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Joe Biden’s Honker of a Speech

Joe Biden made an attempt to give a ‘campaign speech’ from his home in Delaware. The weather was good, a quiet breeze under a cloudless sky.  Sounds sublime, but… no one in Biden’s entourage had the foresight to clear the area not of people, but of wildlife – to be exact, loud honking geese.

Yup Blanche, we heard them ourselves, honking away clear as a bell. To add insult to injury, someone’s phone began to ring very loudly just as Joe was getting to the meat of his little speech. He just can’t catch a break. Either he has major gaffes in what he’s saying or the wildlife around his house makes sure they give their two cents. There was no doubt that stores would not be able to survive the ‘pause’ in our lives. JCPenney, Neiman Marcus, J Crew, Pier 1 Imports and here in Canada Reitman’s to name a few.

For some places, like JC Penney, we never could figure out who exactly shops there and how they lasted so long. They could not compete with Walmart, their main brick and mortar store competition nor could were they a match for Amazon. So we were not surprised by their bankruptcy announcement.

Other stores are simply using this time to cut out their least profitable stores, screw their suppliers for 50cents on the dollar and reopen leaner and trimmer. Then there’s Reitmans, different from the rest.

Can we please pause for a language lesson here? It’s not Reeetman’s. It’s pronounced rightmans. Got that Blanche?

It was started in 1926 by a cute Jewish couple named  Herman and Sarah Reitman. It is said that it takes 3 generations to kill a good business and Reitman’s fits right into that category. The first generation works like dogs, the second also works hard and builds up the business and the third generation knows better than the first two, hence, the bankruptcy protection of Reitmans.

We’re guessing Herman and Sarah are not very happy looking down on what their family has done with all their hard work.

Are we the only ones who cannot figure out who will be paying for all the money Justin is giving away in these days? Blanche, did you know that he’s been grabbing off his virtual money tree for, get this – 50 days. He holds daily briefings at which he avoids or cannot answer a direct question while unveiling the latest plans for giving away money that is borrowed from…us. Is there no end in sight?

To cut him some slack, at the beginning of this in mid-March, no one knew what was flying and people were panicked. Now? Society is slowly beginning to open up and our very pretty Prime Minister with the best hair ever, is still giving away your money, with no one able to question him.

And while we’re in Canadian politics, does anyone give two hoots if Andrew Scheer keeps his American citizenship? Seriously? What’s it anyone’s business now that he won’t be the leader of the Conservative party?

The World Health Organization (WHO) is part of that wonderful organization (tongue in cheek) called the United Nations.

Yesterday, during its 73rd annual assembly, the WHO said it would start an independent review of its own handling of the pandemic. That’s like asking the wolf to watch over the henhouse.

116 countries, including Canada called for an investigation into the origins of the virus, putting pressure on, you guessed it, China.

There’s no question that China knows its head is on a chopping block and has pledged $2 billion to help countries deal with the pandemic over the next two years. Really? Too late dudes. The damage is done. Doesn’t this sound like the wolf helping out in the henhouse?

One of the big casualties of the global pandemic seems to be airbnb. While there are people who will be going back on cruise ships – which we cannot fathom – we are thinking that not very many people will want to move into someone’s else’s germy house or apartment. Ich.

No matter how much you disinfect, it is impossible to get every surface. This discussion is a bit shreklach – nauseating.

An infectious disease specialist weighed in on why the coronavirus has been deadliest in Montreal vis-a-vis Canada. According to Lego (aka Legault, the premier of Quebec), it is the fault of society for putting our elderly into senior homes. From which bridge did he fall from? Clearly he hit his head on the way down.

It’s society’s fault? How about the fault of current and previous Quebec governments cutting from the medical system like drunken soldiers, mostly from senior homes.

This expert then went on to say that the decision of Lego’s government to move caregivers from one place to another with no testing helped move the virus from one place to another.

Then this ‘specialist’ said that poor neighbourhoods were hit hard. No kidding. They have poor diets, poor medical care, live in close quarters and do the jobs that no one else wants to do – caregiving.

Blanche, don’t you wonder how much money this ‘specialist’ is getting and how exactly he is managing to get people to listen to his opinions? We’re not specialists and we could have given the same interview. He’s definitely not in the rocket scientist category of his profession.

We’ll talk…

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