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If you want to know what a dimwit sounds like, Kamala Harris, none other than the US Vice President wins the prize. Hands down.

We are not sure where she was speaking but wherever it was her nasal tone and whining factor was off the charts. Here ya go:

"The median age on the continent of Africa is 15. By the year 2050 one in four people occupying space on mother earth will be on the continent of africa. (Pretend you are whining now) "Think of what that means in terms of the opportunity of the future, what happens will impact the entire globe."

What? Anything that happens on any continent impacts the entire globe. The world is a globe, remember? As in it's a really small world after all?

Barack Obama wins the prize for making sure she was the US vice president.

Sadly, that submersible looking to check out the Titanic at the bottom of the ocean has been found in a few pieces. It appears that it imploded or exploded. Mercifully as well, those on board probably perished quickly.

One very interesting fact is that Wendy Rush, the wife of OceanGate CEO Stockton Rush — the man piloting the missing submersible — is the great-great-granddaughter of Titanic passengers Isidor and Ida Straus who perished on that ship.

The Strauses were wildly wealthy, as Isidor Straus co-owned Macy’s department store.

We had read that the submersible was not properly tested and didn't have a sonar ping to enable people to find it amongst other lacking safety features. The moral of this story is no matter how much money you have, before doing anything, do your due diligence.

Justin was at it again. This time he went to New York for 3 days bringing with him an entourage needing no less than 39 rooms.

Of course we know how very important Justin is so we understand that his executive assistant James Armbruster, his official photographer Adam Scotti, his official videographer Akshay Grover, former PMO adviser Jeremy Broadhurst, chief-of-staff Katie Telford had to be by his side at all times. Especially his official photographer.

But 39 staffers? Does Justin need someone to help him first choose his socks then someone else to help put them on?

One thing we can say with certainty: Justin did not stay with his plebs in the regular $600 USD per night rooms. Nor did he stay in the room allocated for his office at $$1,137.29 per night. Nope. Justin stayed in one of the few suites they have there. And guess what? The price is not listed which means it must be seriously over the top expensive.

We did our own calculations. 2 nights x 39 rooms x $600 is $46,800. Plus the 'office' at 3 nights would bring the total to about $50,000. He spent $61,000 on this trip, not including flights or additional costs.. Our guess is his room/suite was between $3000 and $4000 per night.

Why was he there to begin with? Here's his official statement. Read it with a barf bag in front of you:

"Building a future that is fair, equal, and peaceful, with clean air and clean water for everyone, is at the heart of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and reflects the vision of the Global Citizen NOW summit."

Here's a headline: The United Nations is 100% full of it. Nothing, zero, zilch, nada ever gets accomplished by them. The picture of Justin depicted here was taken some time during those 3 days. Doesn't Justin look like he's saving the world?

We will reiterate these next words because it appears not many people are listening. No matter how many indictments are thrown at Donald Trump, he will not stop his run for the presidency of the US.

We will also reiterate that until now, all the charges, including the Russian collusion bs, was exactly that - bs. Nothing was ever brought forward as evidence, especially by that serious slimeball Adam Schiff.

In fact, it appears that Hillary and many of those around her, including the FBI were colluding to try to stick it to Trump. Nothing stuck and he won the election.

What these people don't seem to comprehend is that every time another charge is brought against him, Trump's ego gets further inflated. It gives him energy. It gives him a reason to keep running for president again.

The other thing that people don't seem to comprehend is that if Biden runs again - with Kamala - Trump will win mostly because many democrats will simply not vote.

Pierre Poilievre's conservative party won two of their by-elections, but their overall numbers did not improve at all and that's not good news for Mr. P nor his party.

It means, as we have said, that he is not resonating with the people. And as we have also said here many times, he needs to improve his public persona. Be less standoffish. Less arrogant. Less aggressive. Calm down dude. You don't know everything which we hope is not coming as a surprise to him.

He needs the big cities to vote for his party and if he can't deliver, well... the conservative party will be looking for yet another leader. As he saw with his own eyes, it's put up or shut up and you're out.

One more thing about Anna Gainey who 'won' the federal by-election in the NDG riding. As far as we are concerned, she's the same ilk as Pascale Dery. She's in politics for her own gain - pardon the pun. Replacing Marc Garneau is sure to get her a cabinet post.

She refuses to answer any questions on Bill C13. That's the one where Justin ok'd the czar legault using the notwithstanding clause to roll over the Anglo community in quebec. In fact, during the campaign she refused to debate or go on any English media programs.

She's in Justin's pocket, one of his lacky's and stupidly thinks she's in with the old boys club.

Here's a headline for her: She best watch her back as Justin doesn't tolerate - for a second - women who don't kiss his ring. Ms. Gainey best learn to walk bent over to do that at his beck and call. Feh.

Good Shabbos

We'll talk...

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