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Justin’s ‘Creative’ and Very Numerous Ways to Apologize Are Jaw-Dropping

Of all the things that Justin Trudeau figured out while Prime Minister of Canada, we think that learning how to apologize in very creative ways tops the list by a long shot.

He puts on the sad face, lowers his eyes, finds his saddest, most contrite voice and says I’m sorry for what I did. All we have to do is simply insert what he is sorry for each time and bob’s your uncle, he can go on like this forever.

And what exactly does sorry mean if you have said this more times than people can count – as Prime Minister no less. Does sorry mean move on, nothing to see here? Does sorry mean I’m going to change? Does sorry mean I will fully explain myself? In Justin’s case, it is none of the above.

He was very sorry for accepting favours from the Aga Khan, very sorry for Mr. Dressup in India, very, very sorry for the SNC Lavalin scandal, absolutely sorry for black face more times than he can possibly count and now, very sorry for giving his close friends close to a $1 billion of your tax dollars to give out to volunteer students when he knew very well his family has close ties to the organization.

There are two issues here: Nobody is home on the other side to hold him accountable and therefore Justin can continue to do whatever he so chooses. And, women still love him, clearly not for his brains, but because he’s so very pretty. We are beginning to wonder if the air between his ears actually might be helping him as he is able to whiz out of one scandal after another with little dirt sticking to him.

Jagmeet Singh sold his soul to Trudeau and we have no sitting parliament. The conservatives are searching for yet another leader who will most likely be white, male, boring and, to the utter dismay of the Conservative party, his hair will not hold a candle to Justin’s. Blanche, you do know that people with good hair get much further in politics than baldies? But we digress.

Actually, Peter Mackay is not boring as he has his own set of scandals. Erin O’Toole? He’s the best of the lot and all we can do is hope he wins and is then able to step up to the plate and actually have a voice. As things stand now, the only voice we are hearing is Justin’s.

The US is having the mother-of-all-times trying to get control of the coronavirus. In fact, in many states, they have zero control. One person who is trying to get control is the governor of NY – Andrew Cuomo.

If you travel from hotspot states to New York, you must submit a form with your contact information and where you will spend your 14-day isolation. Of course this will work for those coming in by plane, but what about those coming in by car? Supposedly you will fill out your form online. Blanche, seriously, does Cuomo really think people trying to get the heck out of Florida are going to fill out forms?  He’s dreaming in technicolor.

Better yet, who’s enforcing this? He’s busy defunding the police department and wants those guys to go check that Morris and Bertha are quarantining after coming back to NY from Florida? Get a grip.

Quietly with zero fanfare, Quantas airlines from Australia, suspended all scheduled international flights, except for flights between Australia and New Zealand, until at least the end of October 2020, due to government restrictions.

All scheduled flights between Australia and New Zealand are suspended until at least mid-August 2020.

Blanche, it’s not like anyone from Australia can drive somewhere. According to our map, the closest place to Australia is Papua New Guinea and there doesn’t seem to be a bridge.

Today the Canada US border closure was extended until August 21. Most peeps can figure out that the government is giving us little bits of information at a time. They are not telling us that the border will be closed until January to keep tourists outta here. Besides, who wants to go to Florida now?

Snowbirds, those who fly south from October thru April to their yummy places in Miami may have to make alternate plans. Not that there are many other places to go. It appears from the piece above, Australia is out of the question. You can always go to Cabos San Luca in Mexico. Their beaches are open but police are making sure people sit socially distant.In the meantime, enjoy the summer here, mask and all.

It appears that the NY Times is all that Trump makes it out to be and then some. New York Times Opinion staff editor and writer Bari Weiss announced her resignation on Tuesday, saying that the newspaper’s workplace culture as “hostile” toward staffers who hold anything other than left-of-center ideologies. Aha.

Weiss’ resignation is the latest development in a tumultuous period for the Times. The media institution is grappling with increased internal dissent, especially over its opinion section, its coverage of communities of color and its newsroom culture.

The best line of her resignation letter was the following: “Showing up for work as a centrist at an American newspaper should not require bravery.” We rest our case here but you can be very sure that CNN and MSNBC are not far behind. Same left of left culture, same quashing of any opinion that is not following the party line.

We will give our two cents here. The NYTimes thought they were  helping Hillary Clinton in the last election by tweeting,  until 9:00 pm of election night, no less, that her chances of winning  were 95%.  Need we say more?

Blanche, did you see that our illustrious mayor Valerie Plante allowed the words Black Lives Matter painted on St. Catherine Street? Seriously? Does she not know those words are English? Did you see how big they were? Does that mean the French version will be four times the size? Wait. There’s no room for the French black lives matter because there’s more words: les vies noires comptent. Plus, not to sound trite, it blm loses its punch in French.

Gov Andrew Cuomo is now into revisionist history. On March 25, 2020, he enacted a statewide directive that forced nursing homes to take recovering COVID-19 patients, regardless of whether they remained contagious and thousands were very contagious. More than 6,300 recovering virus patients into nursing homes at the height of the pandemic. Thousands died.

Well, it appears that Cuomo is trying to rewrite history and no one is buying it. A new state report now claims the nursing home coronavirus deaths were not caused by Cuomo’s policies. The report says the deaths were mostly caused by infected staff members who spread the virus.

Can you say cover-up? Let’s see how far he gets with this.

In Montreal, patrons of bars where covid cases were found were asked to please go and get tested. Many did and the reward for their good deed: waiting four or five for their tests. What the heck is going on here? Where are the test kits? Does the government think people are able to wait five hours for a test? Here’s a surprise – no. There’s a reason Quebec was and is the epicentre of the virus in Canada. Incompetence.

We’ll talk…

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