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Not that we want to sound cynical, but in this case, we have good reason to be. Justin has floated many news items in the past day that the border restrictions will be lifted sooner than later. In fact, it was a lead story on Drudge. Why are all these articles appearing now? Two very simple reasons.

The first is that an exemption to quarantine has been given to the Montreal Canadiens as they will now be playing American teams having wiped out Winterpeg aka Winnipeg. So it looks like if you can entertain people,  are someone really important (do you know who I am?) or are and ‘essential’ worker, wink, wink – the quarantine is out for you.

This of course means that the virus or variants don’t get to those people.  It only gets passed around by the little peeps. Not. When someone is  double vaccinated one should be able to travel and not quarantine at all.

The second reason is that on June 11 the G7 summit will begin. Except for Japan, all the G7 countries have opened their borders to tourists, including the US. If you have been vaccinated, you are welcome to come to any of those countries, eat in a restaurant, tour museums, shop in stores etc.

Here? No plan. Get vaccinated and stay home, continue to quarantine, pay through the nose for moronic hotel quarantines, wear a mask, only have 8 people outside your home etc, etc. Please tell us what the benefit of getting two vaccines is?

It appears that Justin and his entourage, including the biggest dufus of them all, Theresa Tam, are waiting for the elusive ‘variant’. Here’s a headline: Nothing, no vaccine in the world, will be 100% effective. But with the majority of people vaccinated and/or had covid, herd immunity kicks in.

Not giving Canadians a drop-dead date and clear plan for opening the borders is beyond poor governing. It is not governing at all and guess what? Justin was elected to govern the country and make the big decisions. Where is he?

The absolutely horrific murder of a muslim family in London Ontario by yet another young man who was ‘troubled’ or radicalized on the internet should make everyone shudder and that includes every visible minority. 

Most likely we will find out that he either had a ‘sad’ life or his parents are ‘shocked’ that he did this or he was a ‘loner’ and again people are shocked.

Instead of being appalled and holding vigils, our suggestion is give him a trial and after he is convicted  ship him off to a prison in a third world country, oh say Haiti – forever. He will last 10 minutes there and the world will be better off. Why should we have to pay for him to be fed and have a roof over his head when he destroyed an entire family because he doesn’t like muslims?

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez aka AOC may have lied about her grandmother’s living conditions after “someone” in Ocasio-Cortez’s family shut down his $100,000 fundraiser to help the grandmother.

This genius showed pictures of her grandmother’s dilapidated home in Puerto Rico on social media and blamed former President Donald Trump for mishandling the response to Hurricane Maria in 2017. Got that dearies?

In case you didn’t know, AOC pulls in a six figure salary, drives a Tesla and has two apartments. She couldn’t find any money to help her grandmother?

Here’s a surprise: Much of the aid sent to Puerto Rico through the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) approved by Trump, failed to reach those impacted by the Hurricane in 2017, largely because Puerto Rico’s local government has been plagued with corruption and incompetency.

She’s a real piece of work and will very clearly sell her grandmother to get elected. Feh.

As for the pope and church not taking any responsiblity for what happened in those residential schools, guess what? Many of those ‘priests’ are still very much alive. Our guess is that the pope doesn’t want to out them and is protecting them.

Ripping down statues is not going to help. Revising history is not going to change anything. Exposing the catholic church for what it is – a corrupt organization – will at least give some people closure.

In the end, it was the church who turned out to be, and still are, the ‘heathens’ and not the children of the first nations.

Last night the Montreal Canadiens won their fourth straight game. As we watched the crowds outside being panned on TV, it was very clear for anyone to see that many hundreds if not thousands of people were watching outside the Bell Center. Following the game, there were the usual Montreal riots, although much more tempered than in previous years. What is infuriating are the ‘you have to stay safe’ people. In English than means outdoor gatherings without masks should be verboten. And standing near someone? They shudder with fear.

Can we talk? Can people get a grip? Unless someone spits in your face or stands very, very close to you it is very difficult to get covid outside. Coupled with the fact that many many people have been vaccinated our question is when will people stop whining about staying safe. It’s enough.

The hospitals are not going to be overrun and the covid numbers keep dropping. Why can’t all these do-gooders let other people just live? If they are afraid, stay home and shutup.

While we are far from being a survivalist – we don’t hoard water, have a generator or have enough canned food for a year – things are definitely ramping up in terms of ransomware.

Recent targets have included local governments, hospitals, insurers, a ferry system, the NY subway system and others in the United States and globally.

Many Sunday morning talk shows are verbalizing what we have been saying for a long time: Are electrical grids and water filtration plants secure? It’s just a matter of time before a small city gets their electrical grid hacked and goes dark. Not to be pessimistic, but that will be the precursor to the ‘big one’ – in a major American city.

We sure hope governments have redundancy plans in place. What is that? Here ya go:

Network redundancy is the process of adding additional instances of network devices and lines of communication to help ensure network availability and decrease the risk of failure along the critical data path. In other words, if one system fails, another will pick up the slack.

Time for all levels of government to wake up before it’s too late.

We’ll talk…

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