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It’s Almost Over…

CNN won the highest turnout for panelists in a row at a whopping 9 people. The Republicans retained control of the senate, growing their numbers. They lost control of the house.

What does losing control of the house mean to Trump? In a nutshell, a new round of investigations into anything that smells of Donald Trump. Here’s a headline for the democrats: Nobody cares about investigations into Trump.

Because Republicans are projected to hold on to the Senate, gaining at least one seat, this will likely keep impeachment off the table (though there’s no guarantee), and will preserve the judicial nomination process.

Over the past few days, CNN did not come out and say that they expected a huge Democrat wave due to what happened in 2016. So they don’t look like so obviously dejected. But they are certainly not able to hide their disappointment.

We were watching two races in particular: Florida with Andrew Gillum vs. Ron DeSantis and Georgia with Stacey Abrams, the first black woman to run for governor. If you recall, Oprah Winfrey went door to door campaigning for her. Obama showed up as did about a dozen movie stars, singers, dancers, jugglers and palm readers. Didn’t seem to help her.

As for DeSantis, it appears he will win but it’s very close. What is interesting about this race is that CNN was drooling today at the large lines of voters. They all assumed that everyone was voting for Gillum. Obviously, this did not happen.

More to come on Thursday…

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