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It’s the Old One Billion Hack. Where’s Maxwell Smart When you Need Him?

While it may be a huge pain in the derriere, if your email address ends in we suggest you change your password – like yesterday. It gets worse. If you use that same password for other things, oh, say like, ya gotta change those also.

Why must you do this? Because yahoo admitted yesterday that over 1 billion people had been hacked. Who knew so many people used yahoo for their emails? At last count there are 7.4 billion people in the world which means that 1/7th of the population uses yahoo. As this took place a couple of years ago we’re guessing that it will take a while till the hackers move to your name. But ya never know, eh Blanche?

A two bedroom apartment in Trump Tower on 5th Avenue goes for about $4500. Three bedrooms, $8500. It’s in or was in one of the most desirable locations in the United States. Today it’s a huge pain to live there as Trump – the president elect, lives in the penthouse and the security is what can only be termed insane.

Now there’s a new problem. All Trump buildings, but especially this one have become soft targets for terrorist attacks. Because of that, a pecking order of who can get near the building has developed. If you’re going to Gucci or Tiffany, in ya go. If not, cross the street and don’t come back.

This security business isn’t going away anytime soon as Melania is going to be living there until the end of the school year with Barron and Trump said he would be back and forth from Washington all the time. Us plebs will just have to gawk from across the street.

The PQ is in gehatke tzouris – big trouble. How big Blanche? So big that they are now trying to woo Anglo Quebecers to support them. Seems they have been smoking a bit of weed, eh?

The PQ had 73 per cent of the sovereignist vote in October but it has now fallen to 61 per cent. Jean Francois Lisee, the new leader cannot be happy. Wait, he’s not only not happy, he’s delirious. Does he really think that Anglos will support him and his party? Do they think we believe that he won’t hold another referendum in the first mandate if elected? If you do, we have swampland for you in Florida.

When the conditions are ripe for a yes vote, you can bet your tippy that Lisee will hold a referendum no matter what he says. It appears that the dream of their own country is slowly, drippingly fading away. Drip, drip, drip, drip,

Remember Tony Bennett? He just turned 90 and is still singing and performing. He lives with his 50 year old wife in Trump Tower but may move because of the security issues. Who knew?

It appears that Ivanka Trump, Donald’s daughter is going to be doing many of the first-lady duties as well as being an advisor. Where oh where doe that leave the stunning Melania? Sounds like she may wind up looking like Prince Philip who walks five steps behind his wife the Queen. She will be irrelevant but a lot prettier than Phil.

Starting today, eight new Cannabis Culture dispensaries opened in Montreal. Cannabis culture dispensaries? They are stores that sell weed and the dude who opened them wore a green sweater to match the weed. Seriously? He’s waiting for the police to shut him down as marijuana is still not legal.

Wait a minute Blanche. Didn’t Justin campaign and say it would become legal? What happened there? Did he make a promise that he’s not going to keep? Say it ain’t so.Hehehehe.

Obama’s legacy isn’t the only one that looks like it’s getting the boot. So is Michelle’s.

She started a whole business about healthy eating, even planting a garden somewhere around the White House. She began the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act that required lunch programs revise its nutritional guidelines for the first time in 15 years. That is a very good thing.

Unfortunately, Trump is king of fried and fast food plus he’s a lot fatter than Michelle or Barack. You think he cares about healthy eating?

So that garden in the White House? Let’s put it this way – does Melania look like the type to start digging in the earth to plant tomatoes and potatoes? It’s not a trick question dearies. The answer is no.

Good Shabbos We’ll talk…

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