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We received an email this past week about a coffee establishment in Westmount where someone refused to speak English to a customer. We will admit here that before posting it on Facebook (even though it came from a reliable source), we should have done what we did today – go and speak to Jerome, owner of the franchise Brioche Doree.

As aside, we are reading a fantastic book called From Kristallnacht to Watergate. One line stood out – if your mother says you are beautiful, check the source. We should have checked the source.

It turns out that the reason for this altercation comes directly from emperor Legault and his insatiable, perverted desire  to divide Quebec’s population. This is what we posted today on Facebook:

So there are always two sides to every story and this story has two sides. We went to speak to the owner of the franchise, whose name is Jerome. As Beryl Wajsman wrote, and we can fully attest to as we spoke to him (Jerome) for almost half an hour, he’s fully bilingual, hailing from Paris. His daughter is in university in London England.

Now, did the story happen? Yes. 

The reason the story happened at all is because of emperor Legault’s endless raison d’etre to divide the English and French population here. Nothing good comes from being negative or being a bully.

It was Jerome himself who dealt with this woman. As he told us, all he asks of his clients is that they treat him and his employees as he treats them – with a basic level of respect. 

Did the person who wrote the email have an axe to grind? Yes. Because of the constant negativity of Bill 96 she probably feels, rightly so, that she is being squashed here simply because she is an Anglophone.

Blanche, don’t be bullied by emperor legault. And make no mistake, he is a bully. We must stand up to him and prove him wrong. In the end, when push comes to shove, speaking French or English, most of us are  innately decent human beings.

Monkeypox? Are you kidding? This is what we now have to worry about? Wait. Thelma, do you think this will force emperor Legault’s government to bring back the mask mandate? Or, perish the thought – the curfew? Clearly not yet, but one never knows. This government has its own set of rules – legal or not. So if you are fearful of removing your mask, may we suggest that to keep yourself (and of course others) ‘safe’, keep on wearing it. One never knows when one will come in contact with someone with not only with covid, but  monkeypox.

For a short while, we thought that both the federal and provincial governments might give the population a break on fuel taxes. Then, after speaking with someone, we realized that will never happen. Why? Because both levels of government need to recoup the free money they doled out during the pandemic as well as the billions they lost on poor choices for vaccines and PPE. Now guess who is paying for all of this? Us. And a great way to get money from us is via taxes.

So get used to the price of gas and don’t expect any help from the government cause they ain’t helping you.

The headline on Drudge today reads: NYS COVID Tracker Hospitalizations Near 3000. Again? Then we read the article, past the first paragraph to the third one and found this:

More than half (52.5%) of patients currently hospitalized for COVID across the Empire State, didn’t have that diagnosis listed as a primary reason for admission, which Governor Hochul’s office says suggests those cases are typically milder.

Now how inaccurate is that headline? Totally.

We had covid recently. While it wasn’t a party, it was like having the flu and it was over in less than a week. We would like to see NY state start following the flu like they follow covid. Including hospitalizations. Then the playing field will be even. Now? They sound like what they are – hysterical democrats.

Someone shopping in that grocery store in Buffalo called 911 as the shooter was killing people. She was very close to him and had to whisper into the phone.

What did the 911 dispatcher do? Yelled at her not to whisper and hung up. The woman then called her boyfriend, who called 911 again.

Seriously? No doubt the dispatcher had some training and no doubt it fled from her brain. Imagine this scenario: a woman in her house being attacked by her abusive husband calls 911 from her closet and has to whisper to save her life.

Obviously this dispatcher has to go and others need a serious refresher course.

Rashida Tlaib is at it again. Does this woman never stop? She is now saying that Israel is responsible for the death of Al-Jazeera journalist Shireen Abu Akleh, who was killed during a May 11, 2022 firefight between Israeli forces and Arab Muslim terrorists.

Here’s the issue:

Israel has offered to do a joint inquiry to investigate. The bullet wound is all the proof necessary. Do you think the Palestinian Authority will agree to a joint investigation? Do you think the world will demand the PA agree to a joint investigation to ensure the truth is found out so that Israel is not falsely blamed on the world stage. The Palestinian Authority said no to sharing any information about the bullet.

Case closed. If they will not cooperate then Tlaib should shut her mouth because there is not a shred of doubt that Akleh was killed by an Arab.

Israel is now poised for yet another election. Trusting Arab Ghaida Rinawie Zoabi from the left-wing Meretz party was a huge mistake made by Bennett. She said she pulled her support for the government on ideological grounds, leaving Bennet with only 59 of 120 seats in the Israeli parliament, the Knesset.

Here’s a headline: When an Israeli political party trusts an Arab to keep their coalition alive, nothing good will happen.

Israeli media reported Knesset sources were expecting the opposition to call for a motion to dissolve the government next Wednesday, which would bring elections to September. Here we go again.

Good Shabbos We’ll talk…

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