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Justin Trudeau’s Mind is Like a Merry-Go-Round.

Justin Trudeau has a very hard time making up his mind. First he welcomed immigrants with open arms. Then he told them they can’t come here anymore. Today he said that Canada’s thriving technology sector is a result of the country’s openness to immigrants and he hopes Canadians will continue to view immigration positively.

So Mr. Trudeau which is it? You want immigrants or you don’t? Our guess is that you want the kind of people who come into countries legally, with some education and a will to work. That makes sense so how about just saying it?

If you want Canada to welcome immigrants with open arms, then close the fences at the borders where you know they are coming in. It’s not very conducive to start running around fields with children in tow looking for an opening in the forest.

We had a very interesting conversation today with the mayor (who shall remain nameless) of a borough in Montreal. Said Mayor is adamant that saving the planet will come about  when people stop driving their cars. 

When we questioned how people would get around, especially during our very special winters, which run from November thru April, the response of course was public transportation. When we said that the system cannot handle the amount of people already using it, the response was…’We’ve ordered 300 new buses’. What she neglected to say was that each bus comes in at a minimum of $650,000. Seriously? And that’s going to save the planet?

Said buses are not making an appearance until the year 2020. In Quebec that usually means add another 2 or 3 years. Nothing comes in on time here, mostly due to the graft, bribes and other monies that everyone scrapes off the top of every project. As well, it appears that there are no garages or parking spots for the new buses.

When asked what she planned to do about the 5,000 or so people who will be moving into a massive project in her borough, with no way in or out, her answer was ‘I don’t know.’

For someone who cares so much about hugging trees, she best get herself someone who knows what’s flying with there. I don’t know is not an answer. Neither is everyone giving up their cars to save the planet. Nor are buses costing close to a million dollars each. Nor are people picking up their laundry in the winter on their bicycles.

Not sure if anyone read the four full-pages article about Vice-Admiral Mark Norman in the National Post this weekend. All we can say is that the federal government under the leadership of Justin Trudeau are simply disgusting people.

They tried to destroy a man’s life and failed miserably. He will get the last laugh as will Jody Wilson Raybould and Jane Philpott. You can fool some of the people some of the time and all of the people some of the time, but you can’t fool all of the people all of the time. Justin Trudeau never learned that very important adage.

Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez, known for repeatedly praising notorious anti-Semites like British Labour Party Leader Jeremy Corbyn and far-left activist Linda Sarsour, is at it again.

Before we continue with this piece, don’t you wonder who is funding this woman? Obviously somebody is because there’s no way she’s getting in for a second term and will need to be handsomely repaid for spouting how wonderful socialism is and how bad the Jews are for the planet. But we digress.

Now she has claimed that Republicans were responsible for pitting “Jew against Muslim” and “immigrant versus citizen” in order to “make sure that none of us get our interests or our rights advanced and we will not stand for it anymore.” We will not stand for it anymore?

In case she has been living in a cave for a while, does she not know that when the synagogue was shot up in Poway California, muslims came in droves to pay respects. Same thing happened when mosques were hit with active shooters.

She ‘won’t stand for this anymore’? Does anyone care what this woman thinks? As we have said on numerous occasions, she should move to Cuba where socialism is alive and well.

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