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It Ain’t Over Till The Fat Lady Sings

The Bank of Montreal and The Boston Consulting group said that Montreal needs more control over its affairs if it is to thrive. No kidding. Someone needed to make a study to figure this out?

They concluded that over the past 15 years, the GDP is over 30% lower than other major Canadian cities and the unemployment rate is 2% higher. One of the recommendations is that Montreal should be given control of its infrastructure, urban development and income sources, including having special taxation powers, similar to those of Toronto.

Can we talk? Does anyone think that madame marois and her narrow-minded missives give a rats about Montreal? Only if it furthers their own agenda. If not ladies and gentlemen, go buy a life jacket cause she doesn’t care if we fall into the St. Lawrence. In fact, she would probably stand there and sneer while we all got wet. Ich, ich, ich. Finally, at long last something has come back to bite princess pauline in her behind. Remember two years ago when she marched proudly with the student group Asse? When she proudly wore their red patch and banged pots and pans with them to denounce the Liberal government wanting to raise tuition from $2,168 to $3,793 between 2012 and 2018. Those protests brought down the government.

Well Blanche, that same group is still around and they don’t like the charter of values that the princess has tabled. The group has issued a statement calling the charter a “smokescreen” that aims to “hide austerity measures” adopted by the PQ government.

It gets better. The group said that they will oppose Marois and all austerity measures in the next provincial election. They would not divulge what measures they plan to take to express their opposition to the PQ. However they have scheduled a rally against the charter and its “underlying racism” on March 21 and another larger protest on April 3, likely just days before a provincial vote.

Let’s see now, whadda ya think? Is that pinched ugly face is going to march with them? What’s she going to do? Call out the army? Pass a law that they can’t protest? This is going to be a very interesting showdown to watch. Stay tuned. It ain’t over till the fat lady sings.

Former president Viktor Yanukovych fled Kiev on the weekend, by helicopter no less. He obviously knew the jig was more than up. No doubt his dear friend Valdimir (Putin) is helping him hide somewhere. Do you think Putin is also nervous now that his friend is wanted for murdering civilians last week? Of course Putin is much better insulated than his Ukrainian friend, but nonetheless he has to be looking over his shoulder.

Some people never grow up. One such individual is Jane Fonda. She’s almost not worth writing about except that we were duped by her years ago and now she’s whining about getting old – it’s enough to bring out the big barf bag.

Remember her exercise video many moons ago? The one where she said just do what I do and you’ll look like me! Surprise. She was taking all kinds of pills and who knows what else to keep her looking the way she did. That exercise video was nothing more than a money-making machine for her. Now she’s crying cause she’s getting old? If someone can tell me one thing she did to better this world – for real and not to serve her own purpose we’ll eat our hat.

In case you were wondering, winter is still here in all its glory. It’s freezing cold again and getting colder. To make matters worse, the weather wondermen are predicting a particularly cold spring, with winter lingering around far too long.

One of the sidebars of such a winter are potholes. We happened to be in New York the past couple of days and encountered one pothole so big that we thought our teeth were going to fall out. In another instance, there was a giant pothole  off an exit that it caused a massive traffic tieup on the 87.

Lest we think that here in Montreal we are king of potholes, know that these road craters are everywhere.

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