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Justin Trudeau, the Also-Ran.

Rashida Tlaib, the muslim, anti-semitic democrat issued yet another moronic ‘statement’ last week. After the word appalling and the sounds of silence (thanks to Simon and Garfunkel) of the Democratic Party, it rendered us speechless:

She said that thinking of the Holocaust provides her with a ‘calming feeling’and that Palestinians created a safe haven for Jews. Perhaps you should read that sentence twice to get the full effect.

Again we say that Tlaib, along with Ocasio-Cortez and Omar should all give up their American citizenship and move back to where they or their parents came from. It is very obvious that from their continuous remarks that there are simply too many Jewish people in the United States for them to remain where they are. As an aside we wonder if they use Waze in their cars. We hope not because it was invented in Israel. They deserve to be lost indefinitely. But we digress.

Somalia, Ramallah and Puerto Rico should offer these women safe havens so they will be able to live amongst their own, whatever that means in those countries. Certainly not the freedom they now abuse.

The fact that the Democratic Party does not call these women out, choosing to remain silent is disgusting at best, showing their anti-semitic roots at worst. Don’t worry though. They will gladly continue taking huge donations from their Jewish members.

Again, we will reiterate: Although your family may have voted for the democrats for generations, your party has been hijacked by racists and the leadership chooses to allow these people to spout poison. As thinking people with moral values, how can you possibly vote for any democrat? And don’t say that you will vote for Joe Biden, the centrist democrat. He doesn’t have the kahoonas to call them out either.

As per Andrew Scheer: Justin Trudeau was fighting against the release of documents vital to Vice-Admiral Norman’s defence and prosecution. Codenames were used in email exchanges to avoid access to information requests. Government lawyers coached witnesses. Now that the government mysteriously dropped his case, the truth is starting to come out.

As per Conrad Black: The Judy Wilson Raybould affair was amateur hour that brought down senior civil servants and led to expulsions of ex-cabinet ministers as Liberal MPs, but it was not a show-stopper unless the prime minister lied to Parliament. This (the Norman affair) appears to be a malicious and illegal prosecution of a blameless senior serving officer, who fought his corner as a brave man must.

Polls are now saying that Justin might be able to stage a come back by the time the election is called. No. Because a) the Norman affair is far from over;  b) JWR and Jane Philpott will hopefully be very visible during the election campaign and c) we are guessing there are more scandals in the wings waiting.

Why would anyone vote for this sleazy politician? He’s an also-ran, as are the MP’s who are blindly follow him.

We will go back to the Tlaib comment. Nancy Pelosi, the very powerful democratic speaker of the House of Representatives, has chosen not to take Tlaib to task about her comments. Instead, she is taking the easy route and going after Trump for doing so.

Trump tweeted: “Democrat Tlaib is being slammed for her horrible and highly insensitive statement on the Holocaust. She obviously has tremendous hatred of Israel and the Jewish people.”

Trump is getting raked over the coals by the democrats for telling the truth? Ladies and gentleman, the United States needs to reset its moral compass.

Pocahontas, aka Elizabeth Warren is refusing to go on a town hall debate hosted by Foxnews, calling them bigots and racists. We are guessing she is doing this because they support Trump.

Here’s a headline for Warren: Time to check out what your party is doing with those three muslim women who are absolute out-right racists. We’ll spare her the read: They are endorsing them.  She doesn’t even know who her own party is. Fox is racist?

 Speaking of Joe Biden, it seems he is creaming Zaidy Bernie. Sanders’s support among people between the ages of 18 and 29 has dropped from 45 percent in March to 33 percent in May while Biden is at 39%. People thought his announcement bump would drop, but it has not.

Much as the democrats wish, socialism is not a big hit, even among the idealists. And in case you were wondering, Mayor Pete Buttigieg is at 6 percent. There’s a democratic debate happening soon and the candidates will be culled according to their popularity. Too bad Pocahontas is at 8%. We would have loved to see her up there. She could have pushed her Cherokee cookbook which even the Cherokees didn’t buy.

Careful if you are going to be taking a stroll in a suburb of Boston called Jamaica Plain. Seems a pack of three wild, aggressive turkeys are attacking people, pecking and screaming at them. Who knew turkeys were so aggressive?

Of course the wildlife agency is nowhere to be found. We are guessing they are hiding from the turkeys until they calm down.

We’ll talk…

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