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Justin Trudeau’s New Brewing Scandal during the Dog Days of Summer

Another week, another massive breach (millions of people) of private information by either a disgruntled employee or someone associated with the company. This time it’s Capital One which is associated with Costco.

While it seems they did not get all of your information, they did get a key piece: Your social insurance or in the US, social security number. And that’s bad. You can also be sure that much of this information has already been disseminated on the dark web, although Capital One says this was not done. And they think we believe them?

So what can happen if someone has your social insurance number? Lots. Identity thieves can use your number and your good credit rating to apply for more credit in your name that they will happily spend on themselves. So for instance, they can try to buy a car or other big ticket item using your name and credit rating online. Then one day you look at your bills and notice that you owe huge sums of money.

So what can you do? While we do not advertise for anyone, a company by the name of Equifax or another company of the same ilk is something to check into. One of the services they offer is to check the credit card numbers, bank account numbers or Social Insurance Number that you provided to see if they are on suspected fraudulent websites.

It is obvious that companies are not taking security very seriously, as these breaches happen all the time. It therefore behooves each person to take care of themselves. Better safe than sorry.

Tonight is the second round of the Democratic debates. We were wondering why they held these debates in the dog days of summer when people could care less if Pete Buttigieg is running for president, a position he will never see. No answer for that except that people don’t really care. 

Bernie Sanders has become almost irrelevant. While we are certainly not going after older people, Joe Biden is just too slow on the uptake to keep up with everyone else on the debate stage. He said that he won’t be so nice this time around. Nice is not the problem. He’s s.l.o.w.

Kamala Harris is going to go after him again and if there is so much as a second of hesitation on his part, the democrat party may have a collective heart attack. Seems they think he’s the only one who can beat Trump as all the polls are clearly showing.

The other thing the polls are showing is that Bill di Blasio is polling at 1 or 0%. He’s looking more and more like the total idiot of the group. Again, he’s in it for the money as anyone who wants to do anything in Manhattan has to go through him and it’s going to cost them big time.

Given all of the above, the democrat party is in big trouble because after Biden there’s no one that people think can beat Trump. It’s certainly not going to be Elizabeth aka Pocahantas Warren. She was again asked about her 1/10024th claim of being part Cherokee and again flubbed the answer. One can only imagine what Trump would do to her on a debate stage. It would certainly make for some good television.

Well, at least one person is happy it’s the dog days of summer and that is Justin Trudeau. It appears yet another scandal is brewing and we are pretty sure he’s hoping it will disappear like the humidity after a big rain storm.

The House foreign affairs committee will vote today on whether to open an investigation into allegations that the Prime Minister’s Office leaned on two former ambassadors to China to clear their public comments with the government. Seems they were pressured by Justin Trudeau to avoid recommending that Canadians cease non-essential travel to China.

Of course our smiley, selfie-taking Justin is denying this happened saying that no one from his office directed officials to muzzle David Mulroney, Canada’s former ambassador to China or former ambassador, Guy Saint-Jacques.

The senior bureaucrat who was fingered doing this muzzling said he was taking action on orders from the PMO. That would be the Prime Minister’s Office.

You can bet that Trudeau is sweating and it’s not from the intensive heat.

Elizabeth Warren has been advised that she must stop associating with Islamist radicals. Really? Now that’s a surprise.

For starters, she has been outwardly and vigorously supportive of both Ilhan Omar and Rashid, both virulent anti-Semites. She has also vocally opposed the so-called “Muslim Ban,” a major priority for Muslim activist groups. Gets better.

This love of radical muslims has gone on for a long time but was never noticed until the gruesome foursome came on the scene. In December 2016 Warren spoke at a place called the Roxbury Mosque.

This mosque has deep connections to terrorism: The Islamic Society of Boston was founded by convicted terror financier Abdurahman Alamoudi, the Roxbury Mosque itself had Muslim Brotherhood spiritual leader Yusuf al-Qaradawi as a trustee, and several attendees later joined al-Qaeda and Islamic State.

There are two ways to look at this: She either thinks like Rashid and Omar and is an anti-Semite or she is just an outright anti-Semite.

In her crazed quest to go after what she views as Trump’s muslim ban, she is bending over backwards to befriend terrorist organisations. Not the brightest move.

There are some people who could use a dose of intelligence. This morning they took a dive into the St. Lawrence river to encourage the city of Montreal and the province of Quebec to create more waterfront access for citizens. Can we talk?

Before they jumped in, someone tested the water to see if the e. coli bacteria is at a level safe for swimming. Seriously? Why would anyone in their right mind jump into that river? Wait. Maybe they are bored construction workers on vacation.

And speaking of construction, the city is painting new bike lanes on streets with parking on both sides. Said bike lane lines have suddenly become much wider. So driving down one-way streets with a huge bike lane on the right or left, plus parking on both sides makes one’s trip very special. It’s like walking a tightrope in your car.

Your tax dollars at work. Keep voting in environmentalists. Pretty soon, it will be the bike lane in the middle of the street and the cars squished together on the sides. Great for business. Not.

We’ll talk…

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