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Is There a Nurse in the House?

Margaret Atwood is a prolific and very successful author. No one can take that away from her. Given that, has anyone see a picture of her lately? She looks like she buys her clothes from a second-hand store in Woodstock, leftovers from the festival in 1969. Her hair looks like she just took her finger out of an electrical socket. So why in the world would she remark on how un-fashionable Kate Middleton is compared to Princess Diana?

There was such a backlash to her comments that she ‘kind of’ retracted them. Can we talk? What’s her business how Kate dresses? And how in the world can she even dream of commenting when she looks the way she does? Doesn’t it sound like she’s bored out of her mind? If you see her around, perhaps give her a couple suggestions: stick to writing and buy a mirror.

In a couple of weeks, the super hospital is set to open. One can only imagine the logistics of moving an entire sick population from one place to another. That however, seems to be turning out to be the least of managements problems. You know that buzzer you use to call the nurse when you need help? They don’t work in the new hospital.

Here’s a prediction, not even with a crystal ball: All hell is going to break loose when that place opens. If no one checked to see that a simple buzzer was working, then you can just imagine what else is not working. Remember – do not get sick in the next couple of months. Hold off until they iron out the kinks. Or if you must sick, make sure your car heads for the Jewish General. Or, in the worst case scenario, find someone to pay to take care of you.

The students who disrupted classes today at the University of Quebec in Montreal need a nice lesson taught to them. They hooted in the hallways, hit their fellow students sitting in classes with umbrellas and other things that can really hurt and disregarded an injunction not to protest.

Those students have absolutely zero regard for any authority. That is called a sense of entitlement. Where are their parents? How were they brought up?

They are also cowards as they are covering their faces completely. What are they afraid of? People will recognize them? We went through this before. If they really believed in what they were doing, they would rampage through the halls with their faces uncovered so everyone could see who they are.

The police say they may assault charges. Here’s a memo: if they lay charges then prosecute right away. Not like they did the last time, waiting two years to go to court and then dismissing everything. Don’t you wonder where princess pauline is? She must be so proud.

Looks like Obama has more trouble with his secret service dudes. Russian hackers got into the State Department computer system penetrating sensitive parts of the White House computer system. The White House of course said the breach only affected an unclassified system. That is called wishful thinking.

The bottom line of this story? White House officials said they no longer put very sensitive information into an email leaving it to sit in a server waiting for a russian drinking vodka in his underwear to hack in. Really? We’ve been saying this for about five years. If you want to keep something private, never, ever put it into an email. Pick up the phone.

The Boston marathon bomber Tsarnaev was found guilty today on all charges. What they will do with him is still up in the air. Frankly, we would send him on a one way trip to Mars and not spend a dime putting him up in jail forever. He should not get the death penalty because that’s what he wants. To become a martyr. We do not envy that jury one bit.

Enjoy the second days of Passover even though it’s going to snow…again.

Good Shabbos and Good Yom Tov We’ll talk…

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