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There is a broohaha brewing (nice alliteration) over whether to cancel Canada day celebrations because of the deplorable, for lack of a better word, treatment of Indigenous children in those residential hellholes. There were certainly not schools. More like holding pens until the priests and nuns got rid of them. Can we talk?

What celebrations? When was the last time you saw any Canadian get excited about Canada day? And does anyone think that having fireworks is going to make any difference to what happened to those children? It’s not going to change anything.

Does anyone even know why we celebrate on this day? Here’s the answer: July 1, 1867, was the day of the passing of the Constitution Act in 1867 where the three separate colonies of Canada, Nova Scotia, and New Brunswick were united into a single Dominion within the British Empire called Canada.

Canada began to become a country on that day. It has nothing to do with what happened to those children. Two separate entities. Move on people.

The Champlain Towers in Surfside have now become a mass grave. It will be a miracle if they find one person alive. Those digging up what remains of that building will need many weeks to identify everyone. Not to be macabre, but in the Jewish religion, a person is supposed to be buried with their whole body.

Search and rescue teams are finding body parts which must be identified and given to the families. It appears the best anyone can hope for now is that each person who perished will be able to buried in the most dignified manner.

Miami-Dade County, Miami and Sunny Isles Beach have all announced immediate, unprecedented audits of older structures ahead of mandatory 40-year re-certifications. Doesn’t bode well for tourism in that particular area for a few months, at least. We would not want to stay in any older building until we know with certainty that it was checked properly and all renovations done to the letter of the law.

Rex Murphy nailed it again today, writing what many conservatives have been saying for a long time. Where is Stephen Harper when you need him?

In referencing Stephen Harper, he  was referring to Justin Trudeau’s complete and total lack of any respect for institution of parliament, the speaker of the house or anything to do with being prime minister.

For the second time, people who simply cannot vote for Justin are faced with a conservative ‘leader’ who is a nice guy but…we don’t need nice guys. We need leaders.

And on the subject of leadership, we have refrained from writing about this next part, but last week took the cake. It went over the wall. Beyond the pale. And sadly showed there is truly no leadership in either the Liberal or conservative parties.

Frank Cavallaro is running against Anthony Housefather in the next federal election. Say what you want about Anthony, he is totally respectful of the position he holds, understands it gravity and acts accordingly. We don’t like his leader and have told him on more than one occasion that he is backing the wrong horse.

This past week there was an event held in St. Leonard (Montreal’s mostly Italian community) by Mr. Cavallaro, inviting his constituents of Mount Royal to meet him in an Italian restaurant to watch a soccer game and give him money for his campaign. We could have swallowed all of that, even though we have yet to see an event held in the riding he is running for.

What we could not stomach was the picture put out for said event. Mr. Cavallaro looked like a complete buffoon. Like a clown. When we confronted the head of the riding association he said this event was ‘sanctioned by head office’. Seriously? Head office saw that picture? This is how a potential member of parliament wants to be seen? Is there not even a modicum of respect for the position? Clearly not.

The headline here is there is no leadership in Canada. And so we ask what Rex Murphy did: Where is Stephen Harper when we need him?

President Joe Biden is literally throwing his country away. Not only is he part of that absurd woke culture, he is encouraging it. Don’t tell us that he is caught between a rock – the self-serving democrats like AOC and her ilk and a hard place. Old as he is, he still has a mind of his own. We hope. 

We are referring to Gwen Berry, the olympic hammer-thrower who turned her back on the US flag following her performance at the Olympic Trials.

Not only did Biden say it was ok to do this, his erstwhile press secretary Jenn Psaki who seems to have become Biden’s  parrot, told reporters that while President Joe Biden respects the flag and national anthem, he believes that part of being a patriotic American means recognizing the sins of the country.

Are you kidding? The president of the united states is condoning this behavior? As we said in the piece above, there is simply no leadership left in the world. None. Period.

Remember defund the police last summer? Remember when every Democratic mayor was rah-rahing this and hugging black lives matter?

Well, we can tell you that Di Blasio of New York is no longer singing that song. A few weeks ago a four-year-old girl looking for a toy in Times Square was shot in a gunfight. This past weekend, another shooting took place in Times Square.

An ‘unidentified’ assailant (caught on about 10 store cameras) pulled out a handgun in broad daylight near West 45th Street and Broadway on Sunday afternoon. A four-second clip shows terrified bystanders scattering in all directions as the young man in a red, black and white top took aim and opened fire on a crowded sidewalk around 5:15 p.m.

Now here’s the part of the story the woke culture doesn’t like to tell you. The young man, who they knew was dressed in a red, black and white top was black. Why can’t they write that? If he was white they would have said that.

Now Di Blasio is saying: “We’re going to make very clear to everyone, they’re going to see plenty of police presence and they’re going to see these issues addressed very aggressively.”

What happened to defund the police? Oh wait. When you get rid of the police guess what happens? The bad guys with guns have free reign of your city.

Where is black lives matter now? Why aren’t they trying to stop their bros from shooting up cities? No comment.

One of the things we are learning from the building collapse in Surfside is what happens when water damage deteriorates cement and then the steel rebars holding up a building or an underpass also deteriorate. Fixing the cement doesn’t help the steel deterioration. It simply covers the problem. Driving today found ourselves stuck in traffic under an underpass with a stationary train overhead. We looked up and guess what we saw? Cement so broken that the steel beams were completely visible. Are those steel beams holding up the underpass solid? Has the winter, snow and salt, change in temperature etc rendered them completely unsafe?

Who checks these things in Montreal? Everyone and mon oncle knows that the Montreal construction industry is riddled with grafts, payoffs, inferior materials etc.

This underpass is located on Cote des Neiges just before Jean Talon. If anyone has any influence with Sue Montgomery who is the mayor of said borough, perhaps call her. Maybe, just maybe she will leave her office to take a look at the underpass.

Blanche – take the needle out of your arm. Ms. Montgomery is too busy suing Mayor Valerie Plante et al to worry about a collapsing underpass. Drivel.

In all seriousness, if anyone can get an engineer to look at this before it falls on top of cars, that would be ducky.

We’ll talk…

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