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Israel Still Needs Our Prayers…

Finally an article that depicts Obama for exactly who he is using a fantastic analogy: A box office fiasco called Hope and Change. A massive blockbuster that did not deliver the goods, cost trillions of dollars, was the disappointment of a lifetime for many and will depict Obama  as the absolute worst president in the history of the United States.

His latest failure is the middle east. Through John Kerry he had hoped to be the ‘one’ to make peace in the area. Not only did that not happen,  he is in the top five who are responsible for the escalation in bombs dropping into Israel today. In case you didn’t know, Israel is getting bombed all over the country, including Tel Aviv where the iron dome intercepted the missiles.

To get Abbas to the table, the American team asked Netanyahu for a confidence-building measure—either freeze settlement construction or release Palestinian prisoners. He chose the latter and the results are evident. For sure many politicians in Israel are beyond infuriating. But Obama just doesn’t get it. One cannot make a democracy out of countries held together by feuding tribes. He’s in way over his head and we have no doubt that he wishes it was 2016 so he could get the heck outta the White house and start collecting bucketfuls of money on a speaking tour.

Let’s also pray that when the arabs ask for a ceasefire and promise to be good, Israel will show some strength and only stop hitting gaza et al when they are good and ready. Some people just don’t know when enough is enough. Rob Ford is one of those people. For a seemingly ‘smart guy’ he’s pretty dense.

He now has a ‘sobriety coach’ (also a reformed substance abuser – we wonder where they met?????) accompanying him on his campaign stops. Seems that there are a few people (to say the least) who would rather see Ford in another country. Those dudes are protesting loudly wherever Ford stops to talk, making his life pretty miserable. Not only that,  they are shirtless, mocking Ford’s nasty shirtless exchange with a jogger on Canada day. Today his sobriety coach kicked one of those protesters. Uh oh.

Doug, Ford’s brother is poo-pooing the protesters. We figure it won’t take very long before Rob Ford lands a punch on those annoying him. It’s exactly what they want and will most likely get it from someone with a fuse the length of your fingernail.

Blanche is allergic to roller coasters. Shooting along a very narrow track at breakneck speed, open to the elements with little or no protection is not her idea of a fun time.

Yesterday in California a roller coaster hit a branch on the track while going full speed. You can guess what happened next. The ride derailed and the thrill-seekers were left hanging, literally,  for hours and hours. People had to be rescued one at a time. One can only dream how they had to climb out of the ride, somehow make it to a ladder and then climb down from waaaaay up on the top. If that was us, we would have to be tranquilized.

Guess how many hours are wasted in traffic? Depends on the city. The worst: Milan – 33.8 hours a year. Montreal at 21.6 is worse than New York at 21.3. No surprise there. What these stats don’t tell you is how much damage is done to cars from potholes. For sure we would win the prize there.

The GOP, Grand Ole Party aka the Republican party in the US is selling the domain name .gop. They though that ‘normal’ republicans would create nice .gop names. Uh oh. How about or or our personal favorite, is not available. Just thought you should know about this. hehehehehehehe.

We prayed for Naftali, Gilad and Eyal, of righteous memory. Now is not the time to stop praying. The IDF called up 40,000 reservists. Reservists are married men with children. As well, thousands of people have been fleeing to their bomb shelters all day and night because close to 200 rockets have been fired at our small country. Israel still needs our prayers and mitzvahs. Don’t stop now.

We’ll talk…

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