peeps the truth. No one in your government has any intention of dealing with the real issue – the dismal medical system here. So yes, if 300 older people have to go into  ICU’s in a province of almost 9 million people, it will still cause a catastrophic emergency in hospitals.

The state of emergency is in place because emperor legault wants to be able to do what he wants when he wants. Notice we did not use the word dictator. Just saying.

We couldn’t figure out why Obama went to ‘visit’ Biden at the White House this past week. Obama doesn’t do anything just like that. It made no sense. And then we read that Obama’s doctor let the cat outta the bag declaring President Biden is having ‘cognitive issues’.

Of course he couched his words saying he’s not making a diagnosis, but anyone who has seen Biden lately can figure out that something is not right.

Dr. Jackson said last week that Biden’s mental fitness for office was “dangerous” and that the president needed to under cognitive testing “immediately.”

Ah, but there’s a huge elephant in the room. No one, absolutely no one wants Kamala Harris to take over the presidency should Biden have to resign. Now get this one:

Who is the person who wanted Harris as VP? None other than Obama. What a coinkidink that it is his doctor saying that Biden has cognitive issues? Ya think Obama wants to go back and save the day until the next election? Yes.

The United States of America and the rest of the world is in big, big, BIG trouble if Biden has to leave because he either has early onset dementia or Alzheimers and the leader of the free world becomes Ms. Harris – with or without Obama in the background. If you think Biden is bad, you ain’t seen nothin yet.

The war in the Ukraine, started by Russia, is bringing back memories for people whose families lived through the Holocaust. As you will read, not only about Ukraine and Russia…

…One woman wrote:  I’m here because my parents went to Russia. Had a hard time, hunger, cold, disease but survived. U.S. and Canada; one of us was too many.

And a few more poignant words from the same person who wrote to us yesterday:

…I just want to say one more thing. I spoke to high school students on Zoom on Sunday, and I told them that as terrible as the war in Ukraine is, we must never compare it to the Holocaust, because all doors are open to the Ukrainians they can escape.

All doors were closed to us Jews, even the great U.S.A and Canada would not allow Jews to enter their countries. I will remind you of the famous ship the St. Louis was turned away from their ports to return, and most of the inmates were then murdered.

…Every war is a tragedy, and I wish there would be no more wars, but the Holocaust stands alone as a Genocide of mostly the Jewish people. I lost most of our family in the Holocaust, in the Treblinka death camp…

And a final note. We would be remiss if we did not make mention of the untimely, tragic death of Boris Brott, killed in a hit and run in Hamilton Ontario where he resided.

Brott was an iconic Canadian violinist, composer and conductor who tried to make people fall in love with classical music by making it accessible. He brought energy and levity to his performances like few of his contemporaries could.

He was 78 years young –  energetic, beloved by everyone, innovative and a mentor to hundreds of musicians. He gave to the world rather than taking from it.

May his family know of no further sorrow and may they be comforted among the mourners of Zion and Jerusalem.

Good Shabbos We’ll talk…

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