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It’s The Old How Bad is it Joke

How bad is it? It’s so bad that they are worse off now than when we had the election, down to 19% popularity. We are speaking of the illustrious and blind parti quebecois. If they are a party that was founded on the ‘dream’ of a country of their own, then don’t you think they should be yelling this from every mountain top? Unless of course no one on the bottom of the mountain is listening, which obviously they are not.

Young voters are running from them like the plague and that doesn’t bode well for them. As it stands now,  all they will have left to vote for them are senior citizens and few radicals here and there.

Gilles Duceppe, the one who scored highest in the polls if he became party leader, today said he will not seek the leadership. Duh, we wonder why? They are now left with the three stooges – Drainville, Lisee and Peladeau to take the helm. The longer the in-fighting, the better off we are all. Our best hope is that they will simply implode.

We wonder how many times the buck will stop until somebody will step up to the plate and take responsibility for this story. Did you know that the new ‘super hospital’ will have 100 beds less than we have now in all the hospitals? They are admitting to 100 less beds. Our guess is that it’s probably more than that but they are afraid to say the real number.

Now why do you think there are less beds? Poor planning? No. Somebody couldn’t count? No. There are less beds because, and we quote, “we want a willingness to develop medical services closer to the people.” Did you understand that? Neither did we. They are saying that they want primary care services transferred from the new hospital to local hospitals.

Are they saying that if one has open heart surgery, after a few days in the hospital where they were operated they will be transferred to let’s say Lasalle where for sure their doctor will not be seeing them?

This whole thing sounds like the mother of all Quebec projects. It reminds us of the people who built the metropolitan where the entrance and exits are in the same lane, 20 feet apart from each other. Did the same geniuses build the new hospital? Or was there so much envelope taking that there was not enough money for extra beds? We will leave it to your imagination to figure out the answer. For sure you won’t read it in the paper for a very long time.

Tomorrow night both the Habs and Boston are playing for their lives. The odds against Montreal winning are 9-1, better than they were a while ago, at 20-1. We listened to the game last night and frankly, odds don’t take into account a fired up team. Odds are based on what looks good on paper and previous playing. Our only fear is that because this last game is in Boston, not in Montreal where the fans are the best in the world, the momentum may not be in our favor. It will be a nail-biter. Wait to do your manicure till Thursday:)

In case you were wondering about Donald Sterling, owner of the Los Angeles clippers and a rather crude individual, wonder no more. He put his foot very far into his mouth last night when interviewed on CNN. If you thought his last comments were bad, they were mickey mouse. He was speaking about Magic Johnson railing on that he had aids (he does not, he’s hiv positive) that he had, shall we say, spent time with hundreds of American women and what exactly has he contributed to society. Johnson is one of the people who wants to buy the Clippers.

Sterling then said, ready? – that he when he found out Johnson was ill, he prayed for him in his synagogue that he should get better. After last night’s performance, Sterling sealed his fate.

It seems that very quietly, the world is getting together to save those young girls in Nigeria. The most important country that is getting involved is Israel. If anyone can find them, it will be Israeli intelligence.

The group that took them is a radical islamist group called Boko Haram. This group makes Al Quaida look good. They believe in a version of Islam which makes it “haram”, or forbidden, for Muslims to take part in any political or social activity associated with Western society. Pretty nasty and scary.

We’ll talk…

This includes voting in elections, wearing shirts and trousers or receiving a secular education an they view Nigeria as a state run by non-believers even when they had a muslim president. Pretty scary…

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