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Julie Payette – By Far Not a People-Person – is Our Governor General – a Job That

Ladies and gentlemen, don’t get too excited about the WE scandal…even if none other than our finance minister ‘forgot’ to pay WE back $41,000 for travel expenses. He had already paid them $51,000 for traveling to Ecuador etc but punkt yesterday remembered the second amount. Seriously Blanche, of all the people to ‘forget’ to pay  a bill, of no less than $41,000 – one would think the finance minister would be off the list.

Maybe, just maybe, it wasn’t a ‘bill’ after all. Maybe it was a ‘gift’ that Morneau realized would put him in an untenable position as he had voted for giving WE $1 billion to distribute to students. The plot thickens. But we digress.

Here’s the kicker…even if the Conservative party manages to take down the government, who exactly will run against Trudeau? Scheer has one and three-quarters feet out the door and the new leader will not be elected until August. Frankly, the last thing the conservatives want now is an election.

The best case scenario is that Trudeau and Morneau are forced to step down and Freeland becomes acting Prime Minister until she calls an election. What a waste of a juicy scandal.

Then there’s Julie Payette Canada’s Governor General and Queen’s representative who, for the umpteenth time, is sounding like the wrong person for the wrong job. If her staff had to go public with how they are being treated – which in any world other than Ottawa is called bullying – it must be really, really bad. Clearly no one was listening to them. Payette is an appointee of Justin and while he may not be a bully, his work ethic leaves much to be desired which no doubt led him to choose an inadequate candidate in the first place.  Payette may have been a great astronaut, but that’s a far cry from interacting with people on a daily basis. Last time we looked, there are not too many people floating around in outer space. Like maybe 20? And of those 20, they are spread out on different spaceships.

It would appear that Payette is the furtherest thing from a people-person you can get and her job, last time we looked, it to be the most people-person in Canada.

It is very clear that Justin did not do his due diligence in vetting her to be the Governor General. The only one who can actually fire Payette is the Queen and you can be very sure she’s not interested in Canada’s less than minuscule issues.

If Payette doesn’t have the brains to leave a job she obviously doesn’t like and is unable to fulfil, then we are stuck with her, as are the pathetic plebs who have to work for her.

Today is opening day for Major League Baseball. Alas, there will be no fans in the stadiums. However, the league is making sure that there are virtual cheers.

Get this peeps: You can submit your choice of cheers, boos or claps through a new MLB feature and sound operators at the ballparks will use the reactions to play similar crowd noise in the stadiums. Play ball.

Has anyone been following the new live ‘series’ called The Nightly Riots in Portland Oregon?  Where ‘protesters’ are trying to burn down federal buildings? Here’s the deal in a nutshell:

…Since the killing of George Floyd in May, protesters have been out on the streets for more than 50 nights in a row, demanding reforms to policing practices and to address systemic racism in US society. Rioting in Portland is really going to help. We’re being sarcastic. No it won’t.

…Trump has sent in officers from agencies under the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), to reinforce and in some cases replace local police and protect Federal buildings.

…Portland’s mayor said the agents were making the situation worse. Governor Kate Brown filed a lawsuit, seeking a restraining order. Neither of those two seem to find anything wrong with what are obviously people brought in by those hell-bent on making the US into a socialist country, to wreak havoc on Portland and ultimately unseat Trump.

Those funding and providing the nightly rioters are determined to make Trump look like a dictator by forcing him to send in what they called the ‘storm-troopers’. What is he supposed to do?

His job is to protect federal government buildings and those who work in them. Do you really think that people who live and work in downtown Portland are happy with nightly riots? Or that their elected officials, if not bought off, then brainwashed, were unable or unwilling to stop the rioters for almost 2 months. Come on.

Here’s a scenario: If this were happening under Obama’s watch, you can bet your bippy that people in the US would be cheering for him to send in the National guard or people from Homeland Security.

The deadly combination of the Democratic Party turning into the Communist party and people with endless sums of money to fund said party and the people willing to do their bidding, is the perfect storm to ‘get’ Trump and make him look like he’s using brute force. We are not buying this for a second.

And one more thing. Before you go off in a huff, imagine that this was your little town and rioters descended upon you nightly. You would be happy? Get a grip. You would be out of your mind that the government didn’t stop them.

We have commented very little on the Jeffrey Epstein-Ghislaine Maxwell grotesque story. We will continue in this vein but this should be noted: Maxwell kept detailed documents of her life and all that it entailed, no doubt much to the chagrin of those in her orbit. Through her lawyers, she has tried to keep said documents sealed. Today, a judge unsealed the documents but quickly granted her legal team a stay on the release so they can appeal.

If those documents become public, heads will roll and it will be not be pretty. Our guess is that Prince Andrew is the tip of the iceberg, although there is no doubt he is not eating well these days in anticipation of what is coming. His mother, Queen Elizabeth will not be amused.

As for the other men and possibly women involved in this, they should all get what they deserve, the very  least of which is public humiliation.

Biden’s back and it’s cringe-worthy: He blasted Trump for saying the coronavirus originated in China and – get this Blanche – suggested that Americans are unable to distinguish between Chinese individuals and other Asians. Ouch.

What’s the hottest vacation now that hotels have lost popularity due to the coronavirus? Glamping. That would be camping with all the amenities of home. No roughing it.

The most expensive glamping site we found was here in Canada called the Clayoquot Wilderness Resort on the island of Vancouver. It’s $3900 a night.

Each luxury tent is equipped with everything that a person might need for a real rest. In addition to adventure equipment for diving, fishing and horse riding, there are extensive terraces with massive chairs, whirlpool baths, and saunas. There is a huge choice of active adventure sport & entertainment, including yoga, horse riding, kayaking, monitoring of whales and bears, bathing in thermal springs, shooting from rifles, movement on suspension cables with the help of a suspension with a carbine (zip-line) and much more.

If you’re looking for something a little less expensive try Chiawa Camp located in the “Lower Zambezi” park in Zambia. It is widely known as the best place for a safari in the whole African continent. Guests participate in safari tours with a guide and hunting expeditions. Those who like can also swim by canoe and fish. It’s $1482 a night but ya gotta get there.

Good Shabbos We’ll talk…

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